How To Make Money On StripChat (As A Cam Model)

StripChat is an adult camming site powered by the same team behind the ultra-popular porntube XHamster.

The platform accepts female, male, transgender, couples, and gay couples as models, and they offer competitive pay, weekly payouts, covered chargebacks, and a variety of ways to earn money with your adult content.

Here are all the details you need to know before starting your career as a webcam model on StripChat:

make money on stripchat

How to Become a Model on StripChat?

Creating a Model account on StripChat is really easy and can be accomplished in a few simple steps.

First, click on this link that will take you to the model signup page.

Next, you need to enter a username and the email you wish to associate your account with. Make sure to type your username and email correctly as they are bound together, and a mistake at this stage could result in you not being able to change either of them in the future.

The email address you submit is also very important because a unique, single-use account password will be sent to this address, which you will need to change immediately after logging in for the first time.

After filling in the relevant information, you will be given StripChat’s Terms and Conditions, and once you read them (highly recommended), you need to click on the button that says I Want to Earn Money.

This will conclude stage one of the registration.

From there, you need to get your single-use password that has been sent to your email and log in to the site. Don’t forget to immediately change the password as soon as you are logged in.

After this, the Models Signup Wizard will guide you step by step through the rest of the signup process.

The only requirements to become a Model on StripChat are to be at least 18 years of age and submit a government-issued ID document for verification purposes.

stripchat model sign up page
CLICK HERE to sign up (as a cam model) on StripChat.

What Kind of Content is Allowed on StripChat?

StripChat allows you to broadcast and produce flirty or sexual content within the law’s limits, rules, and regulations.

For example, you are not allowed to produce content that involves minors, non-registered individuals, animals, drug usage, insinuation, or display of violence, blood, or any other unsafe and extreme activity involving such things.

But besides that, as a model on StripChat, there are a few rules you must follow, including doing only live broadcasts instead of video recordings, selecting the appropriate type of show based on participants before starting, and informing the users when you are about to walk out of the room during a broadcast.

There are a few more rules which are explained in more detail on StripChat’s blog.

How Can You Earn Money on StripChat?

The earning potential on StripChat is significant, but as often as the case is with webcam platforms, everything is performance-based, and models get as much out of it as they put into it.

Having the best quality feed, looking your best on cam, having creative and interesting shows, doing extra promotion on social media platforms, and having a great personality all impact profitability.

As a model on StripChat, you will make 5 cents per token ($5 every 100 tokens), and here are all the ways you can earn money on this platform:

stripchat homepage

Live Webcam Shows

The primary focus of Stripchat is live camming, and there are different types of shows that you can perform on here, including public shows, private shows, spy shows, and cam2cam.

Different shows generate revenue in different ways. Here is a description of the different show types.

Public shows are open to everyone, and the most common ways to make money out of them are by setting tip goals and performing certain types of shows after the goal had been reached, tip menus that will indicate how much a user should tip you to be able to watch your public show, tip games, and interactive sex toys that will require users to tip you for the toys to vibrate.

Private shows where a user can pay you a certain number of tokens determined by you to watch your show without interference from other users. Private shows are usually charged by the minute.

Spy chat is an option that allows other users to see what is happening during the Private Show, but they cannot directly chat with you and can only watch the show that is performed during that time. Spy chats are usually priced at 8 tokens per minute, but they can go up to 12 tokens per minute, depending on what you choose.

Cam2Cam is a special kind of private show where the customer can turn on the webcam and the microphone and interact with you. Other users can’t spy on cam2cam shows as they can do on private shows. You can set the rate for cam2cam shows in the settings area.

Tips For Your Shows

Members are allowed to send tokens in the form of tips during public shows. They tip models as a sign of appreciation for them sharing their shows and answering requests. Users are not required to tip models. It’s optional.

Group Shows & Ticket Shows

Group Shows are like Private Shows, but an unlimited number of people can join. You decide the price that users pay per minute, and once set, you can announce the start of your Group Show right away or in 10 minutes. Users can either reserve a spot before the show starts or join once it has already begun.

On the other hand, Ticket Shows are like Group Shows but with a fixed price instead of a per-minute rate. You set the price and announce the Ticket Show 5 minutes before. Users will then book their spot with their tips in your room.

If you set a price of 100 tokens, for example, users that send you up to that amount of tokens with their tips will already have their place for the show.

Fan Clubs

A Fan Club is a subscription service that you can set up anytime to get passive income every month from your loyal fans.

There are 3 different subscription tiers available and what the user gets by signing up for each one is entirely up to you. You can get super creative with this option and sell packages with different content for a different price.

Depending on which one they sign up to, they will have a different distinctive badge in your room, and you will get a different quantity of tokens per month.

Adult Content

Another way to generate passive income with StripChat is to create photo and video albums and sell them individually or in packages.

This is a great option because you don’t need to be performing online to earn money, and you can get your payments even while you’re sleeping.

You can charge anywhere from 1 token to 499 tokens for each album, and you can create as many albums as you want with different names and prices.

Referral Program

And lastly, you can also earn money through StripChat’s Referral Program, which allows you to share your referral link with your social media followers and earn an extra 20% when they sign up through your link and spend tokens on you.

StripChat Payouts

stripchat token system chart

Here’s how StripChat payouts work:

Does StripChat cost money to join?

Joining StripChat as a model is absolutely free of charge; however, the platform does take a commission for hosting and maintenance; therefore, you will be getting a little over 55% on all earnings.

Models are always paid the same amount ($0.05) per token. Therefore, the percentage paid to you will depend on the package purchased by the customer.

Here’s how StripChat’s token system work.

StripChat payment methods

StripChat payouts can be done via:

  • ePayService
  • Paxum
  • Cosmo Payment (for immediate payments)
  • ACH/Direct Transfers
  • Checks
  • Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies,
  • International Wire Transfers
  • EUR Wire Transfers (SEPA)

As a webcam model with StripChat, you will be receiving your payouts weekly (on Tuesdays) when using ePayService and Paxum, and bi-weekly when using wire transfers or checks.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

StripChat payouts are only made once the minimum payout amount has been reached. Here’s the minimum amount required for different payout methods:

  • ePayService, Paxum, Cosmo Payment, Bitcoin, and Etherium: $50
  • International wire transfer: $500
  • EUR wire transfer (SEPA), ACH/Direct Payments and Check: $100

5 Advantages of Using StripChat

Here are five advantages of using StripChat:

Work whenever you want

StripChat won’t give you set working hours, and you can decide for yourself when and how long you want to broadcast for. However, the platform does recommend their models be active during evening hours, especially during the week.

You can earn extra money by winning bonus cash

All models on StripChat have the chance to win bonus cash every 3 hours!

Up to 8 times a day, you can win for having the largest amount of tokens earned. You can check the actual details of the contest here.

There are also monthly contests with much higher awards of up to $20,000.

You can improve your StripScore and generate more traffic

StripChat has an exclusive system that backs your ranking through their site named StripScore.

Your StripScore is determined on various parameters that are all show and profile-related. You can improve your StripScore to rank higher on the model list and get more traffic in your room during a broadcast.

A few simple ways to improve your StripScore are:

  • Set a schedule so that your customers know when they can watch your shows.
  • Create photo and video albums with extra content for your customers.
  • Complete your profile description with fun and engaging information about the things you like.
  • Create your tip menu.
  • Be dynamic, engage with clients, and always be polite.

Here is a more comprehensive guide on how to improve your StripScore.

You can block countries from seeing your profile

StripChat has a geoblocking feature that allows you to block specific countries from finding your profile and seeing your content.

To enable this feature, you need to go to your Settings and Privacy menu and look for Banned Countries.

However, bear in mind that if a user is using a VPN, they will still be able to find your content.

You can ban/mute unwanted guests

Besides banning entire countries, you can also ban individual users from seeing your content.

To do this, you need to find the option to ban them, which is located next to a viewer’s comment.

When you click on it, a box will appear with a question to confirm the action. Double-check the viewer’s name to make sure you are banning the right one, and then click OK.

If you ever want to unban a viewer, this option is also available to you and can be found under the Banned Users menu.

By default, Guest users are not allowed to make comments or chat in the models’ room. You can adjust your default chat settings in your broadcasting page > My Show Controls.

Quite easy and convenient!