WeVibe Sync Couple’s Vibrator Review

Couple’s vibes are the best vibes and one of our most favorite categories when it comes to sex toys.

And since we quite recently came across We-Vibe, we’ve been anxious to give detailed reviews on their most brilliant products so that our readers never run out of options to enjoy new and unexplored sensations.

Therefore, today’s article is going to be a detailed explanation of everything you have to know about one of their most popular toys. This is our WeVibe Sync review, so let’s get into it.

Is The WeVibe Sync The Best Couple's Vibrator? $189
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6 Key Features of the WeVibe Sync

  • Body-safe material
  • Dual stimulation
  • Deel (& powerful) vibrations
  • Use remotely via an app
  • Long-life battery
  • Waterproof design

What Is We-Vibe?

We-Vibe is a brand of sex toys manufactures by Standard Innovation, a company founded by a Canadian couple back in 2003. Today, they are one of Canada’s largest producers of adult pleasure toys.

We-Vibe gained massive popularity back in 2009 after it was recognized as having the best-selling toy at Venus Awards in Berlin, Germany, and from then, went on to sell over 4 million toys by 2015.

Additionally, they have received a bunch of awards since their original launch back in 2008, including the best couples sex toy at a prestigious event on sexual health and wellness in Los Angeles.

Now, what we really like about We-Vibe is that they are committed to setting new industry standards for ergonomic design and high-performance adult toys, while still remaining eco-friendly and always body-safe.

What Is Sync?

wevibe sync review

Made for couples, Sync is designed to be used during PIV sex. The C-shaped device has a slimmer, shorter arm meant to slip inside the vagina and rest against the G-spot, while the larger, textured arm wraps around the body and rests against the clitoris.

Both arms have two independent motors which can provide different patterns and vibration intensities and are designed to enhance pleasure for both the female partner through vibrations and gently textured surfaces and the male partner through added vibrating sensations.

The Sync has two joints (places where it bends): one near the base of the clitoral arm and one near the base of the G-spot arm.

This allows for more flexibility and it significantly increases the chance that it will fit your body because of the ability to tweak it and customize it to your anatomy.

6 Benefits of We-Vibe’s Sync.

Here are several benefits We-Vibe’s Sync has in store for you:

Body-safe material.

The Sync is made from body-safe silicone and is totally free from phthalates, latex, and BPA (Bisphenol A – a common building block in resins and some types of plastic).

As it is made from silicone, be sure to only use a water-based lubricant with this toy. If you are in need of a recommendation, check out our article on the best lubes for sex toys.

Dual stimulation.

As we mentioned above, Sync is a C-shaped vibrator that serves as a tool to increase sensation during intercourse.

The internal arm is slim enough to sit comfortably inside the vagina and it has a subtle rippling texture to it which rests against the G-spot and increases sensation during sex.

Meanwhile, the lower section of the internal arm is smooth, allowing your partner to slide inside and freely thrust away without any texture uncomfortably grating against their member.

However, it is still the best option to pair it up with a generous amount of lubricant so that friction doesn’t become an issue over some time.

The external arm, on the other hand, is larger and is carefully contoured to hug up against the vulva and stimulate the clitoris during use with its slightly textured surface.

Deep and powerful vibrations.

wevibe sync vibration settings

Sync boasts 10 powerful vibration programs to choose from, and you can mix and match whenever you want to switch things up as both ends can produce different vibration modes and intensities at the same time.

The settings range from low, rumbly vibrations all the way up to intense sensations when experimenting with the high and ultra-high setting.

The vibrations Sync produces are rumbly and powerful and they are slightly stronger in the clitoral arm and a little less intense in the G-spot arm.

It can be used via remote and an app.

We-Vibe Sync comes with a remote control nicely placed next to the vibe inside the box.

The remote works well and holds a connection. however, the real fun is their We-Connect app, which lets you control the Sync from afar as well as orchestrate your own vibration intensity pattern and even set your Sync to vibrate along with the beat of the music.

Long battery life.

The Sync requires a 2-hour charge in order to be fully charged and ready to offer you up to 90 minutes of continuous play. Additionally, both Sync and its little remote control are incredibly easy to charge through a magnetic charger that lies at the bottom of the case.

Position them one next to the other and simply plug the USB into the back.

Waterproof design.

Sync is completely waterproof, therefore, it is safe to say that as soon as you receive it, the bath time will never be the same again for you and your partner.

How Much Does Sync Cost?

how much is the wevibe sync

Sync is a luxury sex toy, however, while the usual price stands at a whopping $189 on the official We-Vibe website, you can often find it on discount prices, especially when the holidays are around.

So go treat yourself and your partner for a brand new pleasure toy this Valentine’s Day.

Where To Buy Sync?

Over the years, We-Vibe has unfortunately been subject to a ton of counterfeit sellers. We already mentioned this in some of our previous reviews, therefore, we won’t be getting too much into it this time.

The best place to buy your Sync or any other toy is from the official We-Vibe website as in this way you will be certain you are getting the real deal.

We-Vibe Shipping Information.

wevibe sync shipping info

There are all sorts of information you can get from We-Vibe’s FAQ section. However, the drawback of this website is that you actually have to contact them via email and ask whether they deliver their goods in your country.

We-Vibe will then respond to your question by either confirming or directing you towards one of their official resellers, making sure you will receive your wanted toy.

What we do know for a certainty is that they deliver their products in discreet packaging which is a plain brown box with a discreet label.

What Are Customers Saying?

We found out about Sync through other sex bloggers that actively praise this product. We also found out that apparently Sync had a predecessor that was far less successful.

However, when Sync stepped into the scene, everybody seemed to enjoy its presence, therefore, it is certainly one of those toys you rarely hear a bad word about.

We-Vibe’s Sync Alternatives.

Here are two other alternatives to Sync that caught our eye:

ZALO – Fanfan App Controlled Couples Vibrator – $149

This posh vibrator that looks like it came straight out of the Queen’s chambers is designed to wrap around the wearer’s body and deliver hands-free stimulation to both the elusive G-spot and clitoris.

It can be worn alone or during sex for even more intense sensations.

Fanfan can be controlled with the Zalo Remote app as the app allows you to create personalized vibration modes, “flirt” modes and even access to your favorite music library.

Additionally, Fanfan is perfectly capable of working on its own and you can enjoy the 8 pre-programmed vibration modes without the need to download their app.

Fanfan is USB rechargeable, fully waterproof, and made out of silky smooth silicone.

LELO – Tiani 2 – $159

Tiani 2 by LELO is designed to be inserted with the smaller arm inside the vagina and the larger, outer arm resting on the clitoris and worn during intercourse.

It features LELO’s exclusive SenseMotion technology, which allows users to control the sensations during sex through movements of its remote control.

Made from silky smooth silicone, Tiani 2 is fully waterproof, which can extend your pleasures from the bedroom all the way to the bathroom.

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed reading our We-Vibe Sync review as well as finding out more about how to use this intelligent little device that can bring new and exciting sensations for both yourself and your partner.

If you have something to say about your experience with the company or this particular product, don’t hesitate to hit that comment section!

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Image Source: WeVibe.com

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