How To Make Money Selling Feet Pictures

There are three possible things you might be thinking after reading the title of this article:

  • That’s gross.
  • That sounds interesting.
  • Is this shit for real?

Believe it or not, that shit is real and selling pictures of your feet online can actually provide you with some side income.

Now, I am not going to tell you that you are standing on piles of cash if you are a proud owner of nice-looking feet, but hey, money is money, right?

After doing a little bit of research, I actually found out that the demand is high for pictures of nice-looking feet and wherever there is a demand, someone is doing it and earning money from it.

So how much money can you make from selling feet pics online and more importantly – how do you sell feet pic online? Let’s dive right into this article that will answer your burning questions.

how to make money selling pictures of your feet

Can You Make Money Selling Feet Pictures Online?

Short answer – Yes, you can. Turns out, there is quite a demand for feet pic on the market as there are millions of people that love feet and are willing to pay for pictures of healthy and attractive looking feet or whatever tastes different people might have.

Truth it that people like to see things that are tailored to their taste in general, so people willing to pay to see feet they like aren’t any different.

How Much Should You Charge For Feet Pictures?

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Many feet lovers are paying anywhere from $5, $20, $50 or even more for feet pictures and videos.

Therefore, it is important that you have a base price for the first photo and then you can add an additional cost per additional photo. People that want to buy your feet pics may often want to get in touch in order to “negotiate” or request a custom order.

Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you will receive payment offers in exchange for “doing stuff” with your feet. At the end of the day, it depends on you whether you want to accept these offers, however, this may be a potentially good money maker.

For example, you can charge $10 for the first photo you shoot out to a buyer and set an additional price of $5 for each additional custom photo.

On the other hand, you can also choose to do videos, which will obviously come at a higher price point, depending on the content. For example, you could charge $15 for the first minute and then $5 for each additional minute.

If you are willing to go down the road of accepting custom content, you can also charge extra for requests and exclusivity and you can even set a minimum amount of minutes.

You don’t want to be wasting your time by making two-minute videos when you can set a minimum amount of (10-15-20) minutes and charge as much as you want.

It is also very important to communicate with buyers, especially when it comes to custom content and find out what the buyer wants to see and how much are they willing to pay for it.

If the buyer wants an exclusive set of photos or videos that will only belong to them, you can do a photoshoot with their username, name, or whatever they want to be addressed as on a piece of paper and stick it between your toes.

You can also get creative and send pictures of bare feet, feet in stilettos, feet in stockings, videos of applying nail polish or even take requests of what polish color would your buyer want to see you apply.

If your buyer wants an exclusive video content of your feet, you can still play around with calling their name or teasing them in many different ways with your feet.

Exclusivity comes with a price, therefore, since you will not be making extra money by selling the same content to someone else, it is fair that you charge a bit more than the usual.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Pictures of Your Feet Online?

how to make money with feet pictures

This entirely depends on how much the people interested in seeing your feet are willing to pay. It is totally the buyer’s choice and there is no specific number here.

I’ve heard from girls that are making around $100 monthly and I’ve also heard from girls that are making $1000+ a month while I was doing my research.

However, it is up to you how good you can market yourself and the product you want to sell. This market is flooded with other sellers, therefore, you need to know what sets you apart from everyone else.

Do you have super long toes and the ability to pick things with them? Are you able (and willing) to lick your own toes on camera? That’s a good seller that can possibly make you stand out and get paid to fulfill someone’s fantasy.

Also, people pay special attention to toes, soles, as well as the feet’s arches, therefore, you need to treat your feet like the money-maker they are and invest in pumice stones to keep them looking fresh, clean, and soft, as well as make sure your nails are clipped and clean in general.

The Best Feet Picture Buying & Selling Sites to Join

The internet is a goldmine of websites where you can sign up for free and start uploading your content and promoting yourself. Let’s take a look at the best places where you can sell your feet pics:

Twitter & Instagram

Sellers get the most engagement on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram thanks to hashtags. These platforms allow you to build your following which is essentially an audience interested in your content.

Therefore, you can easily promote yourself here, follow other accounts, see what other sellers are up to, pick up a few tips and tricks, and learn how to market the product you want to sell.

You should also keep in mind that Instagram doesn’t allow porn or adult content accounts, therefore you want to keep your texts, hashtags, and pictures under the “parental guidance” category.

It is also common for “fake buyers” to get upset if you don’t give them free content and report your account, in which case communication skills of calming the situation down can come in handy as well as patience when learning how to deal with fake buyers.

Kik & Snapchat

Kik and Snapchat are texting apps where you can share your photos with the followers you’ve acquired through social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

It’s also a great idea to offer your Snapchat to buyers who purchase over a certain amount so that you can tease them with your content and get creative in ways to earn money.

As far as Kik goes, you can search for “feet” in the group section and look for people interested in P2P (pay to play).


OnlyFans is a social network platform that allows camgirls, porn stars, and other adult models to sell premium subscriptions and make money from their content.

The subscription fee helps to establish a sense of privacy and control for users of the platform and the subscriber has to keep paying a monthly rate which is set by the creator in order to keep viewing their content without any interruption.

On OnlyFans, you can add anything from photo libraries of non-restricted content, videos, etc.

Read my full article on How to make money on OnlyFans


LoyalFans is formerly known as NexoCams and it is one of the many platforms for monetizing content. This is primarily done through premium fan club subscriptions, however, it can also be done through camming, locked content, paid messaging and more.

The platform’s primary focus is premium fan club subscriptions, however, you can also earn income by selling your videos, photos, audios, GIFs, and private messaging.


JustForFans is another adult-friendly platform for selling premium subscription services.

In addition to running a fan club on your profile, as a performer, you can also make money from selling clips and texting with your fans, which is an ideal way to communicate with buyers about custom content and get paid even while texting.

The site’s primary focus is adult fan clubs, which you will be able to sell on your profile. If a user wants to access the content you upload to the site, they must pay the monthly subscription fee determined by you.

In order to keep accessing the content, they have to keep paying the monthly renewal fee and the more subscribers you get, the more monthly income you will earn.


BentBox is a platform for selling content in “Boxes”. These boxes usually contain a mixture of photos, multiple videos, multiple audio content, and other media.

BentBox makes it easy for members to request custom boxes. When a customer sees your profile page, a tab for custom content is also displayed.

Once they click on it, they will see the BentBox messaging system and this can be used to discuss and negotiate the custom content request.


InstaFeet is a fairly new website dedicated solely to buying and selling feet pictures. InstaFeet is a subscription-based service where users pay as much as $20 a month in order to see cute feet pics.

The more subscribers you get as a seller, the more money you can potentially make on this platform.

For example, if you get five subscribers, you can potentially make $90 a month (5 subscribers X $20 = $100 minus 10% [$10] for Instafeet = $90).

It sounds like a sweet deal for me.

Final Words

Selling feet pics online is definitely something you can turn into a business that will be bringing you some side income on a monthly basis.

Again, there are a lot of sellers out there, therefore, this requires some work and hustling when it comes to getting out there and getting people to find out about you, however, it is not something that you should discard simply because of the fear you will not be successful at it.

Even if it brings you an extra $50 a month, it is still a success with the potential to grow, in my opinion.

Let me know how did you like this article? Are you thinking about getting into the selling feet pics business? Or this is something you will pass for now?

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