Hustler Hollywood Sex Toys Review

If you have been on the lookout for new sex toys, stop right here because today, I have a new website for you to check out!

After doing some research on different websites and comparing different sex toy prices, I discovered HustlerHollywood, a sex toy retailer that has been around the block for quite some time now.

Therefore, this article will be my thorough HustlerHollywood sex toys review and you will read about the company, the toys and accessories they sell, their shipping policy, and a few other bits and pieces that you need to know before checking them out.

hustler hollywood sex toys

What Is HustlerHollywood?

HustlerHollywood is a sex toy retailer that has been operating as a part of an empire build by American publisher Larry Flynt ever since 1998.

They pride themselves on offering a sophisticated retail experience for anyone who is sexually curious and wants to take explore their curiosity a step further.

On the HustlerHollywood website, you will find a wide selection of sex toys and other erotic accessories such as lingerie, adult games, adult books, gifts, etc.

They also offer a 15% discount on your first order when you sign up for their newsletter, so don’t ignore that little pop-up message if you are on the hunt for a new sex toy and want to save money.

But besides an online store, they also have physical stores in many locations in the US, and they also constantly organize and host events, pleasure parties, game nights, and more, where you can get involved with like-minded individuals, share tips, learn something new, and expand your horizons.

HustlerHollywood Sex Toys

hustler hollywood sex toys review

Since their primary focus are sex toys, rest assured there is a huge choice in this category, so you will definitely need some time to list through everything.

HustlerHollywood offers clitoral, anal, and vaginal vibrators and dildos. They stock some popular sex toy brands such as:

(All at a great price compared to some other websites).

But besides that, they also have their own sex toys which are sold at a very affordable price and are found in the “sales” category where you can get them for even cheaper.

Additionally, besides conventional sex toys, HustlerHollywood also stocks alternative sex toys and accessories, including restraints, blindfolds, gags, collars and leashes, paddles and whips, bondage kits, medical kink kits, etc.

And lastly and most interestingly – they also stock a decent variety of sex furniture and sex machines at quite an affordable price.

While doing my research I ran into the same-sex machine that cost up in the thousands on other websites, while HustlerHollywood sells it for $800.

So, this sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

HustlerHollywood Lingerie

hustler hollywood lingerie

Their lingerie category is also something that surprised me because whenever I see a sex toy website with this category I don’t expect much from it.

Websites that are focused on selling sex toys usually have a few pairs of sexy underwear, gowns, or babydolls, and maybe a few other stuff that isn’t that eye-catching.

However, HustlerHollywood excels in this category too and they have a huge variety of different items including bras, bustiers, corsets, chemises, gowns, underwear, hosiery, roleplay costumes, dancer wear, and even men’s section and plus size lingerie that includes a decent choice of different items.

I’ve never bought underwear from a sex toy store before, however, I have a couple of items from HustlerHollywood’s website in my shopping cart.

The prices are also not crazy at all. The two babydolls that caught my eye are under $40 and so are a couple of different lingerie sets.

HustlerHollywood Enhancers & Lubes

HustlerHollywood’s enhancers and lubes section also didn’t disappoint and here I found a decent variety of water-based, silicone-based, flavored lubes, special hybrid lubes for anal play, clitoral stimulants, oral sex enhancers, and supplements.

But besides that, they also have delay creams and sprays that will help your sexual pleasure last longer as well as some bath and body self-care items, massage oils, and scented candles within a reasonable price.

Lastly, they also have antibacterial toy cleaners that come in a spray form so that it makes the cleaning process much shorter and easier.

But the one item from this category that got my attention is the UV Sterilized Pouch that helps with proper sex toy cleaning and maintenance.

Basically, this is a 10-inch pouch where you will leave your sex toy to be disinfected for 3 minutes after using and cleaning it manually with an antibacterial solution or spray.

The UV light in this sterilizing system will eliminate various pathogens, bacteria, spores, fungi, mold, and even viruses.

It’s super convenient and easy to use, you just need to place your sex toy inside and press the button.

Hustler Hollywood Accessories & Gifts

This is one of the most fun categories on the website and there are lots of things to choose from!

In the accessories section, you will find a variety of adult books on kink for beginners, bondage basics, hottest sex positions to try, coloring books for fun, love notes, etc.

Additionally, you will also find a few storage cases where you can safely keep all your sex toys.

But one thing that caught my eye from this category is HustlerHollywood’s Warming Case where you can place your sex toys to be warmed up before playing with them.

Sensory play may be one thing but I bet we can all agree cold sex toys can be a mood killer sometimes so if you want something practical to make your toys feel better, you must check out this accessory.

Then there’s the “gifts” category where you will find fun party packs and individual gifts such as sexy card games, coupons, scratch-offs, a box of dares, board games, erotic dices, truth or dare games, g-strings, nipple tassels, and cock rings made out of candy, lollipop ball gag, and so many other interesting things that you can buy for yourself and your partner or as a gift or a prank for someone else.

HustlerHollywood Shipping Policy

HustlerHollywood offers free shipping on orders over $79.

This is also a chance for me to remind you that they will give you a 15% discount on your first order as soon as you sign up for their newsletter so don’t ignore that pop-up message on their store as this will allow you to buy more products for a discounted price.

Currently, they don’t ship internationally; only ship to the US and Canada.

This is something that will hopefully change in the near future.

Their shipping is also super fast and you should expect to receive your products in 2-3 business days after placing your order.

Does HustlerHollywood Offer Discreet Shipping?

Yes, you will receive your order in an unmarked brown box with a return label that says:

LFP ECommerce, LLC and nothing else on it.

HustlerHollywood Return Policy

HustlerHollywood has a return policy of 30 days and they will also give you a full refund back if you are eligible for it.

Basically, due to the nature of their business, they only accept returns if the item has been unopened and unused.

Obviously, the item has to be returned in its original packaging for you to be eligible for a full refund.