Lust Arts Sex Store Review (& Their Fantasy Adult Toys)

So I’ve had my fair share of reviewing fantasy toys on this website, but can one really get enough of these?

In my opinion, you could always make room for more, so today I’d like to talk about one of my most recent discoveries in the fantasy-themed adult toy world, a company named Lust Arts. 

As I was scrolling through their website, I just couldn’t help but be instantly impressed, and quite a few of their toys have since caught my eye.

Their toys are based on fiction with the themes ranging anywhere from fantasy and sci-fi to horror and literature, which conveniently leaves plenty of room to develop your own characters, fantasies, and experiences to enjoy.

This is something I truly appreciate because I think that adult toys should be all about your imagination and taking your own fantasies to a place of your choosing.

So without any further ado, let’s jump straight ahead into my Lust Arts Adult Toys review.

Lust Arts Sex Toy Review Summary Starting from $30
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What Makes Lust Arts Unique?

  • Unique fantasy sex toys and dildos ✔️
  • Body-safe material used with all sex toys ✔️
  • Fast, discreet shipping ✔️
  • Loved by many customers ✔️

What Are Lust Arts Dildos?

lust arts sex toy review

Lust Arts is a small company based in the US and they pride themselves on creating high-quality adult toys that are handmade and designed with incredible attention to detail.

As mentioned above, the majority of their products are based on fantasy creatures and fictional beasts and each of their toys can be ordered in a variety of sizes and colors.

Additionally, you can even pick and customize the firmness and density of your beloved toy, which truly makes up for a unique and personalized experience.

And not only that, but the shapes and textures of each toy are probably unlike anything you have seen before.

Moreover, you can also find a Pre-Made Toy category on their website, which is a section I personally found to be ideal for my liking. While I can fuss for ages when it comes to the design of a sex toy, I am really not that specific when it comes to choosing a color.

I really just want my toys to work, even if they are bright yellow.

But, what really makes these fantasy helpers unique besides the distinctive design, shape, and texture is their background story.

Lust Arts are really taking us for an exciting ride by providing a background story that touches on the inspiration behind each toy, which kinda makes the whole experience even more compelling.

This gives just enough life of its own for people to identify with it, however, it intentionally leaves plenty of room for people to develop their own exciting experiences to enjoy.

My Favourite Lust Arts Sex Toys.

Here are some of the most interesting goodies I found on the Lust Arts website:

Mosswood Dragon; Customization starting at $50

Mosswood Dragon Dildo review

So the Mosswood Dragon isn’t really what some of us probably may expect from a dragon dildo. Meaning, this product isn’t designed to resemble the genitalia of a dragon – it’s an entire dragon head.

Basically the base part is the dragon’s head and its snout is the insertable part. The head is scaly and quite textured and you can see its two eyes that kinda look dreamy and even content if I may say so myself.

Around the snout, you will clearly see the dragon’s teeth, which probably speaks for itself texture-wise, but I do feel the need to point out that this little piece of art is hella textured.

It comes in five different sizes, and all of these are conveniently named according to the sensation they are supposed to arouse. The smallest Mosswood Dragon measures at 3.25 insertable length, while the largest one goes a little above 6.5 inches of insertable length.

When it comes to firmness, the Mosswood Dragon can be fully customized by choosing one of the four density options that range from extra soft to firm.

Additionally, Mosswood Dragon has the option of dual-density, meaning it has one type of silicone on the inside and another on the outside.

Unicorn Horn; Customization starting at $30

Unicorn Horn Dildo Review

The Unicorn Horn has a long, tapered shaft that is fantastic for exploring deep inside and thanks to its pointed end, this toy has no trouble in hitting all the right spots without attacking your insides.

The horn is the insertable part of the toy and it has a firm, spiraled texture that makes it interesting, unique, and quite pleasing.

It also has a suction cup base that will hold it in place wherever you decide to experiment with it.

The Unicorn Horn comes in five different sizes, with the smallest size measuring at 4 inches of insertable length while the largest, Screamer measures 8 inches of insertable glory.

When it comes to firmness, the Unicorn Horn can be fully customized by choosing one of the four density options that range from extra soft to firm.

Additionally, the Unicorn Horn can be customized in up to four different colors to accommodate a most versatile, personalized experience.

The Mermaid; Customization starts at $40

Mermaid Dildo Review

Like all of Lust Arts silicone art sculptures, the Mermaid could pass into the “piece of art” realm rather than just being your standard sex toy. I would bet nobody would even notice or ask any questions if they see this beautiful piece serving as a decoration in your home.

The Mermaid comes in three original colors, however, it can also be fully customized with a totally different range of custom colors for a more personalized experience.v

The toy also comes in dual-density silicone, which means you could choose up to three different colors as well as customize the preferred firmness of your toy and choose from four different density levels.

Additionally, the Mermaid comes in five different sizes, with the smallest size measuring at 3.9 inches of insertable length while the largest option measures at nearly 8.2 inches of insertable length. Woah!

The Mermaid is quite the textured dildo all texture-lovers would appreciate, however, if you are someone that prefers your toys to have a smooth service, this might not be the right choice for you.

While the silicone feels velvety to the touch, the curves and creases surely make up for the beautiful and quite intense texture.

Frank’s Monster; Customization starts at $45

franks monster review from lust arts

Frank’s Monster is a beautiful, dual-density dildo that boasts a thick, stitched-together texture that has been seamlessly hand-molded from platinum-gade silicone.

It has a delectable, rounded swell on the tip and boasts an incredibly unique texture down the progressively thickening shaft. The jagged three-dimensional stitches that lace up and down the toy’s thick shaft are a pure delight to look at and enjoy.

Frank’s Monster comes in three original colors, however, due to the dual-density material it can be customized with two different colors of your own choice.

Additionally, it comes in five different sizes with the smallest size measuring at 4 inches of insertable length and the largest option comes down to 7 inches of insertable length, which makes Frank’s Monster both beginner and intermediate-friendly.

Moreover, you can customize the firmness of both materials by choosing from the four options that range from extra soft to firm.

How To Clean Lust Arts Sex Toys?

Lust Arts produce clean toys and are very conscious of silicone and pigment safety. They use high-quality, platinum-grade silicone that is non-toxic and 100% body-safe.

However, silicone although tough and durable can only take as much abuse, so in order to preserve your toy in excellent shape for a long time, you should take good care of it.

The most important part of taking good care of your silicone sex toys is to clean them before and after each use and store them in a separate bag where they won’t rub against other toys.

Silicone sex toys can be washed in warm and soapy water, however, given that texture and ridges really seem to be the manufacturer’s forte, you should make sure to really get inside those curves in order to get rid of any traces of lubricant that might be lingering on the toys.

Shipping Information.

lust arts shipping policy
Read the full shipping policy here.

Let’s go over some important shipping information.

Lust Arts Ships Internationally.

Lust Arts are open to sharing their goodies with the world, however, sex toys are still a sensitive subject in many countries, therefore if sex toys happen to be legal for import where you live but you can’t see if shipping is available, shoot them an email and they will surely help you out.

Lust Arts Ships Discreetly.

Nobody wants their postman or noisy neighbor knowing they’ve decided to treat themselves with a sexy pleasure toy, therefore Lust Arts will always keep your secret.

Their products are shipped in plain shipping boxes unless the company’s name or the logo is required by international customs regulations.

But don’t worry, you are still safe. In that case, Lust Arts ships and bills under the name “Fantasy Sculpt” which is a pretty vague description, so no one will ever know your secret.

Lust Arts Protects Your Toys.

Lust Arts makes sure to protect your toys from possible travel damage by placing them in a protective plastic bag which is then wrapped in tissue paper and packaged in a recyclable packing paper. Safe travel! 

What Are Customers Saying?

Final Words.

So there you have it, horny folks.

Yet another review on my most beloved sex toy category – fantasy-inspired sex toys. 

In case you are new to my website and don’t really know what I’m on about, I am a huge fan of all things fantasy related, therefore reviewing these type of products is what I truly enjoy doing.

If you are also hooked on fantasy-themed sex toys, make sure to check out my Bad Dragon Sex Toys Review as well as Geeky Sex Toys Review for more sex toys like these.

I would love to hear if you have previously experimented with some of the mentioned toys, so don’t forget to let me know in the comments below.

If you haven’t – seriously, what are you waiting for?!

Either way, have fun exploring!

NB: We’ve just published a mega-list of the best fantasy sex toys. Be sure to check that out (if you’re brave enough).

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