How To Make Money on BongaCams

After doing a ton of research for my 100 ways to make money sexually course, I came to the conclusion that camgirls absolutely dominate the internet nowadays, and this career can easily put your boring 9-5 office job to shame.

It’s fun, fast, easy, lucrative, entertaining, and it doesn’t suck the life out of you as most office jobs do, so why wouldn’t you want to do something like this for a living?

There are plenty of camming websites you can sign up for and start earning money from the moment you have your account approved, and today we are going to talk about yet another one of these moneymakers – Bongacams!

In this article, I will teach you all you need to know about how to make money on BongaCams as well as mention a few other things you need to know before signing up for this platform.

So, let’s dive right in.

how to make money on bongacams

What Is BongaCams?

BongaCams is one of the leading camming sites that offers many great features and different opportunities for performers to earn money.

BongaCams has good traffic both globally as well as in the Western countries and sometimes there are over 3,000 streamers online at peak hours.

BongaCams caters to adult webcam performers of all genders and sexual orientations and couples and group/studio accounts.

Signing up to become a performer is relatively easy and the one major requirement is to provide a digital copy of an ID card that confirms you are 18 or older upon signup.

All performers are required to submit digital copies of their photo ID, a snapshot of the face, and a snapshot where you hold your ID close to your face. Once your submission is approved, you are are ready to edit your profile and start broadcasting, selling your content, and earning money.

Let’s take a look at the different ways you can earn money on BongaCams.

bongacams review

How Much Money Can You Make On BongaCams?

Like most camming sites, everything you earn on BongaCams is performance-based. There are no guaranteed earnings. However, the earning potential is good.

How many clients you bring to your chat depends entirely on you, your content, your shows, and how well you promote yourself. Basically, the more time you spend on cam, promoting your content, and interacting with fans will lead to higher earnings.

Furthermore, BongaCams uses a token-based system, and performers earn a percentage of the revenue. There isn’t an hourly wage or a monthly salary; therefore, some performers make really good money and a full-time living while others just aren’t a good fit for the industry.

Let’s take a look at the different services you can provide on BongaCams.

✔️ Private Shows.

The Private Show feature allows you to communicate with your fans one-on-one and face-to-face. The private chat costs 60 tokens per minute which means that if a user spends 10 minutes in your private chat, you will make 600 tokens.

Additionally, the private chat closes automatically if the user runs out of tokens on their account. However, as a model, you can also decide to end the show at any time.

✔️ Full Private Shows.

Full private shows are very similar to the private chat mode, with the only difference being that it provides full confidentiality and does not allow other members to view your interaction with the fan you are chatting.

The cost of the full private chat is 90 tokens per minute, which means that if a user spends 10 minutes in your full private chat, you will make 900 tokens.

Additionally, the full private chat closes automatically if the user runs out of tokens on their account. However, as a model, you can also decide to end the show at any time.

✔️ Spy/Voyeur Shows.

Spy/Voyeur mode allows members to watch private chat and reads all the conversation; however, it does not allow them to participate in the conversation with the performer.

When you are engaged in a private chat with a user, other users will have the opportunity to “spy” on your chat at a lower price rate i.e. 15 tokens per minute.

Additionally, the chat will automatically close if the “spying” user runs out of tokens on their account.

✔️ Group Shows.

A group chat is a mode that allows for two or more users to be in your private chat room, and all participants in the chat can talk to the performer.

As a model, you can also start a group chats yourself and this type of chat costs 30 tokens per minute for each participant.

Although this is a significantly lower rate than usual, you can still make it profitable as there is always a good number of members in the group chat due to the small and appealing rate.

✔️ Public Shows.

Public shows can also be a profitable type of show even despite the many freeloaders that come in and do not intend to spend any money.

On the other hand, you will probably have a few other users that want to spend money on you and you can make these shows profitable by setting “tip goals” and playing with interactive sex toys.

With tip goals, a goal is indicated by the performer and the viewers all pitch in towards their goal. When the goal is met, the model performs the indicated type of show.

✔️ Interactive Camming Shows with Lovense.

Additionally, interactive sex toys are an absolute goldmine when it comes to public shows that host a bunch of freeloaders. By using interactive sex toys, the toy can be synced with the tipping system.

That way, the tips make the toy vibrate and different tip amounts stimulate different intensities of vibrations. This can be quite a show for your viewers and time well spent for you.

Have you seen that pink sex toy all camgirls use? Take a look at how fun it can be.

✔️ Content Sales and Gifts.

While BongaCams is primarily a camming site, this isn’t the only way to make money on this platform. As a performer, you can also generate income from selling additional content and receiving gifts from your fans.

When camming, you need to be online in order to earn money from your viewers, while utilizing the content feature can earn you money even while you sleep.

On BongaCams, you can also upload clips and photos and set your own price, as well as create a wish list so that your loyal fans and regular viewers can spoil you from time to time.

It only makes sense to monetize your content in as many ways as possible and in this way, your regular viewers will have the chance to get more of you even if they’ve missed your live show.

✔️ BongaCams Referral Program.

BongaCams also has its own referral program that allows you to make extra money by referring potential members to the platform. Here are the two ways you can do that:

PPL (Pay Per Lead): When someone signs up on BongaCams by using your affiliate link, you will get a commission anywhere between $2-$5 per free signup.

This means that the person has to verify their email address and no information about their credit card is required.

Revenue-share: This one is a more lucrative option for you as you will be receiving 25% of the money spent by a member that used your affiliate link to sign up to BongaCams.

Even if the money were spent on another performer, you would still earn 25% of everything.

How To Promote Your BongaCams Account & Gain Followers?

how to make money on bongacams

Like all social media sites, being active and engaging with your fans is the key to becoming a successful camgirl on BongaCams and earn more money.

Therefore, you need to make sure that people can find you on BongaCams, and what better way to do this than using social media to promote your services for free:

Promote Your Account on Twitter.

Twitter is one of the biggest and most adult-friendly social media platforms out there. Here, you can tease about new projects you plan on publishing on BongaCams.

Let’s say you’ve done a new photoshoot or created a new video; Twitter is definitely the place to publish sneak peeks and teasers in order to get more of your followers to sign up and see the entire collection.

Additionally, it doesn’t hurt to send out several Tweets before your next show and invite your followers to come and see what you are up to.

Promote Your Account on Snapchat.

Do you have a good Snapchat following? Sending a few teasers here and there will probably get more people interested in what you have to offer and they might follow you to your chat room where they can spend their money on you.

Update Your Profile.

And I cannot stress this enough because I am constantly seeing it happen in front of my eyes. Models that have “fully equipped” profile pages not only get 5 cents per token instead of 4, they also stand out from the crowd and automatically attract more viewers.

Having a complete profile adds you to the appropriate categories and lets potential customers learn more about you. This is important because nobody wants to feel like they are just throwing their money around and receiving the same treatment as everyone else.

Having a good profile description and some interesting information about yourself will get you more people who will want to get to know you, interact with you, and spend their money on you.

Site Tags & Categories.

This goes hand-in-hand with having a complete profile, however, it is also important and worth mentioning by itself. Having complete and accurate categories associated with your account will feature you in those categories.

Meaning, you get to do the things you enjoy which is the most important thing and you will also attract potential customers that are interested in the same things; therefore, there are fewer chances you will have to deal with someone who isn’t into the same things you are.

This not only contributes to enjoying your job even more, but it also allows you to interact with people that can become your regulars and get you even more money.

BongaCams FAQs.

Here are several frequently most asked questions about joining BongaCams:

How often does BongaCams payout?

BongaCams payouts are made weekly with the minimum payout amount being $50. If a model doesn’t reach the minimum payout threshold, the payment will be put on hold until the model earns the required amount.

How does BongaCams payout?

These are the following BongaCams payout methods:

  • Paxum (no fees)
  • ePayService (no fees)
  • WebMoney (3% fee)
  • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple (1.5% fee)
  • Check (USA models only – no fees)
  • Direct Deposit (USA models only – no fees)

Furthermore, BongaCams has a highly elaborate FAQ section that explains the most frequently asked questions by models in full detail.

3 Other Ways To Make Money Online (Besides BongaCams)

Camming aside, there are many other ways you can make money online with adult content. Here are some of them:


Sexting is a fun little activity you do before bed to kill time and, if it goes well, get yourself off.

However, on platforms such as Arousr and AdultFriendFinder, you can find real people that will pay money to get amped up in a chatroom with strangers, which can be an opportunity for you to earn money.

Selling Your Underwear.

Selling your used panties online is probably one of the easiest ways to make some side income. This can be a decent amount of money, or even something basic, however, the beauty of it is that it depends entirely on you.

Platforms like Sofia GraySnifffr, and PantyDeal allow you to upload photos of your used underwear and sell them to strangers that enjoy your scent.

Sell Homemade Porn.

Making money by selling your own porn has never been easier as it is these days. You can film your own porn from the comfort of your own home, and the only thing you need is a webcam and a colorful imagination.

This is really cool because you are in total control of the content you’re creating and you can also choose whether you want to show your face or keep it hidden. Chances are you will still earn money either way.

Selling amateur porn is just so easy these days. Sell porn, make money even while you sleep, and enjoy your life.