6 Realistic Ejaculating Squirting Dildos You Will Love

When it comes to having an ultra-realistic experience, you can’t go wrong with an ejaculating dildo. 

There are dildos in nearly every shape, color, and size. In addition to that, there is just about every kind of different feel and texture when it comes to replicating the real experience of being penetrated by a human being.

However, there is one kind of sensation dildos haven’t been able to replicate until recently: ejaculation. 

So it is no wonder that squirting dildos took on massive marketability since many of us want to enjoy the sensation of a satisfying finish without any risks of unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. And damn right, we’ll pay for it.

So, if trying out an ejaculating dildo is on your to-do list, here’s what you should know:

ejaculating dildos

What Are Ejaculating Dildos?

Ejaculating dildos can be of any shape and size, however, the only thing that makes them unique is that they can ejaculate fluids via a pump chamber.

Ejaculating dildos are used for artificial insemination, realistic facials, pegging, and even as shot dispensers at college parties (who would have thought). 

6 Ejaculating Dildos (You Will Definitely Love)

Semenette POP Silicone Ejaculating Dildo; $139,99

The POP by Semenette ejaculating dildo is made from high-quality, medical-grade silicone that has a smooth matte surface which makes it feel silky and soft on the skin and boasts 7 inches of glory with a 5-inch girth.

Instead of a syringe, the POP has a medical tubing and a bulb at the end that allows for a powerful and realistic squirt volume with a range of 3-6.

The tube goes out the back of the dildo, which I appreciate, as many other ejaculating dildos have the tube going out the side, which is sometimes responsible for unpleasant pinching while tucked inside a harness.

That said, the POP by Semenette is compatible with harnesses, which widens the option of using it in different ways. It also comes in two colors: Toffee and Cocoa

Inside the packaging, you will find its original bulb included, however, there is an optional large bulb that can be purchased separately online.

To fill it, you need to squeeze the bulb while the tip is submerged in a bowl that contains your semen of choice. POP is also waterproof, which means it can be used for a steamy shower or bath session and extremely easy to be cleaned in warm, soapy water.

Pair it up with: Sliquid Silk Hybrid Lubricant – $22,99

Evolved Novelties “Big Shot” Silicone Vibrating Squirting Dildo; $129,99

The Big Shot by Evolved Novelties is a squirting vibrator made out of silky smooth silicone combined with ABS plastic. It offers a standard insertable length of 6 inches, making it a great option for beginners who are interested in experimenting with ejaculating dildos.

It has 10 vibration functions, a suction cup, and balls full of jizz that is ready to shoot out at your time. All you have to do when it’s time to cum is press a button on the side, and enjoy your semen of choice wherever you want it.

That said, the Big Shot by Evolved Novelties is compatible with harnesses, which widens the option of using it in different and creative ways.

Betty’s Toy Box is generous enough to offer interesting bundles and starter packs at attractive prices that are designed for beginners. So if you really like the Big Shot, you should also take a look into:

Additionally, you can pair this sexy, veiny, vibrating dildo with the Spunk Hybrid Realistic Cum Lube; $21,99

Pipedream “King Cock” Squirting Dildo with Balls; $89,99

The King Cock by Pipedream is a glorious ejaculating dildo that offers a whopping 11 inches in length from which 9 inches are insertable. Additionally, it boasts a thick girth that measures at 2.5 inches, making the King Cock nowhere near the beginner’s range.

The ultra-realistic, veiny, hand-sculpted dildo has admirable attention to detail and can ejaculate on demand. You just need to fill the bulb with the included sample of Jizzle Juice lube or something of your personal choice and you are ready to go on a wild ride.

The King Cock has it all – it’s luxurious, gorgeous, and fulfilling. Additionally, it is phthalate and latex-free, body-safe, and hypoallergenic.

Pair it up with: Jizz Water Based Cum Scented Lube – $21,99

Doc Johnson Bust It Ejaculating Realistic Dildo with Vac-U-Lock; $54,99

doc johnson ejaculating dildo review

The Bust It Ejaculating Dildo by Doc Johnson is a life-like looking dildo both in appearance and performance-wise. It has the perfect standard size of 6.5 inches insertable length which makes it excellent for both beginners and more experienced users.

Simplicity is the key, so Doc Johnson really took care of giving us the perfect simple, yet satisfactory dildo to suit the fancy of anyone who isn’t bothered by many confusing functions.

The syringe provided allows you to empty your cum of choice with some pressure which will provide a decently realistic cumshot.

Bust It comes with a small bottle of Bust It – Butter that kinda tastes like semen which is what it’s supposed to emulate, so it’s enough for me to appreciate.

Additionally, Bust It is fully waterproof and submersible, so you can enjoy endless underwater sessions with this guy. Besides the standard realistic color, it also comes in chocolate.

Pair it up with: Bust It Nut Butter Hybrid Glide Cum Lubricant – $19,99

Doc Johnson Titanmen Piss Off Realistic Squirting Suction Cup Dildo; $74,99

titanmen squirting dildo review

While I’m not someone who is a fan of dildos made out of PVC materials, Doc Johnson’s Titanmen is something that needs to be given a fair shot before judging it too harshly.

A true brown Titan, this giant squirting dildo was created with realism and size in mind. If you want a cock that is big, realistic, and well, it ejaculates, then this is one of the options you should seriously consider to treat yourself with.

It has a prominent veiny texture, stretchy skin, and realistic head and all these features contribute to the wonderfully realistic feeling the Titanmen will give you.

Additionally, it boasts admirable 8 inches of insertable length as well as thick girth that measures at 2 inches so it’s definitely not a beginner’s toy.

The included 60ml syringe can be easily refilled with the liquid of your choice for a fun time while exploring the realm of water sports.

Bad Dragon Cockatrice Lil’ Squirt; $35

cockatrice little squirt dildo

Bad Dragon is one of the few sex toy companies that offer squirting dildos made out of silicone. Cockatrice from the Lil Squirt series is a small fantasy dildo intended for foreplay rather than actual penetration and it measures 3 inches of length.

A great ejaculating dildo for beginners or anal use, Cockatrice is ready to prove it’s just as loaded as most of its larger counterparts, which perfectly fits into the “small but mighty” frame.

It will come delivered to your doorstep with a complimentary syringe and one 2-ounce travel-sized bottle of silky lube that resembles semen for delivering that extra slippery sensation.

It’s also very affordable and comes with several color choices for a more personalized experience.

Pair it up with: Bad Dragon Cum Lube -$7 or Bad Dragon Clear Cum Lube – $7

How Do Ejaculating Dildos Work?

best ejaculating dildos reviews

Ejaculating dildos have a reservoir inside that can be filled with a specialized mix of lubes and ejaculated out of the dildo. They vary in how they deliver ejaculation.

While some have a sort of a pump below the balls that can be pressed to force your semen of choice out, others are connected to a syringe via a tube that allows you to push the plunger down and deliver the pseudo semen at the rate you’d like.

While you can pour pretty much any type of liquid you want inside your dildo, it is always recommended that you stay away from materials that are not body-safe.

There are a few brands of specialized lubes that are made by the manufacturers who created the dildos themselves, so it is probably the best idea to stick to them and ensure the tubing doesn’t get clogged and the toy material stays intact.

However, if you decide to pair up your go-to lube with an ejaculating dildo, make sure that it is safe for the vagina or anus and is also easy to be cleaned afterward.

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