10 Flavored Lubes To Make Oral Sex Amazing (Under $20)

Oral sex is pretty fuc*ing amazing on its own, but while we probably all enjoy receiving it, not everyone enjoys giving it. That’s just how things are.

However, if the taste of genitals isn’t your favorite flavor, there might be a fix for that too, and it comes in the form of flavored lube.

Flavored lubricants tend to be either fruity, chocolaty, minty, or just sugary-sweet, and they aim to not only make the entire experience tasty and thus more pleasurable for your mouth, but they also bring extra moisture to the party.

If you think you need a little something-something to encourage you or your partner to make oral sex (i.e., blow jobs) happen more often, you are once again at the right place.

Today I will review the most frequently asked questions about flavored lubes and name my 10 favorites flavored lubes to make oral sex amazing.

10 Top-Rated Flavored Lubes For Blowjobs & Oral Sex (Reviewed Below)

flavored lubes for blowjobs

Sliquid – Swirl Cherry Vanilla Flavored Lube – $12,99

Sliquid - Swirl Cherry Vanilla Flavored Lube

The name Sliquid is easily recognized as the OG of lubes and a manufacturer that simply produces the highest quality lubes out there. The cherry vanilla flavored lube is designed especially for women and is made from a pure, water-based formula.

Furthermore, the lube is both paraben and glycerin-free, and it contains no added sugars. It’s also vegan-friendly and oh so yummy.

Sliquid – Swirl Green Apple Flavored Lube – $12,99

Sliquid - Swirl Green Apple Flavored Lube

If you prefer anything on the fresh and tangy side rather than the almost nauseatingly sweet cherry vanilla, perhaps the green apple flavored lube by Sliquid is the best option for you.

This lube is designed to tickle your taste buds as you please your lover and is specially formulated for women. It has a water-based formula, and it’s free from both parabens and glycerin. It contains no added sugars, and it’s also vegan-friendly.

Sliquid – Swirl Blue Raspberry Flavored Lube – $12,99

Sliquid - Swirl Blue Raspberry Flavored Lube

I promise I’m gonna stop after this one. However, I couldn’t just ignore and not include one of my favorite flavors out there. Blue raspberry tastes heavenly, and it contains a tiny amount of aspartame to sweeten the deal.

Other than that, it is formulated without parabens, glycerin, artificial fragrance, or some other bullsh*t you don’t really need in a lube. It has a light, water-based formula that is easy to wash and doesn’t stain.

It is vegan-friendly and completely sugar-free.

Aloe Cadabra – Peppermint – $11

Aloe Cadabra - Peppermint

Whatever you want to do, don’t go through life without trying this peppermint lube by Aloe Cadabra.

The formula is pH balanced for vaginal health and the ingredients it contains are completely organic. There are no added parabens, sugar, glycerin, silicone, petroleum, or glucose.

It is super-safe to use and the water-based formula makes this lube condom and toy-friendly. The lube has a hint of peppermint flavor which can by nature warm up your sensitive spot and seriously enhance your play.

System JO – Vanilla Cream Flavored Lube – $14,99

System JO - Vanilla Cream Flavored Lube

The vanilla cream flavored lube is just pure decadence in a bottle. The delicious vanilla scent is heavily present in this water-based formula; therefore, rest assured you will still be able to smell it even after washing.

The water-based formula feels silky smooth on the skin, and it’s very long-lasting. It contains no artificial sweeteners or stickiness; however, it does contain glycerin and parabens.

It is intended to be used for oral sex; however, it can still be used vaginally or anally as long as you wash it off after.

System JO – Hazelnut Espresso Flavored Lube – $6,99

System JO - Hazelnut Espresso Flavored Lube

Another pure decadence in a bottle by System JO is the Hazelnut Espresso Flavored Lube. It tastes beyond delicious. However, right off the bat, if you have a nut allergy, it might be better that you stay away from this lube.

The chances of having an allergic reaction are quite slim; however, it is always best to be safe. If you still want to try something incredibly sweet and rich in flavor, try the Gelato Creme Brulee or the Caramel option instead.

All of the mentioned flavored lubes have a water-based formula and a strong, sweet scent that you can still feel even after washing it off. They are both pH balanced and compatible with all toy and condom materials.

Lube Life – Mint Chocolate Chip Flavored Lube – $8

Lube Life - Mint Chocolate Chip Flavored Lube

Lube Life’s Mint Chocolate Chip lube is an edible lubricant that has the sweet but stingy taste of mint chocolate. The water-based formula offers a silky smooth feels on the skin and a buttery glide.

Additionally, the formula is compatible with all condom and sex toy materials, and it has a non-sticky feel that is easy to wash off. It is free from potential irritants such as parabens, glycerin, silicone, and oil, and it also doesn’t contain sugar.

Wicked – Sensual Care Mocha Java Flavored Lube – $11

Wicked - Sensual Care Mocha Java Flavored Lube

Another excellent lubricant for anyone who has a sweet tooth and isn’t afraid to show it.

The water-based formula makes the Mocha Java flavored lube feel silky smooth and non-sticky on the skin. Additionally, it is easy to wash off, and it won’t stain your clothes or furniture.

It is also compatible with latex condoms and all sex toy materials. The lube contains a natural, long-lasting sweet fragrance and is formulated without potentially harmful parabens.

Classic Erotica – Crazy Girl Cotton Candy Gel Lube – $9

Classic Erotica - Crazy Girl Cotton Candy Gel Lube

This delicious, candy-flavored gel is an excellent addition to oral sex, where both the giver and the receiver are going to enjoy the sweet, pleasing sensations.

It uses natural ingredients that are safe and compatible with all sex toy materials as well as latex condoms. The gel also contains ingredients that will make your sweet spot tingle a little and therefore enhance sexual arousal.

It doesn’t contain potentially irritating preservatives and is sugar-free.

CG – Blow Me Berry Burst Flavored Gel – $12,99

CG - Blow Me Berry Burst Flavored Gel

The Blow Me Berry Burst flavored gel is intended to increase sensitivity to external erogenous zones. It has a fruity flavor and a gel texture that cools off on the skin and boosts circulation to enhance oral fun for both the giver and the receiver.

It can be used on the clitoris, labia, penis, and nipples.

It has a water-based formula free from sugars and mineral oils. However, it is recommended to be used to external play, as the cooling sensation might become a little unpleasant for the sensitive internal skin.

What Are Flavored Lubes For?

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Lube always appears on the list when it comes to enhancing the sexual experience.

Whether you are looking to give a better hand-job, enjoy masturbation more, or spice up sex with a partner, lube can be an easy and fun solution.

Lubes are slippery, which reduces friction, prevents the skin from cracking and breaking, and makes the whole experience a lot smoother.

But why stop at that when you can go even further from that point?

Flavored lubes are definitely a hot thing on the market. With dozens of flavors available, they are also made to improve your sexual experience, particularly anything that involves using your mouth during sex.

So whether you’re licking strawberry lube off a penis, orange-flavored lube off a stomach, or a minty lube off a vagina, the idea is that everything will taste mouthwateringly good.

Is It Safe To Lick Flavored Lube?

best flavored lubes

Flavored lubes have been around for a long time, but the range of flavors just keeps getting better and better.

Whether you prefer water, silicone, or oil-based lube, there is certainly one out there that comes in your favorite flavor.

Flavored lubes are meant to be added to the hot mix as a great way to enhance oral sex and offer both partners to enjoy a tasty treat at the same time.

That being said, flavored lubes are safe to eat, as they typically contain flavored additives that are often used in food, however:

If a flavored lube contains a food item you are allergic to or intolerant towards, you might have a reaction to the lube.

The chances for this are really slim. However, it’s always best to stay safe.

Additionally, flavored lubes contain glycerin, which seems to be a problem for some because it may potentially irritate your skin or encourage yeast infections.

But fear not. Treating yourself to a flavored lube doesn’t mean you’re buying a ticket to yeast town. It simply means that it’s best to thoroughly wash it off after enjoying sex to avoid potential infections.

Generally, flavored lubes are used during oral sex, so it is advisable to avoid penetration (only if you want to keep things extra safe).