How To Make Money on

In this article, I will talk about a new and interesting webcam platform for cam girls called MegaCams.Me.

I will explain how to make money on MegaCams, what kind of shows you can host, how to increase your traffic, mistakes to avoid doing, etc.

But before all that, let’s see what this platform is about:

how to make money on megacams

What is MegaCams?

MegaCams is a major camming affiliate that has crossed over into the content sales world with the beta launch of their redesigned site.

Previously, MegaCams was known for displaying live models across various cam sites, including BongaCams, Chaturbate, LiveJasmin, etc., and featuring a search function to help viewers find the model they want to connect with on any site.

With the new changes, MegaCams aims to bring their existing traffic to models that can monetize content directly on the site.

This means that all content found on MegaCams is used by affiliate agreement with the specific cam site in question.

For example, if you work with Chaturbate, MegaCams has an agreement with them to use their content and software to promote your show and make you more money.

As this is a beta launch, MegaCams is looking for models interested in providing feedback throughout the process.

How does MegaCams get your data?

All data is sent to MegaCams by API (set of functions that allow MegaCams to utilize the functionality of the original cam site), of which the platform promotes to the Megacams Members so they can go to the original cam site and purchase tokens to tip you in your show.

This means all opt-in models will be promoted on the MegaCams platform, and any traffic interested in your show will click directly through to it.

Read more about it here.

megacams review

How To Get Started on MegaCams?

As a model, you can upload content, customize your profile and communicate directly with fans once you claim your profile via fan-sign.

To verify your account, you have to fill in a verification form and then send it along with a picture of you holding a fan-sign (paper with written on it).

This is proof that you are a real cam model and you are not using someone else’s content for profit.

The fan-sign picture is usually placed as the first picture on your profile. You will receive an email with a username and password to edit your profile in one business day.

You can start the verification process here.

how to get started on megacams

How Does MegaCams Work?

Much like any other camming site, MegaCams has a similar service model. Basically, all you need to do is create your profile, update a few things, set up your preferred payment methods, go live, start interacting with viewers and make money.

But besides that, here are a few cool features that MegaCams provides for their performers:

Geo-blocking feature

If you don’t want people from a specific area to find your profile, you can easily use the geo-blocking feature to block certain locations.

You can access the geo-blocking feature via your settings dashboard once you create your profile.

DMCA takedown available

If you want your content removed, you can file a DMCA complaint that will then be reviewed, and the content will be removed if the complaint is valid.

You can do this if you want to quit camming altogether or if you see that someone is unlawfully using and redistributing your content.

But besides that, Live cam performers that weren’t online in the last 6 months are automatically removed from the MegaCams website.

Give your feedback

MegaCams also has a “wall” of a sort where you can give your feedback on anything if you are a registered user/performer.

The good thing is that they also listen to complaints and suggestions very well because I saw that someone asked for the possibility to be paid in bitcoin, and MegaCams made it happen.

Another user complained about the platform using a term towards the trans community they weren’t comfortable with. MegaCams quickly changed the name of that category to improve the user’s experience.

Earn as much money as you possibly can

Basically, there isn’t a set amount that you can earn, which can be both good and bad because, for one, you will have to hustle for your money and nobody guarantees that you will earn anything but, on the other hand, you could be earning thousands a month, which easily makes camming a dream job.

No fixed hours

It’s obviously important to note that the longer you stay active, the more money you will earn; however, this isn’t always the case, especially if you have a loyal following paying extra for private shows.

But the point is that you aren’t tied up with an agreement that demands you to stay active for a certain amount of time every day or so.

You can log in whenever you want, and you can stay for however long you want.

However, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the peak hours when the platform has the highest number of active users as this is your best-earning opportunity, so try to be logged in during these times.

How To Make Money on MegaCams?

making money on megacams

Here are a few different ways that you can make money on MegaCams:

Live shows

Live shows are basically free shows where you will be paid based on tips that visitors give during the show.

Private shows

As a model on MegaCams, you can also change the status of your chatroom to private.

Private means that a viewer will need to pay per minute to see your show. In private shows, the viewer that pays for it is the only one seeing you.

While private shows may seem a little intimidating at first, and you may think that this is how you will waste your time and earn very little, there are actually a few ways to maximize your earnings in private shows.

For example, you can charge more for private shows instead of giving a lower rate to encourage more spenders.

Remember that the viewer who’s paying for the private show may very well “book you” for longer if you give them a lower rate, and this will inevitably result in smaller earnings.

Therefore, charge as much as you think you deserve and don’t get caught in the race to the bottom. If a viewer is willing to pay a higher rate – that’s great, and if they aren’t, you can still do your live shows uninterrupted.

Up-sell is another great option to increase your earnings from private shows. You can charge more to use particular toys, to change outfits, or perform specific acts.

List your up-sells in your profile because it’s important to be up-front about the extra charges before a viewer takes you to a private chatroom.

Nobody likes a surprise charge; however, if they are aware of this up-front, they can choose whether they want it or not.

Here are a few other ways to maximize your earnings during private shows.

Selling photos and videos

As a MegaCams performer, you will be able to upload clips and photos to your profile page that you can make available for free or decide a price on them for viewers to pay.

It is always recommendable to have a few clips or photo libraries made available for free so that the viewer can see a sample of your performance. Chances are that more viewers will want to buy from you if they enjoy the free content.

MegaCams Payouts

Here is how MegaCams payouts work:

Does MegaCams cost money to join?

Joining MegaCams is completely free of charge; however, the platform makes 50% percent of your total earnings.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

MegaCams payouts are done every other week, and the minimum withdrawal amount is €50.

MegaCams payout methods:

  • Paxum (€1 fee)
  • SEPA (€1 fee)
  • ACH transfer (€5 fee)
  • International check (€10 fee)
  • International wire (€25 fee)
  • Bitsafe (crypto) (no fees)

3 Tips For Being Successful On MegaCams

how to be successful on megacams

Here are three tips on how to be a successful webcam model and attract more viewers on MegaCams:

Update your profile

Having an updated and descriptive bio or profile is one of the most important things to make you stand out from the crowd and automatically attract more viewers.

A good profile description is where you can add some interesting information about yourself that will surely attract more people who will want to get to know you due to similar interests.

Many viewers/clients are looking for particular things; therefore, you want to make it as clear as possible what you are about, the services you offer, the kind of shows and performances you host, and what a client can expect from you in a private room.

Therefore, make sure to have a fully equipped profile page where you can list your menu, pricing, as well as some basic information about the things you like.

Interact with viewers

Interacting with your viewers is an important thing you need to consider before signing up on any camming site.

You have to understand that people don’t just want to see you strip your clothes; they also want to feel important and noticed by their favorite model.

Therefore, don’t just treat your viewers as pay pigs because chances are you are going to lose some of them if you do not actively interact and give them something to look forward to until your next chat together.

Besides that, nobody likes people who are faking being nice, especially for the money. So it is important to love or at least like and enjoy what you do because this will surely translate in the way you interact with your viewers.

And trust me, people are very quick to pick up on fake niceness, especially when it’s their money that’s in play.

It is important to be friendly and polite, and genuine before all. Nobody wants to throw their hard-earned money on someone who doesn’t care about them, acts disinterested, or is downright rude. This is a recipe for failure.

Promote yourself on social media

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are the best ways to advertise your profile and gain new viewers.

Try to attract new viewers by being active on the platforms, posting teasers and suggestive posts, interacting with people, engaging in conversations, inviting people to your chatroom, talking to other models, getting new ideas on how to improve and make your content more engaging, asking for suggestions from your social media followers on what they would like to see in your chatroom, etc.

Check out my article on how to become a webcam model for more tips on how to start and be successful in this business.