Can You Use Cling Film (Saran Wrap) on Sex Toys?

Cling film may not be a good replacement option for condoms, but can it be used on vegetables and sex toys only for masturbation?

The answer is YES, you can use cling film/saran wrap on vegetables and sex toys when you are about to have some solo fun.

A couple of reasons for this are explained below:

can you use cling film on sex toys and vegetables

Cling Film is Thicker Than Condoms

Cling film is thicker than condoms and if you wrap several layers of it around the vegetable or sex toy you plan on using for solo play, it might provide you with a “fuller” sensation and more “fulfilling” experience overall as it will also make the toy thicker.

On the other hand, cling film is definitely not a good option for sex because it will deprive the penis owner of fully experiencing the sensation during sex.

Besides that, there’s a much higher chance that the cling film with break or slip, allowing sperm to enter the vagina. Admittedly, there are no studies that actually explore the rate of pregnancy when using a cling film-wrapped penis, but frankly, it’s not worth the risk.

Keep the cling film for the vegetables and the sex toys!

Cling Film Will Protect Your Vegetables & Sex Toys

Again, a few layers of cling film wrapped around the vegetable or the sex toy you plan on using for your solo play will create a thick film and protect it from bodily fluids or silicone-based lubes that could potentially degrade silicone sex toys.

Saran Wrap Will Prevent Bacteria Overgrowth

Another bonus of using cling film instead of just using a vegetable or a sex toy on its own is that it will prevent bacteria overgrowth, which is something incredibly common when it comes to sex toys particularly.

Luckily, you can only use a vegetable a few times before it starts to degrade and rot but sex toys are much more durable than that and can be used for years with the right maintenance.

Even though silicone sex toys are particularly durable and come the closest to actually being properly disinfected after use, bear in mind that bacteria on them still exists and can potentially thrive with even the slightest negligence.

On the other hand, some cheaper sex toys made out of plastic and jelly are porous and they can’t be properly sterilized, allowing for a ton of bacteria to thrive all over them.

So if a plastic or jelly sex toy is more within your budget, a good way to prevent bacteria is to wrap your toy in cling film to create that protective barrier between your body and the sex toy.

Saran Wrap Will Give You a Bumpy Ride

Lastly, wrapping your veg-toy in a few layers of cling film may very well provide the bumpy ride you need to improve your experience and help you get off.

Cling film can simulate ridges and give your otherwise smooth veggie or a sex toy a whole new appearance, thus delivering an entirely new and different sensation.

If you are feeling even more creative and have some spare time on your hands, you can also make your own nubs and ridges from other materials such as toilet paper and glue them to your toy before wrapping everything up firmly in a few layers of cling film to get that pronounced texture.