How To Make Money on AdmireMe.VIP

As I already mentioned in my last article, I have been spending my days searching through the wonders of the web to discover new and unique platforms on which creators can sell their digital content.

My concrete focus has been on smaller platforms that aren’t oversaturated with real-life models and influencers with millions of followers but rather a place that gives smaller creators or beginners in the online sex work industry an opportunity to be seen.

My latest experiment has been AdmireMe.VIP, which is the platform I am going to talk about today.

I will explain everything you need to know about their policies, types of content you can upload, bits and pieces you need to know before signing up as well as how to make money on AdmireMe.VIP.

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What Is AdmireMe?

AdmireMe.VIP is a new, custom-built fan-site that provides content creators, influencers, and adult performers a platform to upload their creative content and sell it through a subscription service model.

The site has a simple layout and is easy to use.

The first time you land on it, you will see your sign-up options on the top right corner and the middle of the website.

When you scroll down, you will see profiles from that day’s featured creators. These profiles are randomly selected and change daily to give more creators a chance to be noticed by admirers.

Next to the profiles, you will see the categories you can choose from and some more featured creators that have earned their spots on a specific “list” (more about lists later).

At the very bottom of the website, you will find their blog, terms, and conditions page, as well as a super-informative and updated FAQs category that answers all the important questions about being a content creator on AdmireMe.

All in all, it’s a simple, easy-to-use website that is organized and updated with relevant information and doesn’t have too many confusing and unnecessary details.

how to make money with admireme

How to Create a Seller’s Account on AdmireMe?

Although it consists of four steps, starting a seller’s or a VIP account on AdmireMe is relatively simple and easy.

This is what you will need to do:

how to join admireme as a seller

Personal details

In the first step, all you will have to do is insert and confirm your email address, verify it, create your password, username, display name, add the category you wish to be featured in, etc.

In the second part of the first step, you will also need to provide your real name and last name that’s also on your personal documents such as ID, passport, or driving license.

This information is for verification purposes only and won’t be displayed publicly.

Once that’s done, you can move on to the next step.

Verify identity

Here, you will need to attach a photo of any government-issued personal document such as an ID, passport, or driver’s license, and you will also need to upload a selfie of you holding the document.

Profile details

This is where you will organize your profile, including attaching a profile picture, adding your bio where you will let admirers know what you are on about, what you are interested in, a brief description about yourself, etc.

Set up payments

And lastly, this is the step where you will attach all relative information about how you want to receive your payments.

What Kind Of Content Is Allowed On AdmireMe?

As a content creator on AdmireMe, you are fully responsible for the nature of your content. The platform allows you to post anything from non-adult content to implied nudity, all the way nude, soft fetishes (e.g., feet fetish), and even porn.

Uploading content that contains any material that is defamatory, libelous, slanderous, obscene, indecent, abusive, or includes redistribution of malware, spyware, or viruses will immediately get you booted off the platform.

Read more about AdmireMe content guidelines in their agreement under section 16. Your content: rules.

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How Can You Earn Money on AdmireMe?

Here are a few ways you can earn money on AdmireMe


As a VIP on AdmireMe, you can upload your media and set a monthly price for anyone who wants to access it.

Choose your price based on whether you want to attract more followers for a lower price or if you want to charge a higher fee for your content.

Most VIPs on the platform charge between £5 and £20 for their subscription price, but it can be set at any amount from £3 upwards!

The price you charge for your subscription can be changed at any time.

Premium content

Premium content is an option that allows you to charge your admirers extra money in addition to the price of their monthly subscription.

Your premium content will appear in your feed and will not be visible to anyone unless they specifically purchase that video (separate from the monthly subscription.)

You can set your own price at a minimum of £5, and any paying subscriber will have the option to pay extra to unlock these posts.

There is a limit of 20% of your posts being premium to ensure that your subscribers are getting good value for their money.

This means that you cannot make all your posts premium plus charge a monthly subscription fee. For example, you can set a premium post for every 4-5 subscription posts.


Once you sign up to the platform, you can find your unique referral link on your profile settings using the logo at the top right-hand side > referrals.

You can then share your referral link with your friends to earn an extra 5% of everything they make once they join and start selling their content on AdmireMe.

Worry not; this comes out of AdmireMe earnings, and your friends will still receive their standard payments at no cost to them.

Also, if you referred a friend but they did not use your link, you can still contact AdmireMe with proof of the exchange (e.g., screenshots of conversation), and they will manually add you as a referrer so that you can still earn your 5%.

However, bear in mind that this must be done within 24 hours of their account going live, so act quickly.

Get on their lists

AdmireMe has lists that help boost your profile and make it more visible to potential buyers that land on the website.

Featured list

You can make your way to the featured list if you have 50 items of standard (not premium) content on your account. The featured list is their homepage; therefore, you will have high chances of getting noticed by admirers.

The order is randomly generated every time someone accesses the home page.

Fresh list

The Fresh List is for the newest creators, with a minimum of 50 posts published to their profile. Each creator will remain in the Fresh List for four weeks before falling into one of our other categories.

Therefore, once you create your profile, make sure to immediately post a minimum of 50 posts (create them in advance) to be featured on their Fresh list and get noticed by admirers.

A-List VIP

To feature on the A-List, you will need to:

– Have over 1000 standard posts on your profile
– Publish new content on at least 25 days of a 30 day period
– Be actively logged in for at least 25 days of a 30 day period

The A-List is automatic, meaning that your profile will no longer be displayed in the A-List category when the above points are not met.

Amazon wishlist

This isn’t a way for you to earn money, per se; however, it’s still free goodies, so make sure to add your Amazon wishlist to your profile so that your admirers can spoil you with the things you like.

How To Advertise Your AdmireMe Profile?

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are the best ways to advertise your profile and gain new followers and admirers.

Make sure to follow their guidelines and not expose too much of what you are on about, as you may risk getting banned.

Try to attract new followers and admirers by being active on the platforms, posting teasers and suggestive posts rather than nudity, interact with people, engage in conversations, talk to other creators, get new ideas on how to improve and make your content more engaging, etc.

AdmireMe also has a Twitter account of over 20,000 followers where you can be featured for new potential admirers to get in touch with you.

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AdmireMe Payouts

Here is how AdmireMe payouts work:

Does AdmireMe cost money to join?

No, joining for AdmireMe is free; however, the platform keeps a percentage of your earnings.

As a VIP, you will receive 80% of every transaction (subscriptions, tips, premium purchases) while Admire.Me keeps 20% for hosting your profile, which is pretty standard.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum withdrawal is currently set to £100. However, if you want, you can withdraw your money even if you have less than that.

If you have earned between £20 and £99.99 in the pay period and want this amount to be paid on the next pay date, you can request to withdraw it.

The request button will appear at 9 am on a Monday in your payments section. When you click the button to request this payment, it will give you details of when it is due to be paid, and early withdrawal costs an additional fee of £3.

AdmireMe payment methods

AdmireMe is a UK-based company; therefore, they are a part of the SWIFT network and require a SWIFT BIC code to transfer your payments.

Luckily, over 95% of banks globally are also part of the SWIFT network that enables international transfers; therefore, you shouldn’t have an issue with this.

But besides that, you can also use your IBAN, or routing number, as well as the account number.

US creators tax form

US creators on AdmireMe can fill out the W9 form and file an annual tax return to the IRS. You can download the form here, and once completed; you can then upload it to your AdmireMe account for tax purposes.