How To Make Money on

It’s no secret that camgirls dominate the internet and this career can easily put your boring 9-5 office job to shame.

It’s fun, fast, easy, and lucrative, so why wouldn’t you do it?

There are plenty of camming websites you can sign up for and start earning money as soon as your account approved. One in particular that caught my attention due to the sexy aesthetic, as well as various other interesting features, is LiveJasmin.

Today we will be talking about how to make money on LiveJasmin as well as mention a few other things you need to know before signing up for this platform.

How To Make Money On Live Jasmin

What is LiveJasmin?

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LiveJasmin is a very popular camming site with great name recognition. The site brands itself as being more glamour-modeling and less “porny” than many other camming sites.

While LiveJasmin accepts webcam models of all genders and sexual orientations and they even cater to couples and group/studio accounts, they are somewhat strict when it comes to keeping their high standards.

Anyone who is over 18 can join and once accepted, you can start performing on the camming site. Signing up is a little more complicated than regular camming sites as LiveJasmin tries to focus on expressing the model’s beauty, style, and creativity rather than sexuality.

They also have certain requirements when it comes to the type of profile picture models should and shouldn’t post, which you can read in detail by clicking here and here.

While this sounds a little strange, I am actually a fan of it and LiveJasmin does a good job in explaining that doing certain things according to their suggestion will result in more income for you.

On the other hand, if you’re not putting any effort into keeping it up, this may negatively affect your earning potential, as often models without any profile photos are placed towards the end of the online model list where traffic is significantly lower.

How Much Money Can You Make On LiveJasmin?

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As a model on LiveJasmin, you can earn money by providing the following services:

Adult webcam shows.

This service allows you to host public, private, and members-only shows. There are also VIP shows, which are a special show type that can bring you even more income than “regular shows”.

As a model, you can increase your earnings by utilizing features such as two-way audio where you can talk to your fans via the LiveJasmin mobile app and VibraToy, which is an interactive feature that allows members to control your VibraToy by moving their mouse during a show.

VibraToy uses Bluetooth to connect to your computer and is capable of multiple actions such as rotation or vibration. As a model, you can earn extra credit per minute by enabling this feature.

Premium fan club subscriptions.

As a LiveJasmin model, you can also run premium fan club subscriptions on your profile.

By selling premium fan clubs directly from your profile page, you can share your exclusive content with members that must pay the rebill that occurs every two weeks and earn a fixed 25% income on this service.

These are the available prices:

  • $4,99
  • $9,99
  • $14,99

Some prominent fan club features is that members can get access to your exclusive content, get a fan club badge, as well as send you messages on half the usual price.

Voice/Video call.

This service is available on the LiveJasmin phone app and it allows you to get paid by the minute for accepting voice and video calls.

Along with that, members will be able to send you paid messages as well as get access to the Snapchat-like feature where they can see your stories posted in the last 24 hours, which can also be premium or free.

The percentage models earn on LiveJasmin is based on a tiered system. The system resets itself every pay period or every 1st and 15th of the month.

The lowest tier you can earn is 30% and the highest tier is 60%. Now, in order to reach the 60% tier, you must be earning at least $2,500 per pay period ($5,000 per month).

Referral program.

LiveJasmin also offers a referral program for registered webcam models. By using your referral link to get new customers to sign up, you can earn an additional 20% based on everything they spend.

Even if the member who signed up using your referral link spends money on another model, you will still earn the 20% off everything they spend.

How To Promote Your LiveJasmin Account?

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Like all social media sites, being active and engaging with your fans is the key to becoming a successful camgirl on LiveJasmin and earn more money.

Therefore, you need to make sure that people can find you on LiveJasmin and what better way to do this than using social media to promote your services for free:

Promoting your content on Twitter.

Twitter is one of the biggest and most adult-friendly social media platforms out there. Here, you can tease about new projects you plan on publishing on LiveJasmin.

Let’s say you’ve done a new photoshoot or created a new video, Twitter is definitely the place to publish sneak peeks and teasers in order to get more of your followers to sign up and see the entire collection.

Promoting your content on Instagram.

Instagram is a place where you want to thread a bit more carefully when it comes to promoting your adult content.

There have been a plethora of users that had their accounts banned for silly reasons, therefore, if you plan on posting sneak peeks or teasers that suggest sexually explicit content, you will probably want to make sure these respect Instagram’s policies.

This means that you have to censor content that contains nudity, however, posting a sexy sneak peek is definitely allowed and will probably serve the purpose of letting your fans know about your upcoming content or live videos on LiveJasmin.

LiveJasmin FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are several frequently most asked questions about joining LiveJasmin:

How often does LiveJasmin payout?

Each month consists of two payment periods; the first period of the month that lasts from the 1st until the 15th and the second period of the month that lasts from the 16th until the last day of the month.

The minimum payout amount required is $100.

LiveJasmin also allows immediate payout, meaning you can withdraw your payment at the Payout Overview section a few business days after the calendar period ends, however, note that you will be charged 1% of the payout minimum.

How does LiveJasmin payout?

LiveJasmin offers several cashout methods:

  • Check (USA)
  • Paxum
  • ACH / Direct Deposit
  • Wire Transfer
  • SEPA
  • ePayService
  • WebMoney

How much does LiveJasmin pay their newest models?

As a beginner model, it is unlikely that you will start earning high amounts of income. LiveJasmin has a rate they charge members to go in a private room with new models, which amounts to $0.98 per minute.

The model earns 35% of that, which doesn’t result in much. However, this rate is set by the studio and it remains in effect for either 1 or 2 weeks.

But you can actually use this time smartly instead of making the mistake many models do staying offline during this time period because they consider it to be a ripoff.

This amount is basically a discounted price, meaning after the promotional period, you can set your own price per minute. But don’t let the discounted price put you down.

You can always take advantage of this and use the time to make contact with as many potential clients as you can because chances are, these customers will become your regulars even after the price goes higher if you know how to attract them and keep them interested.

Don’t forget that most customers want to build some sort of connection with you before dropping their money on you, therefore, you need to use your charm and personality to build that connection with them and gain potential regulars that will gladly spoil you in the future.

3 Other Ways To Make Money Online (Besides LiveJasmin)

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Here are three other ways to make money online with adult content:


Sexting is a fun little activity you do before bed to kill time and, if it goes well, get yourself off.

However, on platforms such as Arousr and AdultFriendFinder, you can find real people that will pay money to get amped up in a chatroom with strangers, which can be an opportunity for you to earn money.

NB: Read my article on how to make money sexting on Arousr.

Selling Your Underwear.

Selling used panties online is probably one of the easiest ways to make some side income. This can be a decent amount of money, or even something basic, however, the beauty of it is that it depends entirely on you.

Platforms like…

…allow you to upload photos of your used underwear and sell them to strangers that enjoy your scent.

Sell Homemade Porn.

Making money with selling your own porn has never been easier as it is these days. You can film your own porn from the comfort of your own home and the only thing you need is a webcam and a colorful imagination.

This is really cool because you are in total control of the content you’re creating and you can also choose whether you want to show your face or keep it hidden. Chances are you will still earn money either way.

Selling amateur porn is just so easy these days. Sell porn, make money even while you sleep, and enjoy your life.

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