Fleshlight’s Stamina Training Unit Review (Does It Work?)

Welcome to my new FleshLight Stamina Training Unit review.

After finishing off reviewing every Lovense product available (and being thoroughly satisfied), I now want to start reviewing another fan-favourite here on the SexToyStarterPack and that is;

The FleshLight sex toy company, undoubtedly one of the biggest and most recognizable sex toy brand currently available.

In this review, I will be telling you:

  • What the Fleshlight Stamina Unit (STU) is
  • What to expect (features, benefits & drawbacks)
  • How to use it (without the graphic images)
  • Does it really work?
  • Shipping information (is it discreet shipping)
  • What customers are saying and
  • The best place to buy the STU

If you’re interested in purchasing one of these, keep reading this review, but first; here’s our review summary:

FleshLight Satisfaction Score: Does It Work? $69.95 (Current Best Price)
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  • Battery Life
  • Price
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Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Review Summary

  • Great SuperSkin Material ✅
  • Trains you to last longer ✅
  • Increases stamina gradually ✅

FleshLight’s Stamina Training Unit (Features & Benefits)

how to stay hard longer with the stamina training unit

Great SuperSkin Material

If you are a kind of guy who throws his cock into anything, get the ‘Stamina Training Unit’.

It is developed by one of the most popular brands in the industry – Fleshlight. Therefore, even before purchasing it, we knew its features deserve our attention.

The very first thing that you notice is it has intense sleeve lining which is much better than many other male masturbator toys of its kind. It gives you a real sensation and forces your dick to give up the goods with maximum pleasure.

Besides, the entry point is a bit firm and tight. You have to use a bit of force at the beginning, which is good in a way for endurance training.

Plus, the sleeve texture of this product tickles every nook and cranny of your shaft. It would be immensely tough to hold yourself, but this is indeed the actual challenge. It is created as a training unit for your lovemaking sessions.

The STU interior isn’t the only thing that impresses.

The outer casing is also excellent. The manufacturers used hard polymer for it in order to keep it lightweight. Your forearms won’t pain even in rapid action and can facilitate in relishing the moments for longer sessions.

We believe the weight of this product actually plays a vital role in its success. First, it is a manual machine, and second, some people love to go for multiple rounds.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you are playing with it for a little warm up or multiple sessions, your arm won’t pain. This weight feature specifically beats its cocky competitors to its dirt, as most of them are a bit heavier and more expensive.

Stamina Training Unit Sex Toy Review

The Enduring Performance

The main purpose of this male masturbator is to resolve the trouble of premature ejaculation. It trains you for better endurance and for a long-standing.

Even if it is hard to hold back for 45 seconds, it can work on the core issue and train the nerves of your penis to stand the stimuli much longer.

After using it for a few times, you can imagine dating a cutie, juicy girl and land in bed with her as well anytime you want.

She will treat you like a real man, and love to see you again and again, once you make love to her after using this STU.

But, keep in mind, you have to practice. There is no progress without practice.

In case you are thinking how practice with Stamina Training Unit is different than other man’s masturbator, the real reason is if you turn its sleeve inside out, you will see it is designed very differently.

It consists of lots of balls along the surface. The purpose of these softballs is to give your penis a little massage with each movement. This whole thing imitates the sensation of real sexual intercourse.

The massage itself preheats your penis in its own way for a most natural sensation. Your penis gets addicted to that heat and starts to stay last longer in real.

According to most customers, if you can last longer than 10 minutes with this STU masturbator, you can stand for about 20-30 minutes in real life, with a real girl.

This is a piece of the amazing news that can change the life of not only those people who deal with premature ejaculation but also those men who want to prolong their orgasm and impress women.

Increases Stamina Gradually

Most men don’t understand how it exactly works and increases stamina. They don’t see much potential in it or think it is just like any other male masturbator.

Well, allow us to share our own experience:

When we first used, without any premature ejaculation issue, it made us cum in less than a minute. Since the texture inside was very unusual and gave us a totally new sensation.

It was totally unexpected. That’s why, if you are having PE issues, you can indeed expect to cum in a few seconds as it massages your penis rather well.

But the next day was a little different. We surrendered after 90 seconds.

It was tough to expect this result as we’re feeling more comfortable with the toy and knew how does it feel in reality.

After the second day, the sessions keep on getting longer each time. It made us believe that the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit is a real deal. After almost a week, we were crossing the 5-minute limit.

Of course, we understand the results will be different for those who are dealing with premature ejaculation, but the crux of the matter is this device will work for them.

The more they use it, the more they keep on adding some seconds in their sessions.

Stamina Training Unit (Key Drawbacks)

Cleaning & Reuse

You have to clean it properly and it can take some time because the densely packed bumps require more attention. The best option you have is to run the fast running water from both ends of the sleeves again and again.

This should suffice and remove any stubborn residue.

In addition, you can’t reuse it immediately. You have to dry it for a few hours first, as the bumps take time. You can dry this unit on a warm spot also but don’t try to put it directly on top of the radiator or any other hot device, as it can damage its material.

How To Use Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit (STU)

inside the stamina training unit by fleshlight

Using this product is quite straightforward.

It is just like other male’s masturbators, but it is manual. Because the main aim of this product is to bring yourself to the brink and then back again.

In other words, it is all about training. You can use the water-based lube also for comfort and easy insertion. It allows you to thrust easily and delays the stamina.

Step #1: Slow The Pace:

You don’t judge your stamina at the fast pace only. Yes, it works but there is always a mixture of different paces that make a woman orgasm. For that reason, mix the paces and work on different speeds to challenge the nerves of your penis.

Step #2: Limit The Depth:

It is not necessary to insert yourself fully in, it doesn’t matter it is a toy or a real woman. Sometimes changing the depth of the penetration works like wonder too and increase your stamina on a grand scale.

Step #3: Train Your Mind:

What’s your state of mind during intercourse or using this toy? Is it all about ejaculation and feeling the divine friction sensation or feeling like a wild bull and satisfying your woman? The state of your mind matters more than anything.

How Does The Stamina Training Unit Perform – Does It Work?

It is developed for every man who wants to last longer in bed naturally.

After almost a week, you will feel like a different person. It will improve your sexual performance and build your prostate health as well.

There is one pro tip you can try to increase your stamina even more.

Once you are comfortable with one position, ‘Rotate It For A New Sensation’. You can rotate it very slowly clockwise or anticlockwise while penetration.

This trick not only feels special and gives a thrilling sensation, but also trains your penis in a professional manner.

What FleshLight Customers Are Saying?

how to last longer in bed

When we read the reviews, it appears that a couple of training sessions are enough to train a person for a real lovemaking session.

But without a water-based lube, it can be immensely tough to use it.

The tightness of this unit resembles virgin or anal sex. For that reason, it is better to train with a lube. Now, it doesn’t mean you can’t adjust the tightness of this unit. Its top cap can adjust the tightness to the preferred level.

If you tighten the end cap totally, it will surprisingly give the sensation of a blowjob too.

What’s The Cost Of The Stamina Unit?

It is an inexpensive model and costs around $69.95.

This is probably because it is a manual toy. Besides, it totally does what it claims and enhances your overall experience.

We were also pretty sceptical at first, as some other masturbators were using motors in their toys for massage and penis nerve training, but when we used Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit and trained ourselves every day like in a military, it turned us into a warrior in bed and allowed us to satisfy our woman with utter thrust strength for at least 30 minutes.

So, in our opinion, investing $69 on this product is a win-win situation.

It transforms you into a sexual bull in no time and makes your woman worship you, all day, every day.

Where To Buy The Unit?

fleshlight official website

You can buy it through Amazon or directly from the Fleshlight website.

If you place an order on the Fleshlight website directly, it is better. They mail quickly and in discreet packaging. Moreover, they bill you with a generic company name.

For more detailed and specific information about the shipping, you can visit the official Fleshlight website. They are available 24/7 and answer your baffling question quickly.

FleshLight Stamina Unit Review: Final Words

Thank you very much for reading my review.

If you’re struggling to stay longer in bed, then, by all means, consider getting the Stamina Training Unit as it will surely help you.

If you have any questions about what we’ve discussed above, feel free to leave me a comment down below.

Talk soon.

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