The Pornstar Method Review (How To Fuck Like A Pornstar)

Hookups are made so incredibly easy these days thanks to the Internet and the immense growth in popularity of many different dating apps.

When you look past Tinder and a little bit deeper into it, there are literally dating apps for anything you could possibly imagine and it is no wonder that more and more girls are joining daily and looking for a partner to have some fun with.

Well, with that much fish in the sea, you might be wondering what could possibly go wrong? There has to be someone out there that’s gonna enjoy everything I have to offer, right?

Sure thing there is.

However, instead of sticking to the same old ways of “doing stuff” in the bedroom, it is perhaps time that you look into switching things up a little and master some simple techniques that will very well lead you and your date into new and unexplored dimensions of sexual pleasure.

If you think that you already have what it takes to make a girl scream in pleasure on the first date, you are most welcome to stop reading.

However, if your reality looks a little different and you are willing to put in the work and learn some new ways of delivering immense sexual pleasure, then this might just be the article for you.

This is our detailed review of the Pornstar Method, a sex course from the pros who get paid to f*ck created by the famous pornstar and sex expert – Bridgette B.

Let’s get started…

The Pornstar Method Review (TLDR Summary) $63
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Can This Course Teach You How To F*ck Like A Pornstar?

  • Expert advice from the best in the business ✔️
  • Starts with the basics before moving to “advanced techniques” ✔️
  • Fun, easy to follow video guides with live performers ✔️
  • Learn how to please your women (like a porn star) ✔️
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What Is The Pornstar Method?

The Pornstar Method

If you are convinced that your date had the best time of her life when spending that one night with you, but you find yourself completely ghosted the next day, what do you think went wrong?

Well, we might have one heartbreaking truth for you: It wasn’t that great. 

However, there is no need to despair. As we said, there is plenty of fish in the sea and that means plenty of opportunities for you to make up for your mistakes and quite literally have your next date crave sex with you…again and again and again.

And this is the part where the Pornstar Method comes in place.

This detailed, step-by-step guide is designed to improve the sexual game of men and teach them how to please their partners into pure ecstasy.

The guide consists of mini-series that show explicit scenes of how to really get down there, followed by a detailed explanation of why these steps matter.

It basically teaches you a lot of useful but crazy easy tips you can implement into your sex game and take it a few notches further as well as important information men should know about the female anatomy in order to hit all the right spots.

So, if learning how to make your future dates obsessed with your bedroom skills intrigues you, let’s dive a little deeper into this review and find out more about how to do that, shall we?

Who Is Bridgette B?

Bridgette B. is an American pornstar and the woman that stands behind the Pornstar Method program.

Her goal with this program is to teach men how to understand the difference between what they think women want in bed and what they actually need.

As a woman herself, and one with a lot of experience on and off camera, Bridgette definitely knows some of the best ways to approach the topic of sex with a girl.

Working with a lot of girls in this industry, Bridgette seeks to help men understand the real art of seduction, sexual play, and sexual pleasure that will leave any woman craving for more.

Additionally, she points out the massive amount of misleading information out there that can do nothing but sabotage your chances with women and teaches you how to get out of that loop.

For this program, Bridgette has recruited a small team of both male and female adult performers and colleagues to give you the most vivid picture of the whole topic of sex from both male and female perspectives.

Thus, the Pornstar Method is a guide from some of the most experienced figures in the field of pornography, however, it is unique in the manner that it doesn’t teach or prepare you to become an actual pornstar.

It focuses more on coaching you on how to master your bedroom skills and share your experience with your dates.

Therefore, you are sure to get the best and top quality advice with each and unique technique or method each trainer has to share with you.

What You Will Learn Inside The Pornstar Method

what you will learn inside the pornstar method

The guide consists of 9 mini-series that show vivid and explicit scenes followed by a detailed breakdown of each step. Here’s what you will find inside this program:

Lesson #1: Kissing and Licking.

In this short, 10-minute scene, you will see two female performers demonstrating how you should kiss and lick your partner in a sensual manner.

Many people forget the importance of foreplay in every sexual interaction, therefore, you definitely want to pay special attention to this part before jumping straight into the main course.

These tips are important to know if you want to build anticipation and create a smooth transition into the actual intercourse.

Lesson #2: Foreplay before giving oral.

In this lesson, you will learn the importance of foreplay before giving head. Learning how to tease all the right areas before actually getting down to it can help immensely with warming your partner up.

Especially if you are dealing with someone who is shy and perhaps a little inexperienced, this is a good time to take things easy instead of just rushing into it and making her feel unnecessarily uncomfortable.

Lesson #3: Giving head.

This lesson is an intense one let’s start with that, but it is also crucial as here you will get to learn all those specific “sweet spots” that will really drive her crazy, no matter how shy she was minutes ago.

We’re just gonna let you see this one for yourself, because, is there anything sexier on this world than a woman having an orgasm under your tongue?

Lesson #4: Touching.

lesson 4 inside the pornstar method

In this quite detailed scene, you will learn more about the art of touching as well as how to focus on teasing all the right the areas around her vagina.

Lesson #5: Finding the elusive G-spot.

This is an important part of this entire journey as in this lesson you will learn all about how to find her G-spot and successfully stimulate it for her pleasure.

This lesson straight-up tells you the things you SHOULDN’T do when going inside, so make sure you pay special attention to that.

Lesson #6: Post-sex intimacy is important too.

If you’ve been wondering what exactly should you do after sex, you will find all that in this lesson. While some women like to be cuddled and taken care of after sex, others don’t mind being left alone.

Hey, it takes all sorts to make a world, so we are not the ones to judge. However, you do need to realize what your partner is into after sex and provide them with that needed aftercare.

Lesson #7: No obstacle is too great!

If you’ve been dating for a while but still have no clue as to how to remove her clothes and make it show that you actually know what you’re doing, you need to get on here, ASAP.

In this lesson, celebrity pornstar Damon Dice will teach you everything you need to know about removing a girl’s clothes while in the heat of the moment, making it look as smooth as possible, and not getting caught up in unnecessarily uncomfortable moments that can perhaps ruin the entire experience.

Lesson #8: Be a gentleman – make her want to give you head.

This one is an excellent lesson that teaches you how to make her want to give you head.

Bridgette and Damon tackle some very important key points on how to deal with a less experienced girl when it comes to oral sex as well as how to quickly change that and turn the situation in your favor.

You probably don’t want to miss out on this one as we are pretty sure that every man finds himself in a situation like this every once in a while.

Lesson #9: The main course is finally yours to feast on.

Yes, we know that everyone has done the missionary position, however, while there isn’t a right or wrong way to do it, there are definitely some tips you could learn in order to maximize the sexual pleasure for both parties.

Therefore, in the final lesson of this program, you will learn everything you need to know when it comes to mastering the missionary position, the differences between pumping speeds as well as how to recognize that she is about to orgasm.

Bonus content.

Awesome stuff, but that’s not all there is.

Bridgette added three bonus videos in this program and one of these focuses on explaining the anatomy of the vagina in great depth so you know which part is where and what is it for.

Additionally, celebrity pornstar Seth Gamble hops on the second bonus video where he talks about some of the things that are most important to men when it comes to sex as well as addressing issues men deal with on a daily basis with women, which makes this video quite interesting to see.

Moreover, the third bonus is an audio recording of Bridgette’s interview where she explains in great detail everything from how to get a woman’s attention to how to get her number and attract her.

5 Things We Liked About The Pornstar Method.

Members Area the pornstar method

So the Sex Toy Starter Pack team went through the entire Pornstar Method program and we have some interesting impressions we’d like to share.

Here are some things we liked about the pornstar method:

  • It’s quite affordable.
  • You get to receive advice from true professionals in the field and experienced coaches.
  • The videos are fun, easy to follow and make everything crystal clear.
  • You will get to learn so many effective techniques that will have your partner begging for more in no time.
  • The explanations are clear, easy to follow, and easy to remember.

4 Things That Could’ve Been Better.

While Bridgette made sure everyone enjoys her coaching program, there are several things we didn’t really like about the Pornstar Method. These are definitely minor things that could be worked on, therefore, we are looking forward to seeing that in the future.

  • Some of the videos end abruptly.
  • There could have been more lessons.
  • The “Free Trainings” category on the main page didn’t work, so we couldn’t access the several extra videos.
  • Two videos are given the wrong description from the previous video, which was a bit confusing.

How Much Does The PornStar Method Cost?

pornstar method price

Apparently, it doesn’t cost a lot of money to learn how to f*ck like a pornstar, and you definitely won’t break your bank for the stuff you’ll learn here. Anyone can access this program as it is set at a fairly reasonable and accessible price for what it has to offer.

Check out the two different plans and prices:

  • The Pornstar Method – $63
  • The PornStar Method Premium – $18/month (additional fee)
the pornstar method premium
An upsell to purchase a “premium” version will appear right after you buy the course.

Is There a Refund Policy?

They have a full refund, no questions asked policy.

If you are not satisfied with the knowledge you’ve gained while going through this coaching program, you can ask for a refund in the first 60 days after buying the program.

Who Is This Guide For?

While anyone can benefit from this program and the useful information it has to offer, it is more targeted towards men who want to improve their sexual skills and give their partner the time of their lives, over and over again.

However, it is also an excellent program for girls to check out as it is definitely packed with information on all the sweet spots and sensitive areas on your body you probably don’t even know about.

NB: Learn how to dominate women in bed in our explosive sex guide on being dominant here!

Do I Recommend This Course?

Most definitely.

A great program that is definitely worth checking out. The price point is accessible, the content is fun, easy to follow, and informative. It will definitely be worth your time because who doesn’t love great sex?

You can purchase the Pornstar Method program by clicking here.

Final Words

So there you have it!

Our detailed review of the Pornstar Method, a program created by celebrity pornstar Bridgette B.

Don’t forget to drop us a comment below of what did you think about this review as well as share what you’ve learned from this educational program.

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