4 Penis Shaped Bongs & Drip Tips For Vaping

We’ve recently decided to stop smoking however, we wanted to quit smoking tobacco so we said we should at least get our first bong to be able to enjoy some late-night herb (as we do).

Now since I am researching sex toys all day, I was curious to see if there were any penis/dildo-shaped bongs available, and to my surprise; there actually are a few that can be purchased.

Today, I want to share with you a few “dildo bongs” (and penis drip tips for vaping) that you may also want to get for yourself. These make for a funny gag gift for a friend or even for personal use.

I have been reviewing a lot of weird shit lately on this website so I will definitely not judge you if you want to suck on a dildo bong pipe in the middle of your living room.

With that said; here are…

7 Penis/Dildo Shaped Bongs

dildo bongs

The Penis Novelty Glass Bong

Penis Novelty glass Bong

  • Material: Glass
  • Price: $39.99 (currently on sale)
  • Where To Find It: PuggingBird.com

The Multicolored Ceramic Penis Bong

ceramic glass dildo bong

The Glass Penis Bong (2 Sizes)

glass penis bongs 2

The Artisan Penis Drip Tips (For Vaping)

penis drip tips for vaping

  • Material: Ceramic Glass
  • Price: $25
  • Where To Find It: Vapes.com

How To Buy These Bongs?

All the above bongs can be found using the links provided with each one.

If you are looking to actually buy one, you may also want to visit Amazon.com and see what they offer there as well.

(They have some wood penis-shaped bongs which are pretty cool as well).

If you are worried about shipping discretion, don’t worry;

All companies mentioned above (including Amazon) have strict discretion when it comes to shipping adult novelty items and there’s no way anyone can tell what’s in your package.

How To Use A Dildo Bong?

Penis Shaped Bongs
Actress Amanda Seyfried Using A Penis-Shaped Bong in The Movie Ted 2.

I’ll tell you how NOT to use them first;

Do NOT use these penis-shaped bongs for anything except for what they are intended to.

Do not use (or insert) them anywhere they should NOT go.

Remember, these are mostly made of glass, and glass – with tightness – can easily break.

You do not want to find yourself heading to the emergency room with a broken glass dildo stuck inside of you.

Now, just in case you have never used bongs before, here is a safe way you can use them:

A Fan Of Novelty Sex Toys?

I will be doing a few more round-ups of novelty sex toys in the future for sure but for now, if you are looking to see what else is out there, you can visit the Gag Gift section at StagShop.com.

NB: If you’re looking for some more weird, unusual and interesting novelty sex toys, you can check out some of my wildest ones here:

Final Words / Warning

dildo bongs

I hope you enjoyed this quick post about penis-shaped bongs. Use these toys ONLY for their intended purpose and have fun.