Madam Dolly Review (Hyper Realistic Sex Dolls)

I’ve recently shared a guide with everything you need to know about buying and owning sex dolls and since then, I have thrown myself on the duty of lurking even further online and to inform you on all the goods sex doll websites have to offer.

One in particular website that caught my eye is Madam Dolly, a Canadian company that manufactures some of the highest quality sex dolls and offering more than 150 amazingly lifelike TPE silicone dolls.

Today I am releasing my official Madam Dolly review.

If you’re thinking about buying one of their dolls, here’s what you need to know.

  • What is Madam Dolly?
  • What kinds of sex dolls do they offer?
  • How are these love dolls made?
  • How does their shipping work?
  • We’ll also see what their previous customers are saying.

So as we all know, sex dolls have over the years been seen as a taboo and some people are still “afraid” of talking about them in public. However, as we progress, things are beginning to change, and the once-taboo topic is now starting to become steadily embraced.

Finally, sex dolls are gaining the deserved popularity and therefore becoming more and more upgraded versions of the old, horrendous, band-aid coloured plastic.

Madam Dolly Sex Dolls Review Starting From $999
  • Sex Doll Selection
  • Materials Used
  • Shipping Policy
  • Average Customer Review

Madam Dolly Review Summary

  • Fully customizable
  • Hyper-realistic sex dolls
  • Great prices (with great offers)
  • Fast discreet shipping

What is Madam Dolly?

madam dolly review

Today’s admiration of sex dolls can clearly be attributed to the fact that these pets are shaking the market with their rather incomparable flexibility as well as their availability in a vast variety of shapes, sizes, colours, softness…

But that’s not all.

There’s also the whole shebang of interesting features that some websites like the Madam Dolly actually allow you to mix and match for a fully customizable and a unique version of your dream girl.

The Madam Dolly website has a wide range of life-size sex dolls that you can filter by height and weight, race, hair colour, the assets they hold and even personality traits.

You can’t tell me this won’t truly make your head spin in circles when it comes to choosing the best sex doll for you.

So from the moment I found this website and stepped into their world of gorgeous sex dolls, I immediately loved how clean and simple it looked.

It is well designed in a unique style that is attractive and packed with detailed information.

They have tons of great photos of the girls to make it as easiest possible for their clients to make their perfect choice, and they also have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section which has extremely informative leads related to buyer safety.

There is also a short blog on sex dolls from around the world.

Aside from all that, what I found the most interesting is the option that Madam Dolly provides the buyer to be able to customize their sex doll and tailor it to their own satisfaction.

You can customize your doll’s skin tone, the colour of her eyes, and you can even include additional features like standing feet, a warming system, and even an intelligent sound system.

And while you may think this is going to cost a s*it ton of money cause we all have different tastes and some of us have a thing for pale skin while others prefer a tan and a little bit of warmth, Madam Dolly is generously offering all this customization for free.

What Sex Dolls Can You Find On The Madam Dolly Website?

Madam Dolly Sex dolls

Boy, oh boy, here’s the most fun part!

Madam Dolly is extremely detailed when it comes to description, which I appreciate, however, if you are someone that needs to see for yourself, they provide pictures from several angles on each doll with all the small details available in plain sight.

Here are some of the dolls they offer:

Asian Sex Dolls

Their oriental sex dolls are true beauties with a sole purpose to fulfil your deepest fantasies. They are beautifully crafted and have unbelievably realistic features, down to the smallest details.

And Miss Dolly offers twenty-six of these timeless beauties.

When it comes to their flexibility and resilience, you get what you pay for, so expect a beautiful and extremely functional doll made out of the highest quality material that can be positioned in a tad bit crazier positions you could probably expect from a real person.

Check out their sexy and slutty little schoolgirls as well as hot milfs that just can’t wait for you to get their hands on them.

Blonde Sex Dolls.

Hot, sexy, blonde bombshells have been a source of men’s fantasies for years, and boy, you will not be able to suppress your instinct to do the things you only see in movies when one of these breathtaking blonde beauties arrives at your home.

Do you know those women who have all eyes on them at every moment? The same ones that leave men whistling and panting like silly cartoon characters?

That is exactly the kind of woman that will be tending to each one of your needs after a long and tiring day at work.

Tight-bodies, fit, slender, toned, or would you rather a petite but extremely cute princess from your dreams? Madam Dolly has it all, and when is a better time for action than right now?

Slutty Sex Dolls.

Would you prefer a hot, voluptuous and slutty milf that knows how to handle a man in bed or would you rather have your little fun with a petite, slim-waisted slut with an amazing pair of small boobs?

Either way, Madam Dolly’s Slutty section can provide you with both and much more when it comes to satisfying your particular tastes.

Each one of these beauties is firm and flexible, yet soft in all the right places.

How Are Madam Dolly Sex Dolls Made?

All of their sex dolls are made with their exclusive new thermoplastic elastomer formula – TPE Ultra 3.0. Their new and improved formula is ideal for giving you the lifelike sensation.

The high-quality material is what allows for the luscious jiggly breasts and bouncy bottoms of their sex dolls, but they also diligently create their love dolls with durability in mind.

These materials have been tried and tested over the years and with a little bit of maintenance, care, and good cleaning, they will last you for a very long time. Additionally, TPE Ultra 3.0 is non-toxic, 100% body-safe, hypoallergenic and odourless material.

sex dolls from madam dolly

How Much Do Madam Dolly Sex Dolls Cost?

There are several factors that determine the price of a modern sex doll, though these pleasure toys can be quite pricey and only go higher as technology continues to develop.

Choosing the best sex doll for yourself can be quite a challenge as there are tons of options to consider.

The price of a sex doll also depends on the material used to create one.

For example, TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) are considerably cheaper and more durable than dolls made out of silicon. They are odourless and can offer a more lifelike feeling and flexible positions.

However, how much money you should spend on a sex doll depends largely on your budget and the general rule when buying a sex doll is you get what you pay for.

Madam Dolly, however, offer a fairly reasonable price for what you are getting as their dolls range from $999 up to $1999, which may sound like a drag, but consider that this is a product that requires an incredible attention to detail in order to give you the pleasure you’ve been dreaming of.

Additionally, due to the renowned technology Madam Dolly is using in order to create their beauties, it is guaranteed that your fuck-pet will last you for up to 10 years and longer.

Madam Dolly’s Shipping Information.

madam dolly sex dolls shipping

Madam Dolly’s buying process is pretty simple and easy.

All you have to do is choose your sex doll and select any of the customization features.

You can proceed with either paying a 10% deposit or paying in full to receive an additional $50 off.

Once Madam Dolly receives your payment, they will immediately start producing your desired doll. After she is completed in about two days, she will be inspected.

After the inspection is done, Madam Dolly will send you photos for your final inspection.

Once you confirm that you are totally pleased with your brand new doll, it will typically take 7-18 business days for your doll to be delivered from the time you place your order.

Is Shipping Discreet?

YES – Madam Dolly offers free discreet shipping on all orders.

Your love doll will safely arrive in an unlabeled and unmarked package so no neighbour or family member can take a peek at your luxury purchase and gossip later.

Final Words.

madam dolly customer testimonials

So there you have it, gentlemen.

My complete review on the Madam Dolly website, their offers, their beautiful sex dolls, equally pleasing and satisfying body parts, as well as the juicy bits and pieces you needed to know about their sex dolls.

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I am currently having way too much fun writing about sex dolls and you should definitely expect more content published about sex dolls in the coming weeks, so be sure to check back with the and I will make sure to keep providing you with the most interesting content.

Would you be interested in having a sex doll as a companion?