Mr Hankey’s Fantasy Sex Toys Review

Move over Bad Dragon cause here comes Mr. Hankey. 

Jokes aside, but after doing several reviews on many different fantasy sex toys, it is safe to say that here at the Sex Toy Starter Pack, we respect a good fantasy-themed sex toy that has an otherworldly design and impeccable performance.

Meet Mr. Hankey’s Toys, a sex toy manufacturer that focuses on creating pleasure toys designed to “recreate” the genitalia of fantasy creatures and fictional beasts.

Besides the mesmerizing shapes and designs, an array of different colors, and textures to die for, Mr. Hankey’s Toys can also be ordered in a variety of sizes, firmness, and density.

It seems like we really have something over here, huh? So let’s dive into this review.

Mr Hankey's Sex Toys TLDR Summary ~$100+
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What You Need To Know About Mr Hankey's

  • Fantasy-themed sex toys ✔️
  • Hyper-realistic dildos ✔️
  • Highly durable platinum silicone ✔️
  • Fast shipping ✔️
  • Great customer reviews ✔️

What Are Mr. Hankey’s Dildos?

mr hankey fantasy sex toys

Mr. Hankey’s is a sex-toy manufacturer that has a particular focus on fun, thick, strap-on compatible, body-safe sex toys that are not only eyecatching but pretty much unforgettable altogether.

This manufacturer has a variety of fantasy-themed sex toys, including some that are shaped to resemble the genitalia of dragons, centaurs, aliens, seahorses, and even cyclopes.

While they also offer a decent choice on realistic penises, fantasy toys really seem to be their forte but what really makes their pleasure toys unique is their distinctive design, shape, and texture, as well as the background character whose genitalia they represent.

This gives just enough life of its own for people to identify with it, however, it intentionally leaves plenty of room for people to develop their own characters, fantasies, and situations to enjoy.

Additionally, nobody will ever know for sure what an alien dick looks like, but half the fun with these toys is that you get to decide that yourself.

Hankey’s Toys are handmade and manufactured out of high-quality platinum silicone.

Platinum silicone is a premium and slightly more expensive material than the typical silicone used for standard and cheaper sex toys.

Platinum silicone is a highly durable material and in addition to being 100% body-safe it is also highly resistant towards acid and heat and the super smooth surface leaves little to no room for bacteria to linger and thrive.

In addition to this, standard silicone is a material that can be easily colored and stained, therefore, it is always recommendable to keep silicone sex toys away from silicone-based lubes in order to maintain them in a perfect condition.

However, this rule does not apply when it comes to platinum silicone, as this type of high-end material will not melt when placed in contact with silicone lube or other silicone toys, therefore, you are free to lube away as much as you’d like.

My 5 Favourite (Best) Mr. Hankey’s Sex Toys

Alien Breeder Dildo – $124,95

Alien breeder Dildo Mr Hankey

This Xenomorph dildo is specially designed for those with an Alien fetish. Since we definitely fall into that category, we decided to place this one on top of our list.

The alien breeder toy is designed for the most die-hard sci-fi fans who want to spend time in their bedroom with the most iconic alien dick of all-time.

The dildo has a smooth top that is adorned by the most ferocious alien face at the tip and intricate detail on the bottom. It is crafted by a high-end platinum silicone material and is 100% non-toxic and body-safe.

Additionally, it is compatible with various attachments such as strap-ons and sex machines and you can customize your ideal package by choosing between 6 different colors, 2 different firmness options, and 4 different sizes that range from small to triple large.

Prince Charming – $129,95

Prince Charming Dildo

Not your regular Prince Charming but a rather thick and gifted one, if we say so ourselves.

The Prince Charming is short, stout, and very, veeery wide with tons of added bumps and texture. This particular toy won’t go very deep due to its short size, but it will surely open you up quickly and efficiently.

If you are someone who prefers thickness and texture over length, this might be the ideal toy for you, however, you can still customize it to your personal taste by choosing between 6 different color options, 2 different firmness options, and 3 different sizes.

Taintacle – $114,95

taintacle dildo

If you’ve been following us for a while, you probably knew this list wouldn’t be complete without a tentacle dildo. As self-proclaimed lovers of tentacles, it is needless to say that this one put a smile on our faces as soon as we saw it.

The Taintacle is a tentacle dildo intended for anal sex and designed to dive deeply into the less-explored area of your body – your back entrance.

The high-quality tentacle dildo has a smooth, probing tip and just enough texture to tease and drive you into an overwhelming climax.

It comes in 7 different vibrant colors and three different sizes. In case you were wondering, do yourself a favor and start with the smallest size. Sincerely, the Sex Toy Starter Pack team.

Beowulf – $119,95

beowulf didlo mr hankey

The Beowulf is a beast and Mr. Hankey’s Toys really meant business when creating this particular toy.

It’s meaty, muscular, thick, and long. And when we say long, we freaking mean it.

It comes in 6 different colors and 2 different firmness options as well as 4 different sizes with the smallest measuring at 9 inches of insertable length and the extra-large measuring at 13 f*cking insertable inches.

This guy is really out there, therefore, beginners take special precautions when selecting your desired size.

Dragon – $129.95

dragon dildo mr hankey

The Dragon dildo is one more brilliant creation from the designer who created the above-mentioned Beowulf. The reptilian dildo is intricately detailed and a beautifully sculpted masterpiece that could easily pass as a piece of fine art rather than just your average sex toy.

The serpentine creature consists of scaly details along both sides of its long shaft and is one of the finest dragon dildos with a twist of art out there.

At the end of the day, what we love most about dragon dildos is that you will never know what a dragon dick really looks like, therefore, this leaves you the space to create your own fantasy scenarios to enjoy.

The Dragon comes in 8 different colors as well as 2 firmness options and as always it has 4 different sizes you can choose from with the smallest size boasting 8.5 inches of insertable length and the largest size giving you a whopping 14 inches of insertable pleasure.

How To Clean Mr. Hankey’s Sex Toys?

As we already mentioned above, all Mr. Hankey’s Toys are carefully crafted by using platinum silicone.

This high-end material is highly resistant to heat, acid, as well as cleaning products, and the super-smooth surface leaves little to no room for bacteria to linger and thrive.

However, it is a safe practice to always clean your sex toys after using them and store them securely in a box in order to avoid damage or potential overgrowth of bacteria.

And Mr. Hankey’s Toys are incredibly easy to clean as all you need is warm water and your soap of choice. It can be dish soap, hand soap, an antibacterial toy cleaner, or whatever else you want to use.

Additionally, you can always throw them in the dishwasher and let it take care of the toys, however, we prefer the more personal touch when it comes to our sex toys due to the special connection we have with each one of them.

mr hankey realistic sex toys

Mr. Hankey’s Shipping Information

Well, the good news is that Mr. Hankey’s Toys offers international shipping and a pretty fast one, that is.

Let’s say if you’re in the US, your order will usually take 3-5 days to arrive and they have a flat $16,35 shipping rates for all US countries.

On the other hand, if you live outside the US, your order might take anywhere between 3-15 days, depending on the country you live in.

Additionally, since they are based in the US and you live in some tiny island in Europe (which is where we are based), your orders might take up to 8 weeks to arrive, which may be slightly longer than anticipated, however, this rarely happens and a customer is always given an automated tracking information after placing their order.

Moreover, international shipping costs $29,95 and all their products come wrapped in plastic and safely stored in a plain brown, discreet box.

However, not all countries are sex-toy friendly, therefore if you currently reside in some of the below-mentioned countries, be aware that you might experience some form of a problem with either customs or postal systems.

Countries that have a lower rate of success with deliveries:

Belarus, Ivory Coast, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, China, Myanmar, Russian Federation, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Chile, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Mexico.

How Long Do Mr. Hankey’s Toys Take To Ship?

Mr. Hankey’s Toys are handcrafted by a team of professionals that pay great attention to detail and make sure every little thing is molded to perfection.

However, impressively enough, they are super organized when it comes to creating and shipping their toys, therefore, if you decide to place your order on a Monday before 3 pm PST, your toy will probably be manufactured on Tuesday and shipped by Wednesday the same week.

What Are Customers Saying?

After doing in-depth research on this brand, we weren’t all too surprised to see the number of positive reviews and praises they receive daily.

Their “reviews and comments” category on the official website is literally flooded with satisfied customers expressing their love for the products they’ve purchased, therefore, it is safe to say that the brand really strives to offer excellence in all ways before everything else.

Here are a few notable reviews for verified customers, however, if you decide to go and comb through them by yourself, do not be surprised to run into some explicit content shared by their most loyal customers. You’ve been warned. 

mr hankey verified customer reviews

Mr Hankey Customer Reviews (Videos):

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