15 Geeky Sex Toys (For The Freaky Nerds)

We all have that one nerdy show or movie franchise that we like so much that we are ready to buy every merch item available. You know, your classic shirts, mugs, lamps, pens, sex toys…

Wait, sex toys? 

It came as a surprise to me too.

However, with plenty of new niche sex toy companies coming online, these days it shouldn’t even come as a surprise that somebody thought of creating sex toys that cater to all things nerdy, with a sublimely cheeky/geeky twist that is.

Being something of a nerd myself, I just knew I had to present some of these to my readers, so if geeky fantasies are totally your thing, here are…

15 Geeky Sex Toys For Your Nerdy, Naughty Mind

geeky sex toys

Geeky Dildos.

So let’s start with the basics. That one toy that we all have tucked somewhere and gladly come back to it whenever we crave the good old manual dicking.

#1 Drodong; $85

Drodong Geek Sex Toy Dildo

Drodong is created in honor of the legendary dragon Drogon from Game of Thrones, and it is a fierce-looking silicone dildo with exceptionally detailed texture and shape.

The ridges, the scales, the spikes, and the small, sharply tapered, firm head look absolutely epic and are certain to get you off in any situation when you crave a stronger sensation than your usual go-to.

I would describe Drodong with somewhat of a medium-firmness dildo, meaning it isn’t rock hard, but it’s definitely not soft.

It doesn’t bend while thrusting and it is perfect for applying focused pressure to specific areas.

Drodong’s slick finish and smoothness balance out the abundance of texture on its body, ensuring you are extra comfortable even when you’re looking for extra impact.

#2 Meng; $105

meng dragon dildo

While I have raved about Bad Dragon in one of my previous reviews, I realized I forgot to mention this little gem.

However, I will use this opportunity to talk a little more about what seems to be one of the absolutely cutest dildos from the brand.

Meng is a dragon-shaped dildo, given the story of power-dragon-turned-mini by Bad Dragon.

It comes in one size and offers 6 inches of insertable length, a 4.75 inches circumference at the head and 5.5 inches circumference at the shaft.

However, while it may be called small by someone’s standards, it definitely is mighty and hypertexturalized, sporting a non-conventional curvature.

In other words- it will definitely make you roar with delight.

Meng retains all of the other Bad Dragon perks, including a choice of firmness, the option for a cumtube as well as an optional suction cup, and the ability to customize the colors to meet your exact specifications.

#3 The Demon; $49,19

the demon geeky dildo

So Goblin Dildo Emporium is an indie company that seems to be dominating on Etsy. However, they also have their own website where they give super detailed information on the size of their toys.

What surprised me at first is how big these things actually are. The Demon dildo comes in two sizes. However, while you think you are ordering a small one – prepare to share my surprise.

The “small” Demon is 7.5 inches long with 6.6 inches insertable length, and it has a 5.8 inches circumference of the shaft and 5 inches circumference of the tip.

The medium Demon boasts a total length of 9 inches with 7.8 inches insertable length and 6 inches circumference of the head, and 6.9 inches circumference of the shaft.

The textures on this dildo are what truly make it a beast. A demonic beast, to be exact. All those detailed bumps and ridges on this sweet torturer will have you moaning for your life.

#4 Laser Sword Dildo; $149

LED lightsaber star wars dildo

This laser sword dildo really is a thing of beauty. It is certainly a novelty look, and it is extremely well made with a great overall design and a lot of thought and detail put into it.

And yes, it lights up in the dark.

This toy is electrical. However, this is only to power the light-up ability on the dildo end, instead of being a vibrator.

The light is powerful even though it is coming through the silicone and the way it is set up; there is no chance of causing any issues during use.

It is small in size with a diameter of 1.4 inches and a length of 4.3 inches, so it is really suitable for beginners or anyone who doesn’t like warming up before their session.

It is made out of 100% body-safe silicone with unique core technology, and it has the sole purpose to take your galactic fantasy to a whole new level.

#5 Twin Tentacle – Silicone DP Dildo; $149

twin tentacle dildo

I have seen many tentacle dildoes, and I must say I love everything about them. The squishiness, design, ridges, texture, interesting color-blend…

However, the Twin Tentacle DP Dildo is the only one I’ve seen, so far, that has the “extra tentacle” option. It is a refreshing variation of the standard design of the tentacle dildoes.

This cute not so little thing is taking the sensation of having another hole filled on a whole other level.

The larger tentacle has 10 inches in length with 8.5 inches insertable length with a 7.5 inches shaft circumference and 4.75 inches head circumference.

The smaller end boasts 6 inches of insertable length and 5-inch shaft circumference and 2.75-inch head circumference.

The natural curve on each tentacle and the soft to medium material firmness allows it to hit all the pleasure spots and the two smooth, flexible tips allow for easy insertion.

It is made out of 100% body-safe silicone, and it is completely waterproof so you can take this bad octopus boy in the shower and have yourself some underwater fun.

#6 Infinity Fist; $99

infinity fist geeky dildo

The Infinity Fist is a, you guessed it, fist-shaped dildo intended to conjure images of Thanos’ gold-encased, meaty hand.

Standing proud and tall, the fist-shaped reinvention leaves nothing to the imagination. The dildo is even encased in gold, with a huge girth to boot.

It is, obviously, not true to size because as human beings, we have size limits. However, the raw power of the fist is bound to give you infinite pleasure.

Thanos may destroy the universe but this glorious fist that boasts 9.5 inches in length and 10.25-inch circumference?

-Oh, it’s going to show you the universe. 

#7 Dildo Wand – Sailor Girl; $115

sailor moon dildo sex toy

If Sailor Moon wasn’t your favorite superheroine from your childhood, why are we even talking?

However, if this girl was your absolute hero, you probably wouldn’t mind bringing in a little magic into your bedroom with this Sailor Moon inspired wand dildo that features a hand-painted crescent and silicone base.

The solid shaft and flexible tip mixed with the insertable ridges and bumps provide the ultimate sensation and a crazy ride during penetration.

The overall length of this magical dildo is 11.25 inches, with 5.75 inches being insertable and 4.5 inches handle circumference.

#8 Dix The Destroyer; $79

dix the destroyer dildo

Dix the Destroyer is a beastly, intimidating, revenge-seeking dildo from another planet and this warrior is designed to give you intense and unstoppable orgasms.

It’s 7 inches tall and over 2 inches thick. Its girth boasts some prominent ropey and textured designs with a fat, realistic head, and a comparatively modest pair of balls etched with a matching texture.

Dix the Destroyer is deliciously bendable and squishy and its surface patterns will rub your insides rather than scrape uncomfortably.

However, it is also hefty enough to stand upright on its own and retains its shape in use. It’s simply too girthy to bunch up or fold when being thrust.

#9 The Night Kink – Limited Edition Glow in the Dark Dildo; $85

night king glow in the dark dildo

Sculpted in amazing and intricate detail, this glow-in-the-dark silicone dildo is handcrafted to give you the ultimate fantasy experience.

The icy whites blended with the coolest of blues truly look exquisite during the day but certainly come alive when the lights go out.

Made out of 100% body-safe silicone, the Night Kink boasts 7.25 inches in length and 5 inches shaft circumference.

It is completely waterproof, so you can safely take it underwater with you and enjoy your creative fantasy play.

The winter is short with this one, as unfortunately, the manufacturer has announced that only 350 of these will ever exist.

So, if you are a true GOT fan, you would hurry up and grab yours on time.

Geeky Vibrators.

If you are someone that enjoys to just lay down and let the vibrating rumbles do all the hard work and bring you to your orgasm, there’s something here for you too. Check out my list of geeky vibrators:

#10 Darth Vibrator; $169

the darth vader dildo

The force is strong with the most badass massaging wand in the Galaxy that will leave you breathless after you experience the full power of Darth Vibrator.

While at first glance it might seem a little intimidating (no sh*t), you don’t have to fear.

Those curves and cutouts are incredible when it comes to hitting all the right spots.

The head is made of 100% body-safe silicone that is removable for quick and easy cleaning.

It boasts 3 speeds and 30 patterns to explore that are easily accessible through 3 buttons: on/off, patterns, and speeds.

It comes with a USB cable as a charger and can offer up to 2 hours of continuous pleasure.

#11 R2 – V2; $169

r2d2 vibrator

The R2-V2 is certainly a wand massager you would want to have if you are a collector as it is made to look like the popular Star Wars character.

It is extremely light in comparison to other wand massagers and it is also very quiet.

The head is made of 100% body-safe silicone that is removable for quick and easy cleaning.

Like the Darth Vibrator mentioned above, R2-V2 also boasts 3 speeds and 30 patterns to explore that are easily accessible through 3 buttons: on/off, patterns, and speeds.

Geeky Butt Plugs.

And if you almost thought that there’s nothing to fill your back entrance, let me reassure you with my suggestion of geeky butt plugs:

#12 Piky; $50

sailor moon dildo sex toy

This small electric type anal Pokémoan is a perfect size for the average Pokémoan trainer.

Piky is an overly cute yet essential companion and addition to your team.

Its insertable length is 3 inches by 4 inches in circumference, and its cute tail is 3.5 inches long.

Piky is created by using 100% body-safe silicone and it is 100% waterproof.

#13 Batt Plug; $50

bat man butt plug

Can you even call yourself a true Batman fan if you don’t own at least one Bat Mug or a comic book?

If you do, you can now upgrade your collection by adding this unique Batt Plug to it.

This crime-fighting vigilante anal toy is sure to provide you with a uniquely fun experience in the bedroom. Using a firm yet smooth 100% body-safe silicone, Batt Plug is an absolute must-have.

Geeky/Fantasy Masturbators.

#14 Rowan The Draft Horse; $95

the rowan masturbator

Rowan the Draft Horse is a custom made to order penetrable toy available in various color options, but one size option only.

It has a snug, detailed entrance with the inner core being heavily textured with a tighter ring about halfway down the shaft.

The sleeve shows off his textured, lifted tail and offers a comfortable grip, making Rowan a toy that will be begging for a ride again and again.

#15 Janine Masturbation Sleeve; $95

janine geeky masturbator

Janine is a male masturbator that begins with soft, delicate lips and noticeable plating that gives way to a comfortable sleeve filled with a thrilling texture that’s going to make your knees week and your heart race as soon as you slide inside.

This Dragoness is a big and hefty girl boasting 8 inches in length.

For her circumference the bigger end, where her scaled vulva and tiny little clit lie, is 12.5 inches around and it drops in circumference to the smaller end at about 6.75 inches.

With a comfortable grip that is sure to enhance your experience, Janine is a ride you will never forget.

So there you have it, geeky folks.

I’ve been wanting to create this article for some time now and I am sure my geeky readers will enjoy going through all the fun sex toys I’ve mentioned above.

I really enjoyed sharing some of my favorite geeky sex toys and I would love to hear if you have previously experimented with some of the mentioned toys, so don’t forget to drop a comment down below.

NB: We’ve just published a mega-list of the best fantasy sex toys. Be sure to check that out (if you’re brave enough) and we also have a list of 10 glow-in-the-dark butt plugs, you have to see these!