5 Best Sex Wedges & Pillows (& How To Use Them)

A common piece of advice we get when looking for tactics to enhance penetration is to “elevate your hips”.

That advice might have made you push a few pillows under your hips while having sex to achieve some of the benefits of a sex position pillow. However, while this may work just fine for some time, regular pillows aren’t meant to support your entire body weight.

So why settle for destroying your regular pillows when you can get something even better than that?

Sex pillows and wedges are just that: a little something specifically designed to give you the lift you need and maximize your pleasure.

In this article, I’m going to share with you some of the best sex wedges and pillows you can use and how to use them for maximum benefits.

how to use sex pillows

What Are Sex Wedges/Pillows?

sex wedges

Sex pillows and wedges are specially designed products that support and elevate one or two bodies in motion during foreplay or sex.

They can be used solo or with a partner and take on many shapes and sizes, each of which is made to do different things for the person using it.

Sex wedges support your body and prevent sinking into the bed while also offering angles that allow deeper penetration for maximum sexual satisfaction.

They are typically made from fully supportive, high-density materials that are sturdy and durable such as strong memory foam or gel, and they are somewhat heavier than your regular pillow.

They also have a robust outer covering made from a mixture of sturdy materials such as cotton, synthetic polyester, nylon, or a combination of these.

Sex wedges come in different shapes, and this is one of the most important factors that most customers consider when they are picking out the perfect one. In general, these types of pillows are made in the following shapes:

  • Round – Curved for comfort
  • Triangular – Known as “wedges” and made to transform into numerous shapes
  • Square – Typically used for one or two positions
  • Abstract – A combination of round, square, or triangular shapes

5 Sex Positions When Using A Sex Wedge/Pillow

Sex Wedges Positions
6 Ways To Use A Sex Pillow

If you are sexually creative, chances are that you’re no stranger to employing the furniture in your house for exciting sex positions.

Here are a few ways to experiment with a sex pillow:

Missionary position.

The biggest problem with the good old missionary position is the lack of adequate clitoral stimulation.

Depending on where the clitoris is positioned (closer or further from the vaginal opening) it can be difficult to stimulate it.

The wedge gives you a new range to experiment with it, and while it doesn’t guarantee orgasms from vaginal penetration, it can definitely increase your chances of having one. Still, it can definitely allow for deeper penetration and increase pleasure.


Girl-on-top is a challenging position to master; however, having a wedge underneath can really make things easier to ride it out like a total pro.

Propping a pillow under his knees gives you more leverage for bouncing, and you will definitely have less ground to cover with every movement.


If you enjoy doggy-style, you are probably not a stranger to having your hands and knees feeling a little unbalanced.

It’s just what happens while you’re continually being pulled back and pushed forward, and while the position itself can be really satisfying, this part is everyone’s least favorite.

However, placing the wedge against your legs for support, you can focus less on maintaining stability and gripping those sheets for balance and more on simply enjoying the sensation.

The “lazy dog”.

Depending on the size difference between partners, the angles can sometimes cause a major challenge while in doggy-style.

So here comes the “lazy dog” instead and you can try this out by lying face down with a wedge under your stomach and keep your legs together.

The snug fit will definitely help make him feel like he’s really filling you up and every thrust will feel amazing for you too.

Oral sex.

While it can also make some difference when a guy is receiving oral sex, having a sex wedge can absolutely come in handy when a woman is on the receiving end.

It doesn’t hurt doing him a little favor by sliding a wedge under your hips to lift your pelvis a few inches. This will take the strain off his neck and allow him to explore more of your sensitive zones.

It also means no more bridge position for you, which will allow you to concentrate on enjoying every moment of pleasure instead of trying to find a comfortable position.

5 Best Sex Wedges On The Market

how to use a sex pillow

If all that got you interested in trying it out with a sex wedge, here’s a list of several great suggestions for you:

Liberator Wedge/Ramp Sex Pillow Positioning Aids Combo

Liberator Wedge/Ramp Sex Pillow Positioning Aids Combo

This unique product not only supports two bodies in motion but also flips and folds to accommodate the physical needs of any position you want to try.

The product’s design is what makes it so amazing.

It has a 27-degree wedge angle to allow optimal penetration, a removable microfiber cover that can be easily washed and feels lush on the skin, and a luxury-grade stuffing of high-density memory foam that offers maximum support during sex and foreplay.

It also has a moisture-resistant inner liner that protects the foam.

The two pillows can remain stuck together or be separated to give you an even wider variety of play options, making this wedge the most versatile product in the entire industry.

It comes in three different colors: black, blue, and red.

Liberator Black Label Sex Position Ramp Set

Liberator Black Label Sex Position Ramp Set

The Black Label Ramp Set is something to look into if you want to escape your routine and try experimenting in different positions.

This wedge is perfectly angled to enhance penetration, and it has four ergonomic angles that will put your’s and your partner’s body in comfortable and stable positions.

It is stuffed with high-density memory foam to support both your bodies in motion and is perfectly crafted to enhance missionary and from-behind positions, but is also ideal for spectacular oral.

It also two plush cuffs for the wrists and ankles and comes together with a velvety soft blindfold so you can playful restraint and unbound creativity.

Liberator Sex Position Hipster

Liberator Sex Position Hipster

Made from skin-safe and lube-friendly materials, the Sex Position Hipster by Liberator is perhaps the most well-rounded option out there.

It’s designed with an ergonomically sculpted exterior that is perfectly shaped to accommodate the natural curves of the human body and a high-density memory foam interior that adequately supports all body types.

This sturdy, durable, and silky-soft sex positioner provides a perfect lift and has a velvety material that feels lush on the skin and a removable cover that can be washed in the machine.

It measures 33 inches in total length with a 9.5-inch height at its tallest point and is protected by a water-resistant nylon liner, making it a perfect accessory to support any position.

Liberator Pulse Vibrator Mount Sex Pillow

Liberator Pulse Vibrator Mount Sex Pillow

Ergonomically designed, the Pulse Mount Sex Pillow features soft lines that contour to move the body and imitates the natural rocking movements of having sex.

It has a low height and a narrow weight that allows for it to be easily straddled in a cowgirl position and is also equipped with two separate pockets where you can place a dildo, a vibrator, or a bullet and enjoy hands-free sensations and simultaneous clitoral stimulation.

It is constructed with durable, high-density memory foam, and it’s coated in a machine-washable microfiber cover that easily unzips for cleaning.

Underneath the removable cover is a moisture-proof liner that protects the foam interior from all sorts of fluids and lubes.

Liberator Arche Wedge

Liberator Arche Wedge

Arche Wedge by Liberator is a simple but neat sex pillow that can take you to new heights and bring you ease and comfort even if you are experimenting in an uncomfortable position.

The cushion has inserts that reduce strain on your neck, back, and joints, making it the most decent option for longer sessions of oral sex.

It is also perfectly angled to allow deeper penetration and heighten the sensations.

Adding to that, the Liberator Arche Wedge is made out of high-density, durable memory foam and can totally be used for non-sexual activities such as watching the TV or reading a book.

It has a removable, machine-washable cover and a moisture-proof inner liner to prevent fluids from penetrating the foam interior.

And in case you are picky about the color, the Arche Wedge comes in six different colors: Velvish Espresso, Velvish Midnight, Velvish Champagne, Velvish Platinum, Velvish Merlot, and Velvish Plum.