AutoBlow 2 Review (Is It Really The Best Blowjob Machine?)

Pleasuring yourself can help boost your mood, decrease stress levels, and improve your stamina and overall quality of sex.

Over time, manufacturers have come up with satisfying sex toys and machines, however, the industry was certainly lacking one essential toy for men – an automatic blow job robot toy. 

Blow jobs are one of the most satisfying and orgasmic forms of sexual pleasure, and if you love them as much as the next guy, you would be interested to hear about the Autoblow 2 masturbator.

It didn’t take me long to get informed on everything about the Autoblow 2 and find out that it was successfully crowdfunded on Indiegogo where it was funded by over 3,000 people and raised 622% of its goal.

This would make you assume that the Original Autoblow must have been really good and people couldn’t get enough off it.

Let’s take a look at this AutoBlow 2 review and answer the following:

  • What is Autoblow 2
  • Autoblow 2 features and benefits.
  • How to use the Autoblow 2.
  • How much does the Autoblow 2 cost?
  • Frequently asked questions about the Autoblow 2.
  • Where to buy the Autoblow 2?

So let’s just jump right in.

Autoblow 2 Satisfaction Score Current Price: $179.95
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Autoblow 2 Review Summary

  • Interchangeable sleeves.
  • Hands-free design.
  • Powerful, industrial-strength motor.
  • Durable sex toy.

What Is The Autoblow 2?

autoblow blow job machine reviewautoblow blow job machine review

Currently, nearly all major brands of toys for men are manually operated, meaning you have to grip them with your hand and move them up and down.

However, the Autoblow 2 is an automatic oral sex simulator for men that has the same concept but different execution from the original Autoblow 1, which was a battery-powered stroker but is now discontinued.

The Autoblow 2 comes equipped with an all-metal motor built to stroke the male member for over 500 hours, a removable mouth-shaped sleeve made from artificial skin material, and it has adjustable speeds.

The Autoblow 2 is constructed with two spring-loaded beads that are designed to offer you a tight fit and also amplifies the sleeves’ lifespan.

The powerful motor operates the ring of beads, which rotates a wheel moving the rings of beads up and down the shaft of the sleeve.

This design makes it both powerful and durable, unlike any other available options currently on the market.

The device is 8.6 inches tall, with a diameter of 3.93 inches.

The canal is about 6 inches long, with enough room to accommodate penises with a girth of up to 6.5 inches. It also comes with three different sleeve sizes.

After the former lawyer Brian Sloan created the Autoblow 2, the mainstream media coverage of the crowdfunded campaign was unprecedented for a sex toy and the Autoblow 2 ended up being profiled on Techcrunch, Vice, Buzzfeed, AskMen, Yahoo News, Forbes, and many others.

With being popularized to heavens by everyone and their grandma, let’s take a look at some of the Autoblow 2 features:

The Autoblow 2 Features

the autoblow 2 blowjob machine

First impressions matter and that is definitely something that the Autoblow has put into consideration with its reasonably well-thought-out box.

The toy’s packaging is medium size, with a great design and a neat, appealing outlook. The rigid design is plastered with marketing claims, so there’s no hiding what is inside.

Inside the box, you will find the Autoblow 2, a sleeve, the power cable and a plastic rod that is used to help fit the sleeve.

But here are some of the Autoblow 2 most popular features:

It doesn’t use batteries.

The Autoblow 2 plugs into a wall outlet. This is due to the powerful motor that’s operating the device to continue stroking even when it is up against a considerable load since a USB can hardly offer enough power for such a device.

Moreover, it is completely safe and it uses a UL listed AC to DC converter adapter.

It works with interchangeable sleeves.

To offer you optimum sensation and lifelike feel, the Autoblow 2 comes with sleeves made from realistic skin-like material.

Through rigorous testing and trials, the founder of Autoblow 2 came up with 3 sleeve sizes to ensure that no matter the size of your member, you will receive the same sensation while using the machine.

This includes a size A for short guys, B for the average-sized, and C for the big-package guys in relation to girth and can stroke up to 15 centimeters of your penis length.

There are also different designs of sleeves that feature a pussy, mouth, and anus, and come in different styles.

Hands-free design.

The Autoblow 2 is designed to do everything for you and offer an unmatched orgasmic feeling.

Depending on the position of your body, you are only supposed to hold it in place and leave it to do the hard work for you.

The Autoblow 2 will stroke up and down by the chosen speed of the thrust motion depending on your preference.

Powerful, industrial-strength motor.

Unlike in other sex toys powered by batteries, Autoblow 2 uses an industrial, extra-powerful and durable motor that is designed to offer the device enough power to afford intense sensations at the highest speed.

The motor is not prone to breakage or getting worn out easily and it allows for more than 500 hours on the box.

However, the only downside is that the motor is responsible for emitting too much noise, which most consumers found uncomfortable.

Durable construction.

The plastic and rubber outer construction are what enables you to hold it in place during use and also enhances its durability.

On the other hand, the inner metal construction is proof that the machine will hardly wear out easily and will serve you for an incredibly long time without the need for maintenance.

How To Use The Autoblow 2?

The first step when using the Autoblow 2 is to insert your preferred sleeve whether mouth, pussy, or anus and ensure you hear the click to confirm it is perfectly fitted.

Inside the box, as mentioned above, you will find a plastic rod that serves as an extra hygienic precaution while helping you insert the sleeve into the canal.

Once you confirm that the sleeve is in place, plug the adapter into the toy and then into the socket on the wall.

The sleeve is smooth and the overall device doesn’t allow for much texture within the toy, hence you are best to stimulate your penis with your hands or another implement before slipping in.

Once you’re hard, apply water-based lube on your penis and a little into the sleeve to ease your way into the device. Once you’re inside, ensure that you are comfortable and use the button at the bottom of the device to turn it on.

You can also control the speeds by using the same button.

How Much Does The Autoblow 2 Cost?

The Autoblow 2 is an automatic oral sex simulator for men that comes equipped with an all-metal, industrial-strength motor built to stroke the male member for over 500 hours.

As a renowned device that clearly required a great sense of detail and understanding to be developed, the Autoblow 2 is described as a luxury blow job machine for sophisticated men and retails for $179.95 on the Autoblow website.

autoblow 2 customer reviews

AutoBlow 2 FAQs:

So here are some of the most frequently asked questions on the Autoblow 2 answered:

Q: How To Know The Size You Need?

The Autoblow sleeves come in three different sizes measured by girth:

  • Size A – 3″ – 4″ girth  (7.5-10cm)
  • Size B – 4″ – 5.5″ girth (10-14cm)
  • Size C – 5.5″ – 6.5″ girth (14-16cm)

Q: How Loud Is It?

The Autoblow 2 is not a silent device. It is a machine that is powered by an industrial-strength motor that’s driving the spring-loaded beads up and down.

While being switched on and set on the slowest speed it registers an increase of 48 decibels and peaks at 89 decibels on the strongest speeds.

Q: How To Clean The Autoblow Machine?

Hygiene is the most important consideration you have to make when purchasing a sex toy or a sex machine in this case.

Due to this, the manufacturers of Autoblow 2 have made the machine with a hygienic material and also made it for you to clean the toy with ease.

The sleeves are interchangeable and hygienic and can be easily detached to be washed with warm soapy water or a hygienic cleanser.

Any Notable Autoblow Alternatives?

Autoblow 2 is a toy in its own category.

However, here are a few alternatives to similar masturbators in case you are not sold out on the entire blow job machine:

#1 Lovense Max 2

The Lovense Max 2 uses teledildonics to stimulate the user either self-controlled or remotely by a partner.

The Max 2  by Lovense is a male masturbator with a textured sleeve inside that is housed in a hard shell.

It is an updated version of the original Max and it was released in 2019 featuring extra length, longer battery life, and 360° air pump contractions

#2 Hot Octopuss Pulse III Solo

Pulse III Solo is a male masturbator and it is a multi-award-winning little guy that can make you cum hands-free, without the need for stroking.

Its versatile design is just stunning and it actually achieves the rumble by rapidly swiveling and oscillating rather than vibrating.

It boasts 9 oscillating speeds as well as 5 vibration modes with adjustable frequency.

#3 Kiiroo Onyx 2

Onyx 2 is a unique male masturbator which takes all of the manual stimulation out of using a typical male masturbator.

This single unit contains both the Fleshlight sleeve as well as a built-in motor which massage your member in a very satisfying way.

You can also use the Onyx 2 to completely immerse yourself in long-distance lovemaking or enjoy it both via VR and Classic 2D content. Or even sync it to encoded interactive video games (such as Red Light Center or 3dX Chat).

Where To Buy Autoblow 2

Autoblow 2 has received massive uptake by thousands of men since it joined the market several years ago.

It is available through the official Autoblow website as well as the biggest sex toy website in the world: Love Honey.

Final Words

Autoblow 2 was introduced into the market as one of the best male toys for blow jobs on the market.

It guarantees your performance, extra sensation, and anorgasmic feeling without you being required to do anything. This is because it is automatic and requires no batteries but instead comes as a plugin.

You enjoy your time without having to worry about batteries dying in between your sessions. The Auto blow 2 is the ideal male blow job toy if performance, sensation comfort, and durability are what you are looking for during your pleasure moments.

Autoblow 2 is truly a toy in its own category.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Autoblow 2 review. I would love to hear if you have previously experimented with this particular device or something similar to it, so don’t forget to let me know in the comments below.