10 OnlyFans Alternatives Where You Can Sell Your Adult Content

It came as a shock to everyone when a couple of days ago, OnlyFans announced they will be banning explicit content on their website, starting from the 1st of October of 2021.

To be clear, OnlyFans said they will provide more guidance on the new policy at a later date, and creators will still be able to post nude photos and lewd content if they were in line with the new terms of service.

So after doing a little bit of research, I found a few potential explanations on why OnlyFans did what they did, which I will talk about below.

But besides that, I will also give you ten OnlyFans alternatives that you can check out today and move your business elsewhere.

onlyfans alternatives

Why is OnlyFans Banning Explicit Content?

There could be many reasons that forced OnlyFans to ban adult content. We cannot even begin to comprehend how complicated it must be to lead a giant adult website like OnlyFans and the laws surrounding their endeavors.

But here are a few likely reasons for their sudden and unexpected announcement:

Pressure from banks

OnlyFans said the decision was taken to comply with requests from its banking and payment providers.

“In order to ensure the long-term sustainability of the platform and to continue to host an inclusive community of creators and fans, we must evolve our content guidelines,” OnlyFans said in a statement.

It comes after payment processors Mastercard and Visa last year cut ties with rival porn site Pornhub after accusations the porn site showed videos containing underage sex, rape, and revenge porn.

Pornhub denied claims it allows child sexual abuse material and subsequently tightened its rules to prohibit uploads from unverified users.

OnlyFans also said the platform would allow certain posts containing nudity, so long as they adhere to its “Acceptable Use Policy.”

It’s currently not clear how that will work in practice, and we are yet to hear more details about it.

The platform can’t find investors

According to multiple sources, OnlyFans is struggling to find outside investors.

The company continues to be on the market, seeking what a close source refers to as a “strategic partner.”

It’s known that the Raine Group, a merchant bank focused on tech and telecom, this past spring began helping OnlyFans to solicit investors while several deep-pocketed firms quickly passed, not even engaging in serious due diligence.

The platform has an issue with illegal ads and “forbidden content”

In May this year, BBC News revealed the site was failing to prevent under-18s from selling and appearing in explicit videos, despite it being illegal for children to do so.

At the time, OnlyFans said attempts to use the site fraudulently were “rare,” but an explosive interview with an OnlyFans moderator came out recently where this person says things like, “Sometimes the company tells me that I over-moderate stuff and that I should be more lenient when looking for potential illegal activity.

The moderator also admits that despite OnlyFans’ policy against sexual advertisement, many creators are, in fact, offering sexual services in exchange for money.

To make matters worse, 101 members of Congress signed a letter calling for the US Department for Justice to investigate content on OnlyFans, principally focusing on child sexual exploitation.

In response, OnlyFans said it has a zero-tolerance policy relating to child sexual abuse material, reports it to relevant authorities, and supports their investigations.

10 OnlyFans Alternatives to Sell Explicit Content

Well, that took a dark turn, but despite the bad, there is the good, and it would be unfair to completely ignore the fact that OnlyFans has provided many creators with a full-time job to earn a living and feed their families during a time of need when other employers and the government let them down.

But life will go on, and there are still plenty of ways to make money sexually online.

Therefore, here are 10 OnlyFans alternatives where you can sell explicit content without an issue:


making money on manyvids

ManyVids is by far the most similar platform to OnlyFans.

Streamlined and easy to use, the site feels friendly to viewers and performers of all genders and sexual orientations.

ManyVids lets content creators upload videos and photos for members to purchase and download; however, they can also run an online shop, offer paid memberships, sell texting and phone call services, and set up crowdsourcing campaigns.

Additionally, performers can also sell various items, including panties, prints, stockings, clothing, toys, bill payments, goodies, treats, and tips.

ManyVids also lets users browse through performers’ pages, check out their previews, trailers, and snippets, in addition to purchasing videos and photosets.

As a ManyVids performer, you will earn:

  • 80% on tips, tributes, Crush subscriptions, and custom content.
  • 60% on everything else

ManyVids sellers are paid on the 1st and 16th of every month, and the payout minimum varies on the cashout method you choose to get paid through.

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Just For Fans

justforfans logo

JustForFans is a platform that’s also very similar to OnlyFans, and as it happens, most adult performers leaving OnlyFans are heading towards JustForFans due to their similar rules and similar name, which makes them easy to find.

Like OnlyFans, JustForFans allows you to sell anything from clips, fan club subscriptions, sexting, and custom store items.

There are also very few restrictions on the content that you can post, so anything from fetishes, BDSM, and porn does well on here.

OnJustForFans, you can earn 70% commission, with the minimum payout being $50.


how to make money on fantopia

Fan-Topia is a new platform created in 2020 to provide content creators, influencers, and adult performers with space to upload their content and sell them through a subscription model service without charging them a high percentage usage rate.

The site is easy to use and navigate through. It has a simple layout, short explanations about everything you need to know, and the stuff you want to choose from are right there in front of you.

Fan-Topia has a small number of creators you can search by username in the search bar or choose from the few featured creators you can see once you create a user profile.

There aren’t any categories to choose from or anything, so as a creator, you will have to do the job of advertising yourself on other social media platforms and basically bring in your own fanbase that will pay to see your content.

On Fan-Topia, you can earn money by selling subscriptions, custom content, and receiving tips. The platform pays out 92.5% of received funds.

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how to make money with admireme

AdmireMe.VIP is a new, custom-built fan-site that provides content creators, influencers, and adult performers with a platform to upload their creative content and sell it through a subscription service model.

As a content creator on AdmireMe, you are fully responsible for the nature of your content. The platform allows you to post anything from non-adult content to implied nudity, all the way nude, soft fetishes (e.g., feet fetish), and porn.

On AdmireMe, you can make money through selling subscriptions, premium content, tips, referrals, and Amazon wishlists.

As a VIP, you will receive 80% of every transaction (subscriptions, tips, premium purchases), and the minimum withdrawal amount is currently set to £100. However, if you want, you can withdraw your money even if you have less than that.

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how to make money on unlockd

Unlockd is a custom-built fan-site that provides content creators, influencers, glamour models, and adult performers a platform to upload their creative content and sell it mainly through a subscription service model.

The platform allows you to post anything from non-adult content to bikini, lingerie, implied nudity, all the way nude, and even hardcore porn.

On Unlockd, you can earn money by selling subscriptions, premium content, custom content, tips, referrals, and chats.

As a creator, you will receive 85% of every transaction (subscriptions, tips, custom content, etc.,) and the minimum withdrawal amount is currently set at $100.

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selling nudes on bentbox

BentBox is a platform for selling content in “Boxes.” These boxes usually contain a mixture of photos, multiple videos, multiple audios, and other media.

You can upload boxes that consist of photos and videos, individual videos, public posts in a social network style, sell access to viewing your photos and videos like selling a digital book, etc.

BentBox allows you to post all kinds of content that contain adult themes, including sexual activity, nudity, porn, etc.

While selling boxes is the main way of earning money through this platform, BentBox also makes it easy for creators to accept custom boxes and earn more money that way.

As a seller on BentBox, you will receive 65% of every box you sell, and the minimum withdrawal is currently set at $100.

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how to use pocketstars

PocketStars is a relatively new, custom-built fan-site that provides content creators, influencers, and adult performers a platform to upload their content (pictures, videos, albums) and sell them through a subscription model service.

PocketStars allows you to post any kind of legal content on the platform.

This also includes fetishes such as ABDL, BDSM, Watersports, Scat, which is interesting since these particular fetishes are banned on nearly any other popular platform, including ManyVids.

As a Star, you will receive 80% of every transaction (subscriptions, tips, PPV purchases), and the minimum withdrawal is currently set to $200.

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my best tips on to make money on slipperbean

SlipperyBean is the OG adult-seller website that has been running for over 15 years, thus generating a lot of traffic during that time, which means you definitely have a large audience to sell to.

On here, you can sell any type of adult content, including photos, adult clips, and custom content, as well as tangibles such as used underwear, knickers, clothes, and whatnot.

SlipperyBean caters to models of all genders and sexual orientations, and they also accept couples’ accounts on the site. What’s also great is that you are the only person in charge of everything, including the prices.

SlipperyBean doesn’t take a commission from your earnings; however, in order to become a seller on this platform, you need to choose from the two types of seller memberships available on their website.

The Seller Club Basic membership costs $6 per month or $15 for lifetime access; however, the content you can sell is limited to photos only.

The Seller Club Premium membership costs $8 a month or $25 for lifetime access, but this allows you to upload and sell photos, videos, as well as physical goods such as underwear, clothes, etc.

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what is friskchat

Frisk is an adult website where content creators can upload pictures and videos, just like they would on a regular social media site, and get paid for their content.

You can post any kind of legal content on Frisk.Chat. This also includes fetishes, BDSM content, and porn videos.

As a creator, you can make money by posting content on your public and private walls. The content published on your public wall is free and can be seen by anyone who is a free user, while a private wall requires payment with an amount set by you to be seen.

Besides that, you can also charge people for pay-per-view content, as well as receive tips, and make extra money from referrals.

You will receive 80% of every transaction (subscriptions, tips, PPV purchases), and there currently isn’t a minimum required amount for withdrawal, so you can withdraw your earnings anytime you want.

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Sofia Gray

SofiaGray is a website that allows anyone to upload photos of their used underwear and profit by selling it to customers who are into that sort of thing.

The model is very simple, and the website lets you set your own price. You are also able to communicate with customers and take custom requests.

But the absolute best part about this website is that they don’t even take any commissions off your sales.

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