How To Gain Confidence Before Starting As A Sex Chat Host (or Cam Girl)

Hello ladies! I am calling out to all the girls who want to make a job in this industry work or who are just trying to find their feet in this evil world.

100% girl power is needed in any case!

It took me a while to find myself. I recently divorced my husband and lost my business due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so you can imagine the strings I had to pull to kind of feel like myself again.

Well, I will honestly tell you, I am actually back to an even better me. I found a piece of myself back that I lost in my marriage, and that combined with 41 years of life experience, makes me feel on top of the world at this very moment.

I did use some tricks and tools to help myself get to this point, and I would love to share them with you.

But let me warn you, girls, there were multiple times in this process I broke down crying, thinking the world did not have anything good in place for me.

It doesn’t happen overnight and a bit of patience is advised. But you can definitely try it at home.

Read my tips and try it, whether it is to get more confidence in life, when trying to hook up with a nice guy or because you are too stressed to start your first sex chat or cam session.

Please read about my experiences as a sex chat host on my other two blogs and how I found my feet in this work.

gain confidence as a cam girl

SN: This is a guest post from Hannah Love, one of my best-performing students inside the 100 Ways To Make Money Sexually OnlineThis is a series of blogs documenting how she’s quickly becoming a top-rated sex chat host.

Look into mirror

I am sure you have a mirror at home, maybe even more than one.

Use it carefully, and it will become your best friend. You know you are gaining self-confidence if you want to look in that mirror every free second of your time. Because, yes! You love yourself!


Together with the mirror comes making pictures of yourself. I strongly advise you to use these two together.

You will first need the mirror to make sure you are looking absolutely gorgeous!

Get yourself into your most beautiful dress, top, pants, or skirt. Whatever you think brings out the best in you, put it on. Then it is time to experiment with makeup.

Which colors work best on your skin, and perhaps you want to find a trademark for your face.

I work with my orange lipstick a lot, and I love how it looks on me.

Now that you have found your best outfit and makeup start taking pictures.

In my previous blog, I touched on how you can make a DIY home photo studio. Experiment with light, with positions of your face and body, and with your hair. Try to take as many selfies as you can. I normally end up with about a hundred a day and then delete the ones I don’t like.

If you go through your pictures, think about which ones you will feel comfortable sending to a customer. If you pick two or three great pictures out of your 50+ made shots, then you are for sure picking the best ones!

Now besides using these pictures for work, as profile pictures or on your Tinder account, make sure you look at them yourself as well.

Perhaps when you wake up, and you don’t feel confident or when going to sleep and you want to tap yourself on the shoulder.

You are fabulous, you look amazing, and you had a fantastic day!!


Now, this is something that picks me up every single day; my favorite music. I am a huge Madonna fan.

Her lyrics and tunes make me go back to my younger days, which makes me feel connected with myself. And her recent music and lyrics are very inspiring to me. It really helps me take on the world every single day.

I love to get myself in front of the mirror and show myself my best dance moves on the tunes of Express Yourself, Vogue, or even more recent material of this amazing woman!

I am sure you also have a favorite artist that lifts your spirits or to who you can relate.

Play it as often as you can; at home, in the car, when going for a run. It will bring you in the proper mood and gives you the confidence to take on the world.


keeping a journal

And then, last but not least…one of the most important things I did to get myself back on my feet is journaling.

It is something I did for a while; I no longer do it every day.

Mostly because I have everything I need written down now in my journal, and I keep it close to me.

If need be, I will open it and have a look at what I wrote. I strongly advise you to buy yourself a beautiful journal and make time to make space for the following:

The plan you are having for yourself:

whether you want to find yourself the love of your life, make it work in the sex industry, or just want to feel better about yourself. I am sure you have a plan!

My plan combines all of these three things, and I feel really strong about it!

The Universe has a plan for me, and if I really want it, it will happen!

Compliments from guys:

In my much loved and learned eight-month period of dating on Tinder, I have met how many guys who gave much needed (and free!) feedback.

I have written them all down in my journal. It leaves me with two pages with over 20 comments given to me on Whatsapp or in real life.

Matt tells me he can’t get me out of his head, Robin misses me, Shaun thought our date was amazing and he would like to continue seeing me.

Then this Jason guy is crazy about me, and James honestly had the best time ever with me. Obviously, girls, these guys weren’t all dating material; otherwise, I would be stuck with 20 boyfriends now.

But their comments are amazing to read back, especially on days your confidence is taking a break.

Things to do when you are not feeling well and need a distraction:

Now, this chapter in my journal gives me more than ten options to go out if I am not feeling so confident, empty even, and in need of a distraction. On top of this list, I encourage myself to read my journal, especially the part with the guys’ compliments.

But other things on this list are:

  • Go out there: get in your car, dress up, play your favorite music, and flirt with every man in their car that you see at the traffic lights when waiting (handsome guys obviously! Or not even ?)
  • Meet up with people; a dear girlfriend or a group of girlfriends mostly does the trick.
  • Go for a run, and don’t forget to run past the house where this hot fellow lives! So you can fantasize about him.
  • Dance party; dress up, get yourself in front of the mirror and dance your ass off!
  • Go shopping; treat yourself to a beautiful new set of lingerie or some new makeup. Whatever you like!
  • Make pictures, set up that DIY home photo studio, and try to make new pictures, perhaps with a new outfit or different makeup. And then keep looking at the best shot you made the whole day long.

I am sure there are other or more things you can think of that belong on this to-do list.

Think about it, try them out, and go for it whenever you feel lonely, empty, or without confidence. You go girl!

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