10 Best Thick Vibrators (Definitely Not For Beginners)

Some vibrators are designed to provide a decent length for a pleasurable depth-play, while others cater to those who prefer that exciting and toe-curling feeling of fullness.

If you belong to the latter group, well, I have a delight for you.

Proceed to a list of the ten best thick vibrators that will rock your world, fill you up, stretch you out, and not leave you wanting for more.


Rocks-Off – EveryGirl Dual Action Rabbit Vibrator – $49

EveryGirl Dual Action Rabbit Vibrator

The Rocks Off EveryGirl Rabbit Vibrator is a dual-action vibrator made from silky smooth silicone that feels soft and gentle against the skin.

The thick and bulky vibe is designed to massage the clitoris and the G-spot through a thick and bulky shaft and a leaf-shaped clitoral arm that boasts 10 unique vibration patterns, including 3 speeds and 7 different patterns.

The EveryGirl comes in three beautiful and striking colors and is fully waterproof for an underwater adventure. It’s also USB-rechargeable and can give you around 3 hours of play on a full 3-hour charge.

Satisfyer Vibes – Charming Smile Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator — $50

Charming Smile Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator

The Satisfyer Vibes Charming Smile is a cute and elegant vibrator designed to please and delight.

Its thick, curved tip and contoured shaft make the Charming Smile ideal for pinpoint G-spot stimulation, but you will also be able to move the vibrator against your clitoris and experience an earth-shaking orgasm.

Made from silky smooth silicone, the body of the vibrator is soft and squeezable. It has 6 powerful vibration speeds and 6 patterns to ensure you’ll find just the right intensity for you.

The Satisfyer Vibes Charming Smile feels lovely, soft and its vibrations can be characterized as deep and rumbly rather than shallow and buzzy.

The vibe is also waterproof and USB-rechargeable for convenience.

Satisfyer Vibes – Mr. Rabbit – Rabbit Vibrator – $50

Mr. Rabbit - Rabbit Vibrator

The Satisfyer Vibes Mr. Rabbit is a thick and flexible bunny vibe made from silky smooth and bendable silicone that will bend with your body.

Its flexible shaft and broad external stimulator offer elegant, gentle curves, as well as a silky silicone finish.

Mr. Rabbit has two powerful motors that power 6 vibration intensities and 6 patterns that guarantee a range of sensual delights and all-over stimulation.

Fully waterproof and USB-rechargeable, Mr. Rabbit is ready to travel with you into the shower or bathtub and is simple to keep clean for your next session.

BMS Factory – Naked Addiction Freak – $90

Naked Addiction Freak

The Naked Addiction Freak Dildo is a thick vibrator that puts out amazing thrusting, twirling, and vibrating motions.

Made from silky smooth, soft, and squeezable silicone, the Freak features rippling skin lines for an even more intense feeling, as well as lifelike vein and scrotum textures that add an extra pop to the sensations.

Freak boasts 7 functions, including various motions that range from vibrations, thrust, spinning, and pulsing rhythms that can be controlled via the included remote control.

Freak packs 7.75 inches total length, from which 6.5 are insertable, and it has a shaft that’s 1.3 inches thick.

The toy is USB rechargeable, water-resistant, and harness-compatible. It’s also quieter than most thrusting dildos, has a travel-lock function, and comes with a satin storage pouch for safekeeping.

Fun Factory – Queen G Dual-Stimulating Vibrator – $150

Queen G Dual-Stimulating Vibrator

The Queen G is another knock-out dual stimulating vibe that boasts Fun Factory’s intense, resonating motor strength, versatility, and the single goal to please.

Queen G features an angled head to target the G-Spot, plus a broad clitoral stimulator. The vibe also has softer, more flexible silicone that makes it flex with your body better.

The easy-grip loop allows you to cycle through Queen G’s 12 powerful vibe functions and has two motors that are separately controlled: one button for the 6 clitoral vibe functions and a second for the G-spot stimulator.

Finally, Queen G is fully waterproof and can easily withstand a shower or a bath play. The vibe is also USB-rechargeable with a Click n Charge connector whose magnet locks in place securely.

Fun Factory – Miss Bi – Black Line – $150

Miss Bi - Black Line

The Fun Factory Miss Bi is a dual-action vibe with a shape designed for a targeted G-spot massage and deep, powerful vibration against the clit.

Made with FlexiFUN Technology™ and developed over time for the best fit, both the thick shaft and the clitoral extension can be bent and flexed for maximum comfort and adventurous new positions.

Miss Bi has two powerful motors that vibrate at a rumbling bass tone that’s deeper and more satisfying than the thin, high-pitched vibrations found in many toys.

Lastly, Miss Bi has a fantastic battery life and will give you up to 8 hours of play on a full charge.

It’s also USB-rechargeable, fully waterproof, and has a travel-lock function that prevents it from going off while tucked in your bag or luggage.

Fun Factory – Stronic Surf – $170

Stronic Surf

The Fun Factory Stronic Surf gets a little too serious with texture. Unlike the smooth Queen G or Miss Bi mentioned above, the Stronic Surf‘s thick and bumpy appearance hits you like a ton of bricks.

Undulations, ridges, and curves: the shaft gives you waves that get increasingly taller as you move towards the handle. There’s no realism, no promise of a gentle ride — just some wild, tempting texture.

Like all Fun Factory sex toys, Stronic Surf is also made by using velvety smooth silicone that feels pleasant against the skin.

Now, one of the most interesting things about the Stronic Surf is the method in which it goes about pleasing you.

The Stronic Surf doesn’t vibrate. Rather, it pulsates: it thrusts by itself using magnetic technology, without any help from you or manual stimulation.

It’s quite a novel and rare experience and one of the few ways you can masturbate if you just want to lie back and not do too much work.

To use it, you need to press the (FUN) button and click the (+) button to get to the first mode. To cycle through 4 steady speeds and 6 pulsation patterns, press the (+) or  (–) buttons. To turn it off, simply press the (FUN) button.

Stronic Surf is also completely waterproof and submersible. The toy is USB rechargeable and gives about an hour of fun at the highest setting.

Fun Factory – Stronic Drei – $190

Stronic Drei

Drei is a thick thrusting vibrator made from medical-grade silicone that feels silky smooth on the skin. Drei is unique for its powerful thrusting back and forth motions, and you can also say that this vibrator pulsates rather than vibrates.

It has a deliciously curved tip to better tap that G-spot, while the increasing width of the body, combined with the very prominent ridges, will definitely send you into ecstasy in virtually no time.

It totals at 9.5 inches in length, from which 4.5 inches are insertable, and the maximum shaft circumference is 5.5. inches. It boasts 10 different vibration strengths; however, a word of advice is to start from the mildest one and work your way up to the top slowly.

Drei is USB-rechargeable and has a fully waterproof design.

Lovense – Nora – $199

Lovense Nora unpacking

Lovense’s Nora is a rabbit-style vibrator also known as a dual-stimulation vibrator made from high-quality silicone and durable ABS plastic.

Nora has two arms; a longer arm topped with a rotating head to brush against your G-spot and a powerful vibrating smaller arm to stimulate your clitoris simultaneously.

When paired together, these sensations are can be the thing you’ve needed to help you achieve a squirting orgasm and a unique experience.

Nora can be controlled manually by clicking the two buttons on the toy’s handle to adjust the strength you want to vibe with.

One of the buttons on the handle controls the vibration strength and patterns of the clitoral arm, while the other controls the direction and speed of the rotating head.

The vibrating arm that stimulates the clitoris has seven settings you can cycle through by clicking the upper button on the plastic arm. These are low, medium, high, pulse, wave, fireworks, and earthquake.

The rotating head also has three settings—slow, medium, and fast—that you can cycle through with the lower button on the plastic arm. You can also make the head rotate in the opposite direction by pressing and holding the same button for three seconds.

Although these are fairly easy to use, you may find it a little uncomfortable to reach down for them. In this case, using the app to change and further customize the settings during your play may be more convenient.

Additionally, Nora can be synced with Max 2, Lovense’s sleek masturbator, and the two toys can be made to vibrate, contract, and stimulate both partners for a super-advanced form of cybersex that will spice up a long-distance relationship.


Fun Factory – BI Stronic Fusion – $200

BI Stronic Fusion

The Bi Stronic Fusion is another powerful and thick vibrator that thrusts all on its own.

This pleasure machine comes in a dark purple color, and it’s made from a sleek and gentle body-safe silicone with a gently curved and contoured shaft that thrusts right into your G-hole.

It is completely waterproof, and it has its own controls leading to 64 options for pulsation and vibration that you can enjoy separately or combined.

It is a battery-operated pulsator with an attached and integrated battery charger inside the toy. It is charged using the original magnetic charger.