15 Best Fantasy Sex Toys To Spice Up Your Imagination

Greetings fantasy lovers and teratophiles! Here is yet another, “that type”, of an article where we are going to talk about our all-time favorite fantasy sex toys.

If you’ve been reading our website for a while, you are probably aware of how much we appreciate sex toys that have everything to do with magnificent beasts, aliens, and other sexy, otherworldly monsters.

However, if you are new here, hi, how are ya’? We are the Sex Toy Starter Pack and we love talking about sex toys (duh), as well as get in-depth on everything you have to know about hot new toys on the market.

In today’s article, we will show you no less than 15 of the best fantasy sex toys to spice up your imagination and make you wanna immerse yourself in a whole new world of unexplored pleasures.

15 Fantasy Sex Toys To Explore (Reviewed Below)

fantasy sex toys

What Are Fantasy Sex Toys?

Fantasies make up for a rather large portion of sexuality for most people. Now, we are all different, therefore, we get turned on by different things.

We all get turned on by people, obviously, however, sometimes, some of us like to stray away from getting off on other people’s physique, looks, and performance, and seek to satisfy that late-night itch with the help of something… otherworldly.

Fantasy sex toys make up a big and growing market as more and more fantasy toy manufacturers pop up, offering sexy non-humanoid dildos for some of us who either aren’t attracted to human-shaped toys or just want to add something kinky, stimulating, and satisfying to our toy box.

Fantasy sex toys intentionally leave plenty of room for people to develop their own characters, fantasies, and situations to enjoy and taking your own imagination to a place of your own choosing is what most people that are into these types of sex toys enjoy and appreciate.

Here are some of our favorite fantasy sex toy manufacturers:

  • Bad Dragon
  • Mr. Hankey’s
  • Strange Bed Fellas

Bad Dragon Fantasy Sex Toys

Bad Dragon is a wildly popular sex toy manufacturer based in Arizona and they are famous for creating sex toys that resemble a theoretical penis belonging to a fantasy reptilian creature.

Dragon dildos were first made available to the public back in 2008 and their unique designs have since granted them a famous reputation amongst certain internet communities.

They even have an entire subreddit on Reddit with more than 150,000 Redditors submitting photos of their Bad Dragon toys daily.

The 5 Best Bad Dragon Sex Toys

Bad Dragon recently came up with their own accessories, lubes, merchandise, and of course, a huge selection of sex toys. Here are some of them:

Mystic – $55

bad dragon mystic review

We love the spirals of soft texture that curves up the horn of the Mystic dildo. It’s simple, smooth, feels great, and it’s a great dildo option for both beginners and experienced users alike.

Like all Bad Dragon sex toys, Mystic can be fully customized and you can choose your desired size, color, pattern, as well as density. The base price for Mystic is $55, however, the customization costs extra depending on your personal taste.

Made out of silicone, Mystic requires a water-based lube and in return, she offers a pleasant experience, nice sensation, and unforgettable orgasm.

Flint – $55

bad dragon flint review

Flint is a rock hard reptilian ready to impress from its carefully crafted firm balls held in a scrotum to its short and stout shaft that packs in girth and amazing, prominent, and defined texture.

All of this reaches its pinnacle with a head that is partially covered by the toy’s foreskin which also has its own creases and folds that help to add a sense of texture right from the first point of penetration.

Flint can also be fully customized to your personal liking and you can choose between the range of colors, patterns, sizes, and density. Additionally, the balls of this toy are good for gripping and make this toy harness-friendly.

Demogorgon – $55

bad dragon demogorgon review

Demogorgon is a fantastic dildo boasting pleasant texture, a gentle and pronounced curve specially crafted for a great G-spot stimulation and a hard, gripping base.

This one, in particular, is one of our most favorite Bad Dragon dildos as it has the right structure, curve, shaft, and tip to stimulate amazing sensations and send you right there within minutes.

The base price for Demogorgon is $55, however, as with all Bad Dragon toys, this one can be customized to perfection from the range of colors and patterns to sizes and density.

Trent – $75

bad dragon trent review

If you are a true texture lover, you will definitely fall in love with Trent. Trent is a thicc boy and one of Bad Dragon’s heftiest toys that packs an incredibly girthy and textured shaft for ultimate fulfillment.

Its curved, pointy, veiny, and rippled tip is going to be the most perfect massager for both the G-spot and the p-spot.

Trent can also be customized fully to your liking and its base price starts at $75, however, you can choose between the range of colors, patterns, sizes, and density in order to personalize your experience.

Kage – $105

bad dragon kage review

Sitting atop a modest base, Kage unfolds into a stunning spiral bulge that looks like a knot and serves as a challenge for the more extreme pleasure-seekers.

Working up the segmented shaft, Kage’s textured bulges culminate into a pleasantly rounded tip meant for easy insertion and endless pleasure for both anal and vaginal users who’d like something a bit more fulfilling and unique.

Kage is pretty simple and is available in one size however you can still choose the density between soft and medium. Medium-density is highly recommended if you ask the Sex Toy Starter Pack team. 

Mr. Hankey’s Fantasy Sex Toys

Mr. Hankey’s is a sex-toy manufacturer that has a particular focus on fun, thick, strap-on compatible, body-safe sex toys that are not only eyecatching but pretty much unforgettable altogether.

This manufacturer has a variety of fantasy-themed sex toys, including some that are shaped to resemble the genitalia of dragons, centaurs, aliens, seahorses, and even cyclopes.

NB: For more on Mr. Hankey’s sex toys, you can see my full review here.

The 5 Best Mr. Hankey’s Sex Toys

Take a look at our list of best Mr. Hankey’s sex toys.

Taintacle – $114,95

mr hankey taintacle

The Taintacle is a tentacle dildo intended for anal sex and designed to dive deeply into the less-explored area of your body – your back entrance.

The high-quality tentacle dildo has a smooth, probing tip and just enough texture to tease and drive you into an overwhelming climax.

It comes in 7 different vibrant colors and three different sizes. We would highly recommend that you pick the small size if your intentions are to use this monstrous dildo anally.

BFG – $149,95

mr hankey bfg review

BFG or Big Fucking Genital has a lengthy shaft with sweeping, smooth sections, and also heavily textured parts and multiple knots that threaten to make you scream.

This monster comes in three different matte colors and four different sizes starting from medium. Nope, there isn’t a small one for this BFG, therefore, experienced users too should be adequately prepared before playing with it.

Seahorse – $129,95

mr hankey seahorse review

That’s one big seahorse. 

The Seahorse dildo is beautifully sculpted with very intricate detail including ridges and so much texture from the top all the way down to the base to ensure maximum pleasure.

With a tapered head for easier insertion, this ocean-inspired monster-like dildo is excellent for both depth and width play.

The exotic dildo comes in five sizes from smallest to triple XL, therefore, make sure to carefully select the size according to how experienced of a user you are.

Kalib – $119,95

mr hankey kalib review

Kalib is a true challenge, even for the most experienced dildo users as it comes with a larger head instead of the typical pointy tip dildos are usually designed with.

Kalib is an experimental toy and from what we gathered it’s a great introduction to fisting due to its head that almost resembles a fist.

It comes in three different sizes, and thankfully, this fella comes in size small, therefore, that would be the best option for everyone that isn’t interested in using the toy as a preparation for fisting.

Prince Charming – $129,95

mr hankey prince charming review

If you are someone who prefers thickness and texture over length, this might be the ideal toy for you.

The Prince Charming is short, stout, and very, veeery wide with tons of added bumps and texture. This particular toy won’t go very deep due to its short size, but it will surely open you up quickly and efficiently.

You can still customize it to your personal taste by choosing between 6 different color options, 2 different firmness options, and 3 different sizes.

Strange Bed Fellas Fantasy Sex Toys

Strange Bed Fellas is a US-based sex toy manufacturer and a small company that we recently came across while tirelessly searching for unique and fascinating sex toys.

They create fantasy-themed dildos, insertable eggs, and plugs made in a variety of colors, patterns, swirls, and shimmers. Their toys are available in multiple densities and sizes and they also have branded merch including stickers and more.

NB: My official review of Strange Bedfellas will be published soon.

The 5 Best Strange Bed Fellas Sex Toys.

Given our mutual love of monsters, demons, and other magnificent beasts, we quickly fell in love with what they have to offer, therefore, here is our list of the best Bed Fellas Sex Toys.


bed fellas aelit review

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will find Aelit’s dating profile (which has us in love with these creatures even more), where it says they are Agender Monster and due to them being new to the dating scene, they are very shy.

Aelit has a soft shape and they are a bottom-heavy toy that has noticeable ridges on the inner side, vertical folds along the top side of their shaft that bulges towards the bottom.

It comes in two versions: small and slim and these are both perfect for beginner dildo users.


bed fellas tyv review

Tyv is a male Chimera and on his dating profile, you will see that he loves getting to know new friends. If you want to be his friend, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into.

He comes in four different sizes ranging from medium to royal, which boasts a little under 10 inches of insertable length and a girthy 3-inch shaft.

His package features a blunt head, textured shaft, and a sturdy, challenging knot.


bed fellas ziq review

Ziq is a thicc, non-binary Demon that enjoys the simple things in life. Their fist comes in three different sizes ranging from small to large and it boasts a super-thick and textured design for the ultimate texture lover.

However, if you want to play with Ziq’s largest fist, you have to be well acquainted with sex toys, therefore, the smaller option might be more suitable if you are a beginner.


bed fellas fornax review

Fornax is an unknown species, therefore, this leaves plenty of room to put your own imagination to work. They are mysterious and enigmatic, but very attentive and engaged in fulfilling all your needs.

The toy features a lumpy, angled head and a shaft with smooth bumps on one side, and soft, vertical, ribbed textured on the other. There is a knot at the bottom of the shaft and a small stem below it.

Fornax comes in three different sizes ranging from small that packs 5.5 inches of insertable length, all the way up to large which offers 7.5 inches of pure pleasure.


bed fellas vetti review

Vetti is a little bug with lots of energy and an intimidating sting that she likes to use in a gentle way! She comes in two different sizes and is intended to be used anally.

She is packed with a texture that will give you the tingles once inserted and has an upturned head with a soft, pointy tip. The shaft of the plug has different textures on both sides for experiencing new, unique, and different sensations.

Are you a fantasy sex toy lover?

We will take a wild guess and assume that you are if you made it all the way down to here.

This was our article on 15 best fantasy sex toys to spice up your imagination, so don’t forget to let us know in the comments which one will you be buying next.

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