How To Make Money On CamSoda

CamSoda is a live streaming webcam platform that provides for adult webcam models and content creators. The site offers some very interesting features and since it has quite a bit of buzz going on, it is safe to say that there is a good earning potential on this platform.

While the site’s main focus is on the live streaming entertainment side, performers here can also upload and sell various media content including premium clips, photos, etc.

As a performer on Camsoda, you can also make money by running a tip app, hosting shows, recording and re-selling the hosted shows, uploading and selling clips as well as photo galleries, cam-splitting, selling private social media access, and so much more.

Interested in becoming a Camsoda model?

Take a look at everything you have to know before you start.

how to make money with camsoda

How To Get Started On CamSoda?

Camsoda caters to performers of all genders and sexual orientations. While most performers on the site are predominantly girls, Camsoda also accepts males, transgenders, couples, and studio accounts.

In order to get started as a webcam model on Camsoda, you will need a few things including a pc or laptop, good webcam, high-speed internet, and a copy of photo ID to submit upon signing up.

Once your profile is approved and verified you can immediately go live with your shows.

The homepage streams are organized based on a “featured” measurement, therefore, the highest-rated models are high up on the top and it might take some time for you to push your way through.

How Does Camsoda Work (For Cam Girls)?

camsoda benefits for cam girls

Camsoda is a membership type of site that allows viewers to sign up for free and earn 50 tokens just by signing up.

However, this is a somewhat limited option and while members can still have access to decent videos for free, the real fun begins once a member gets their premium account.

With purchasing the premium account, a member will get 200 tokens upon signing up, however, should a member want to view content that needs to be unlocked by payment, they need to purchase and spend more tokens.

This way, a member will have access to their favorite performer for as long as they are spending tokens on their shows and content.

How Will You Be Making Money On CamSoda?

ways to make money on camsoda

There are many ways to make money on Camsoda, therefore, here are the type of shows you can host, perform, and sell as well as deals and other features you can utilize to earn money:

Live webcam shows.

The main focus of Camsoda are the live webcam shows and here are the several show types you can perform as a model:

Auto-Reset Tip Goal – this feature is ideal for when you want smaller goals to be reached over and over again.

For example, you can lose clothing once the tip goal is reached. Or if the goal is reached 5 times over, you can then bring out the toys, or do a bunch of other things you are comfortable with. The nature of your shows is directed by you.

Tip Menu – this feature is great for when you want everything that’s on the table to have a distinct price.

For example, if your viewers want you to lose clothing, there is a price determined by you for that. Or if your viewers want you to bring out the toys and perform, there is a price determined by you for that, too.

As long as you make sure to be very detailed and specific in your menu items, you could turn this into a very profitable type of show.

Golden Ticket – this is a great feature to use when you don’t want anyone to watch you without tipping.

You can utilize this feature to set an entry price that needs to be paid by the viewer to see your stream and you can even set a countdown timer so everyone has time to buy their tickets for the show.

Tip Goal – this is the feature you want to use when you have one simple objective for your show.

Selling clips and photos.

As a Camsoda performer, you will be able to upload clips and photos to your profile page that you can make available for free or decide a price on them for viewers to pay.

It is always recommendable to have a few clips or photo libraries made available for free so that the viewer can see a sample of your performance. Chances are that more viewers will want to buy from you if they enjoy the free content.


Camsoda is one of the platforms that support cam-splitting. Cam-splitting is the use of special software that makes it possible for the model to perform on multiple sites simultaneously and earn more money from different platforms.

Cam-splitting is generally used by models who do private-based shows, however, performers are also able to sit in public chat on multiple sites, until they get a private request.

Models can then do the private show on whatever platform it was requested on.

Referral program.

In addition to making money while performing on Camsoda, it is also possible for models to make money promoting the camming site. Their affiliate program pays a commission or a revenue share for all new customers you refer to the network.

CamSoda offers three different types of programs to promote:

Lifetime Revshare – Lifetime revenue sharing means that you will be earning a commission on all the tokens purchased by a customer that used your affiliate link to sign up to the network.

Pay-Per-Signup (PPS) – A commission is paid to the model after the new member has completed their first token purchase.

Pay-Per-Lead (PPL) – A small commission is paid for every verified signup that the affiliate refers.

official rules for selling adult content


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How Much Money Can You Earn Camming On CamSoda?

Like other camming sites I’ve previously talked about on this website, everything you earn on Camsoda is performance-based. That means there are no guaranteed earnings or an hourly wage.

However, since Camsoda is a very popular site with excellent traffic, it is safe to say that the earning potential here is good but at the end of the day, it is entirely up to you.

How many clients you bring to your chat, your content, your shows, and how well you promote yourself are the factors that contribute to how much money you earn.

Basically the more time you spend on cam, promoting your content, and interacting with your viewers will lead to higher earnings.

5 Tips For Being Successful On CamSoda

The truth is that nobody can predict how much money you will be making as a webcam model and whether you will be rolling in dough or not depends entirely on you.

Therefore, here are five tips that will help you be more successful on Camsoda and other camming platforms.

Update your profile page with relevant information.

Having a complete profile is something that makes a model stand out from the crowd and automatically attracts more viewers.

Having a good profile description where you add some interesting information about yourself will get you more people who will want to get to know you, interact with you, and spend their money on you.

Therefore, make sure to have a fully equipped profile pages where you can list your menu, pricing, as well as some basic information about the things you like.

Promote your account on social media.

Adult-friendly social media platforms such as Twitter, Tumblr, Patreon, and Snapchat are a good way to promote your Camsoda account and tease about new projects you plan on publishing on the site.

Additionally, you can also post sneak peeks of upcoming clips or simply photos of the toys you feel like playing with on the upcoming show.

Let your creativity run wild and chances are that you will get more of your followers to follow you to your chat room and sign up to see what you are up to.

Interact with viewers.

Interacting with your viewers is one important thing you need to consider before signing up on any camming site. You have to understand that people don’t just want to see you strip your clothes, they also want to feel important and noticed by their favorite model.

Therefore, don’t just treat your viewers as pay pigs because chances are you are going to lose some of them if you do not actively interact and give them something to look forward to until your next chat together.

Sell goodies for promotional prices.

Selling your clips and photo galleries on Camsoda is a feature that basically allows you to make money even while you’re not online.

Therefore, make sure to post clips and other media by promotional prices as well as provide your viewers with teasers and samples that will have them interested in seeing more of what you have to offer.

Have fun.

The best thing about having a career as a webcam model is that you get to have fun and flirt with people for money, amongst other things.

Therefore, make sure to always come in your chat room with a smile and make sure to let your viewers know that you are enjoying what you do instead of making it obvious that you are just in it for the money.

Nobody wants to spend money on someone that’s gonna make them feel used, and people who are paying are very quick to notice a dissatisfying service.

The rule is pretty simple: have some fun and earn money.

CamSoda FAQs

how to get started on camsoda

Here are some most frequently asked questions about Camsoda modeling:

How Much Do Models Earn on Camsoda?

Models are paid $.05 per token, however, models also have the ability to change what they charge for a private chat. The default for private is 30 tokens per minute ($1.50/min) and the default for spy shows is 12 tokens per minute per person ($.60/min per person).

Models are also able to perform in public working towards a tip goal or using a tip menu that indicates how many tokens are needed for each act.

How Often Does Camsoda Payout?

Camsoda payouts are made weekly with the minimum payout amount being $20. If a model doesn’t reach the minimum payout threshold, the payment will be put on hold until the model earns the required amount.

How Does Camsoda Payout?

Here are the following payout methods:

  • ACH / Direct Deposit – Minimum Payout: $20
  • Check – Minimum Payout: $20
  • Wire (Non-US Models) – Minimum Payout: $500
  • Paxum – Minimum Payout: $20

Any Better Alternatives To CamSoda?

Here are several other camming sites as well as video-sharing platforms you can make money with adult content:


Chaturbate is a camming platform that has been around for some time now and therefore, it has quite the accumulated traffic that’s gonna give you a chance to earn decent money.

It is popular, easy to use, models are treated fairly, and it has great earning potential.

Read my full article on how to make money on Chaturbate.


BongaCams is one of the leading camming sites on the internet that offers a ton of great features and different opportunities for webcam models to earn money.

BongaCams is a popular website and it has great traffic, both globally as well as in western countries like the USA. BongaCams caters to adult webcam models of all genders and sexual orientations, as well as couples and group/studio accounts.

Read my full article on how to make money on BongaCams.


LiveJasmin is a very popular camming site with great name recognition. The site brands itself as being more glamour-modeling and less “porny” than many other camming sites.

While LiveJasmin caters to webcam models of all genders and sexual orientations as well as couples and group/studio accounts, they are somewhat strict when it comes to keeping their high standard.

I highly recommend you to read my in-depth article on how to make money on LiveJasmin and find out some cool tips and tricks on how to succeed on this website.


OnlyFans is a social media platform that allows and supports the selling of adult content.

Many models on OnlyFans offer general tips such as fitness, cooking, makeup, however, you are more than welcome to post whatever porny content you decided to create and allow it to make you money even while you sleep.

Sounds interesting? It most certainly is, so don’t forget to read my full article on how to make money on OnlyFans for additional tips.


ManyVids is a platform similar to OnlyFans, however, the difference is that here you will find exclusively adult content from countless models and performers.

The process is simple: you sign up, upload a video, come up with a catchy title, and let it make you money even while you sleep. And, of course, I have an in-depth article that explains in great detail on how to earn money on ManyVidsso make sure you check that out!

NB: Before you go, be sure to check out my list of the 5 best sex toys for cam girls!

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