10 Sex Toys For Christian Couples (According To The Scriptures)

Sex is rarely mentioned in the Bible, and instead, metaphors such as “intimacy” and “sleep with” are frequently used to describe sexual activities.

That said, sex is still considered a sacred act, honorable, secret, and not for public consumption.

This is why it’s not a surprise that sex toys have long been taboo amongst Christians.

I think part of the reasoning behind this is because almost every store that sells sex toys also shows nudity, sells pornography, and promotes ideas that don’t align with Christian values.

However, sex within marriage is good and pure, and the Scripture also endorses sex and encourages sexual fulfillment for a couple.

Therefore, in this article, I will go over a few main things you need to know about Christianity and sex toys and will also list the ten best sex toys for Christian couples.

sex toys for christian couples

Should Christians Use Sex Toys?

The answer to this question isn’t a straightforward one because it all depends on your beliefs, unique situations, personal experiences, and just the way you see things in general.

For example, some Christians are very much against using sex toys because they see them as something that could potentially erode their intimacy, lead them or their partner down a path of self-indulgence, or even a need for a broader exploration of sex—including extramarital encounters.

While other Christians that have experienced different situations, such as health and physical challenges or difficulties in their marriage, find sex toys as a useful aid for mutual pleasure, which brings them even closer intimately.

So, it really all depends on the couple and their unique life experiences.

For example, vibrators are regarded as solo masturbation devices by many in the Christian community.

I agree that vibrators and other marital aids can be used in ways that cheapen sex, but we shouldn’t deny that they can also be used as healthy means to add intimacy and playfulness to your marriage and help to strengthen your relationship.

Another thing is that almost all Christians accept personal lubricants as an acceptable addition to lovemaking.

But what if that personal lubricant is used to masturbate while thinking about someone else? Is the lube or the act bad? The same can be said about vibrators and other sex toys, and marital aids.

Using them with your spouse during foreplay and intercourse to enhance lovemaking can be a great thing. Sex toys are neither good nor bad; it’s what you do with them that matters.

When Are Sex Toys Okay in a Christian Marriage?

As a Christian, here is my opinion on when is it okay for sex toys to be used in Christian marriage:

  • When sex toys are used to add intimacy and playfulness to sex.
  • When sex toys adhere to Christian religious boundaries.
  • When both you and your spouse are comfortable using sex toys together in your marriage bed.
  • Your marriage should be rock solid. Sex toys can bring fun back into the bedroom but won’t fix marriage problems.

CalExotics – Vibrating Nipple Clamps – $22

vibrating nipple clamps

These power-packed, vibrating clamps provide otherworldly pleasure without the cords, wires, or other complicated things that can get you unnecessarily confused.

CalExotics Vibrating Nipple Clamps are small and discreet, fitting right at the peaks of most nipple sizes and staying precisely in place while the soft tickers inside buzz along with a single vibration speed.

The clamp tightness is fully adjustable so that you can tailor your (or your partner’s) pleasure to your needs.

Made of ABS plastic with a silky, body-safe PU coating, the Vibrating Nipple Clamps are an excellent way to heighten sensation and increase your arousal.

Fifty Shades Of Grey – Nothing But Sensation Nipple Suckers – $17

Fifty Shades Of Grey - Nothing But Sensation Nipple Suckers

Here is a simpler, non-vibrating option that delivers an equally powerful sensation and nipple stimulation.

Made out of body-safe silicone, the Nothing But Sensation Nipple Suckers set of two nipple teasers is easy to use and virtually harmless; therefore, all you need to do is squeeze and release over the nipple to create a gentle vacuum that increases the size and sensitivity.

Additionally, if you prefer a more colorful experience, Lovehoney has the same pair of nipple suckers in blue as well as purple; however, these change their color to hot pink as your body temperature heats up, which is super interesting.

Pro tip when using these is to apply a little bit of lube for them to stay tightly in place.

Lovense – Hush – $119

the lovense hush specs
Lovense Hush products specs.

Lovense’s Hush is a vibrating butt plug that’s great for foreplay with and long-distance dates, and it also accommodates those who like the risk of playing discreetly in public.

A smart sex toy as it is, Hush has many interesting features, including vibration that can be activated by sound, an alarm feature, and an app-controlled option that allows you and your partner to come up with unlimited vibration patterns.

Moreover, Hush is one strong little fella that allows you to play for over an hour and a half continuously. It’s an excellent product for beginners as well as advanced lovers of butt stuff, so if you feel like you need a little extra fulfillment, Hush is sure to add an extra step to your routine.

Lovense – Ambi – $69

Lovense Ambi review

The Lovense Ambi is a cute little bullet vibrator that looks like a small hammer.

The uniquely shaped vibrator was designed with a woman’s body in mind, and it promises to hit all the right spots with varying degrees of pleasure rhythms.

Much like the above-mentioned Hush, Ambi is also a smart bullet vibrator that comes with various functions, including vibration that can be activated by sound and an app-controlled option that allows you and your partner to come up with unlimited vibration patterns that suit your individual tastes.

Ambi is small, strong, and durable, allows for a long play on a single charge, and is fully waterproof.

Lovense – Ferri – $119

lovense ferri review

The Lovense Ferry is an app-controlled panty vibrator that magnetically secures itself to any pair of underwear. It gives strong clitoral vibrators and has quickly become a favorite amongst singles, couples, and public play enthusiasts.

Ferri is comfortable, secure, has excellent connection quality with the app, and can bring you to an explosive orgasm within minutes.

The best part about it is that it can be used during intercourse; however, be mindful that the panties have to stay on as this is Ferri’s only support that helps it stay firmly in place.

Other than that, Ferri can be controlled manually or via the Lovense app, where you will be able to make use of other cool features such as sound activation, unlimited vibration patterns, etc.

Lovense – Diamo – $119

lovense diamo review

Lovense’s Diamo is quite the package, and unlike conventional vibrating cock rings that utilize the standard design to only stimulate the penis, this unique toy can stimulate more than one area at once.

The Rolex of cock rings is designed to stimulate the area around the anus, the base of the testicles, the nerves above, and to the side of the genitals.

In addition to that, Diamo delivers pleasant vibrations to your partner during penetrative sex—though how intense actually depends on what positions you are in.

Diamo is made of high-quality, medical-grade silicone in its entirety, and it’s shaped like a bottle opener.

It is incredibly light and comfortable to hold, and it’s also very durable and elastic; therefore, Diamo can be easily squeezed and made into any shape you want.

Svakom – Winni Cock Ring – $76

Winni Cock Ring

Although intended for men, the Svakom Winni Cock Ring also makes sure the ladies are not left out and features a raised tongue shape designed for better clitoral pleasure during sex.

This vibrating C-ring snugs around the base of the penis, so both partners feel the strong vibrations in cowgirl and missionary positions.

It also comes with a remote control that you can use to choose between 25 vibration levels; 5 functions, each with 5 adjustable intensities.

The Svakom Winni is made of smooth silicone with an ABS plastic remote control. The vibrator is also splashproof for easy cleaning and USB rechargeable.

Bondage & Restraints

All Tied Up Bondage Play Kit

Okay, hear me out. I know this sounds a little bit unorthodox, but trust me, I have a good reason to mention it.

BDSM is an extremely popular niche of sexual activity; however, there is much more to it than just a mindless, purely physical experience where one party has the upper hand and is given the green light to do whatever they want with the other.

BDSM, before all else, is about expressing vulnerability and particularly focuses on the most intimate aspect of sex.

Meaning, when engaging in an activity that involves bondage and restraint, for example, you have to trust the person next to you more than 100% percent.

Which is why your partner, whom you’re married to, is the best person to rely on when it comes to something like this because your partner is the only one who sees you in your most vulnerable moments.

Therefore, trying out something like bondage, restraints, blindfolds, or just a light spanking might very well be the spice you’ve needed in your bedroom all along.

This Beginners Bondage Kit by Peepshow Toys is a good starting and affordable option that features six exciting pieces, including a satin blindfold, leather handcuffs, and leg cuffs, feather tickler, breathable ball gag, and a bonded leather flogger.

Liberator – Wedge/Ramp Combo – $260

sex ramp

The Wedge/Ramp Combo by Liberator furniture has been hailed as the “greatest invention for sex since the bed.”

Teaming up these two expertly crafted shapes will allow you to experience various new positions where comfort is the number one priority.

The Wedge/Ramp Combo also has an ergonomic design, flexible versatility, and an easily washable microfiber cover that comes in various colors.

Swiss Navy – Sensual Arousal Lubricant – $9

swiss navy lube

Swiss Navy’s Sensual Arousal Lubricant is a unique water-based formula with the slightest addition of silicone designed to enhance and stimulate both partners by driving blood flow to the surface on contact.

It is spiked with oils and warming components to not only deliver a pleasant aroma but also to intensify arousal and improve the overall experience.