Kanadoll Review (Incredibly Realistic Sex Dolls)

Sex dolls aren’t a new subject on my website as I have previously covered several articles about different sex doll stores as well as an in-depth guide on everything you need to know about buying and owning a sex doll.

But, whenever I lurk around for new and interesting sex toys, including torsos and other saucy stuff, I end up finding a new sex doll website that is just too good to pass without writing a decent review on it.

Therefore, today, I will be talking about my most recent sex doll find – a website called Kanadoll that has an excellent variety of incredibly realistic sex dolls.

Kanadoll is a sex doll company that manufactures some of the highest quality love dolls and on their website, you can find over sixty different sex dolls to choose from and take home with you.

This is my Kanadoll review and here are the things you need to know before buying a sex doll from their website.

What is Kanadoll?

kanadoll review

Kanadoll is a sex doll company that offers a variety of high-quality love dolls at an affordable price.

After going through their website, I noticed that they have many goodies you can choose from and their dolls are made with an admirable amount of precision and attention to detail.

Each of Kanadoll’s sex dolls is unique in her own way, however, these love dolls authentically represent the most accurately detailed physical characteristics of a real woman’s body.

They also have several videos posted on their website that take you through their factory as well as show you the molds and manufacturing process, therefore, you can really see the attention to detail and professionalism invested in by their workers.

Additionally, the layout on their website is clean, nice-looking, and pretty easy to navigate through. It is well designed and equipped with detailed information.

They have tons of great photos of their sex dolls that make it easy for customers to make their perfect choice and they also have a FAQ section that has informative leads related to buyer safety.

Furthermore, I also managed to find a Japanese version of the website, so if you are living somewhere closer to that area, this one may be a better option for you.

What Sex Dolls Can You Find On The Kanadoll Website?

As I already mentioned above, Kanadoll offers a huge variety of life-size dolls that you can filter by figure type, look, race, height, featured dolls, discounted dolls, newest dolls, most popular dolls, etc.

Here are several categories that caught my curious eye:

BBW Sex dolls

BBW or Big Beautiful Women is a category for everyone who enjoys having a love doll that’s quite a handful. They have an extensive collection of chonky sex dolls, chubby sex dolls, and flat out fat sex dolls, because hey, we are all into different things.

Here, you can find a lot of busty, sexy, curvy, and thicc ladies that will keep your hands full and heart warm.

Muscular Sex dolls

As much as I like all the thickness this world has to offer, I can’t hide my admiration for fitness junkies, either. So, I was pleasantly surprised by the large variety of muscular beauties you can find on this website.

If you are into women that can pleasure you to no end but also crush you between their thighs, this one is the category for you.

Asian Sex doll

They also have a category that features a huge variety of oriental beauties, including Korean and Japanese sex dolls that have one purpose in their existence – to fulfill your deepest sexual desires.

These are beautifully crafted, timeless beauties that not only look gorgeous but will also give you an unforgettable ride.

Does Kanadoll Offer Doll Customization?


Aside from the variety of categories you can get yourself lost into, Kanadoll also provides you with the ability to customize your sex doll and tailor her to your own personal tastes of perfection.

You can customize your doll’s skin color, hairstyle, eye color, nail color, nipple color, etc.

Besides that, you can also include additional features like standing feet, an intelligent warming system, removable or in-built vagina, jelly breast implants, and even pubic hair type.

Have you ever dreamed of being able to create the woman of your dreams? Well, now you have the chance!

kanadoll sex dolls review

How Are Kanadoll Sex Dolls Made?

Kanadoll provides you with your perfect love doll that consists of a metal skeleton that’s added inside her for increased flexibility that allows you to have her anywhere you want her, anyhow you want her.

Their professionals use high-quality materials such as TPE and silicone to ensure a realistic feel, lifelike sensation, and maximum satisfaction.

These materials have been tried and tested over the years and with a little bit of maintenance, care, and a good cleaning, they will last you for a very long time. Additionally, both TPE and silicone are non-toxic, 100% body-safe, hypoallergenic and odorless materials.

How Much Do Kanadoll Sex Dolls Cost?

There are several factors that determine the price of a modern sex doll, though these pleasure toys can be quite pricey and only go higher as technology continues to develop.

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a sex doll is the material used to create one.

Investing in a high-quality material love doll is always a good simply because you don’t want to end up with the kind of reaction that resembles an STD due to potential material allergens.

However, how much money you should spend on a sex doll depends largely on your budget and the general rule when buying a sex doll is you get what you pay for.

Kanadoll, however, offers a fairly reasonable price for what you are getting and their dolls typically range from $500 up to $2000, which may sound like a drag, but consider that this is a product that requires incredible attention to detail during the manufacturing process in order to give you the pleasure you yearn for.

Additionally, due to the renowned technology Kanadoll is using to create their beauties, it is guaranteed that your fuck-pet will be by your side for as many as 10 years and more.

Kanadoll Shipping Information

Kanadoll’s buying process is pretty simple and easy. All you have to do is choose your sex dolls and select any of the customization features you want to add or change.

You can then proceed with your order and pay via PayPal, credit card, or bank transfer.

Once Kanadoll receives your payment, they will immediately start producing your love doll, which will take approximately 1-2 weeks on average depending on the amount of customization you chose.

Once your doll is ready, Kanadoll will then ship out your order via DHL, FedEx or UPS and you can expect your purchase to be at your door anywhere between 2-5 days.

Kanadoll offers international shipping that is free of charge, however, due to the laws in certain countries like Korea, Thailand, Africa, and the Arab regions, you will not be able to order from them.

Therefore, it is best to be aware of the laws in your area of residence before making your purchase.

Does Kanadoll Offer Discreet Shipping?


In order to ensure your privacy and confidentiality, Kanadoll removes all markings from the outside packaging and your love doll will arrive in a plain brown box with absolutely nothing on it.

Additionally, once your doll is shipped, you will receive your tracking information via email so that you can know when to expect your gift to be arriving at your door.

Kanadoll Return & Refund Policy

Kanadoll has a pretty straightforward return policy, namely, if your doll arrives damaged due to transportation or a human mistake, they will refund your money after contacting them with proof of the damaged doll.

Additionally, should you wish to cancel your order, Kanadoll advises you to do so one hour after ordering, because chances are your doll’s production may be started by then and once the manufacturing process has started, they will not be able to refund your money.

Final Words

So there you have it, gentlemen!

I do the research and I bring you all the hot details of sex doll websites I have too much fun scrolling through.

In this article, I reviewed Kanadoll, a sex doll manufacturer that offers some of the most beautiful love dolls with equally pleasing and satisfying body parts carefully crafted for your utmost satisfaction.

Make sure to stick around and find out whenever a hot new item hits the market!