5 Adult Content Services You Can Sell On Twitter

OK, I am not there yet, with just 700 followers, but I really feel there is a lot to (l)earn out there on Twitter, a social medium I hardly knew anything about a few months ago.

But when building a profile (especially in the sex worker industry) you need a Twitter account. This is because the other platforms do not allow nude or any other type of erotic content.

But I am getting the hang of it, even though I for sure could spend much more time on there, connecting with people, asking for retweeting, and growing.

Because that is what it is all about on Twitter, growing your audience!

That is the only thing that will make your profile interesting, for retweeting, for following, and for earning money.

And I have figured a few things out, how to sell, how to make a nice income. I have written a few suggestions down.

adult content you can sell on twitter


When you have reached 700 followers, like me, you for sure will have a message in your inbox almost every day from someone who wants to be friends.

It is truly beautiful that an Egyptian engineer, a Latin plumber, and a Chinese chef want to become friends with you, but obviously, they will waste your time. Because they want to look at your pussy and boobs without paying a cent.

But me thinking about making some money on this platform I do chat a bit with them… about where I live, about the weather.

I am always trying to find some kind of connection because you never know if this Egyptian engineer is an actual billionaire.

But most of them aren’t billionaires, unfortunately… So, if they ask for more time to chat or even Skype I check if they are into using WhatsApp or any other platform and then obviously at a cost.

I haven’t been that lucky to find someone who wants to pay me directly like this, but I am growing my followers, so who knows!


Dirty panties or sweaty running tops, there are guys out there, or maybe even girls, who will get horny for smelling your dirt. Yes really!

So once your crowd is growing bigger you might want to post a Tweet showing that your dirt is actually quite good, that it will change one’s life tremendously, and that the good news is that you are happy to sell!

The only struggle with this is that you actually physically have to send your stuff to someone. In a box or in a bag? I haven’t figured that out yet.

Me being in Africa and most of my followers in the Northern Hemisphere I am not even going to try. But there is obviously some real money that you can earn here.

Befriend the courier guy or the regular postman and sell and send your old and worn underwear to anyone who is happy to pay you some cash!

This article was submitted by Hannah Love. Hannah is a life-long member of my “100 Ways To Make Money Sexually” course.

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make money sexually online course

Custom made pictures and videos

Oh, my goodness, one of my followers really made my day a while ago because he wanted custom-made content!

I sent him my PayPal account details and he paid me USD 50! I still love him for it.

So, I obviously really gave him a lot of content, more than he actually asked for. I made one video with me stripping and about 20 pictures in non-decent positions with his name written all over my body.

He absolutely loved it and I loved making it for him. I also made sure to give him some great aftersales service by chatting with him a little afterward.

We stayed in touch, chatted a bit… I was hoping he would still spend a bit more money on me but he knew I was never going to be his real girlfriend so we lost contact.

But Twitter is an ideal platform to sell your pictures and videos and the money goes straight into your own pocket.

Your Account

Now this was an interesting one and rather eye-opening; the size of your Twitter account is worth money already!

If you agree to retweet or post something for someone you can actually ask for money. The first place I learned about this is on the website Fiverr.

On this platform, sellers sell their amateur projects. This ranges from building websites to paintings and music. Some sellers offer projects of retweeting and posting your tweet on their Twitter account in return for money. Depending on the time and tweet, you pay a certain amount. Very clever if you ask me.

The only problem I found when I approached a Fiverr member is that this specific lady was not interested in my fairly “open-minded” Twitter account, so she only gave me the answer “no” in return.

But still, connecting with big accounts on Twitter itself is worth your while.

Chat with people, tell them what you are passionate about. Perhaps you can even find a way that you befriend accounts without paying and they are still dedicated to retweet you.

With some friendly words, some common sense, and some nudes you will get very far.


Knowing and learning more every day, I came up with an idea I am working on right now: I want to find customers for my Travel Agency that already exists.

Of course, I will be looking at playful trips to my destination, because my profile is also pretty playful. But being in touch with a few accounts that want to retweet me I am already looking at a follower’s base of over 250K. I am eager to find out how that will work out and if people are indeed into booking trips through me.

So, even though I don’t like to spend that much time on my Twitter account every day, it is definitely worth it (especially if you want to make money through it).

I am trying to stick to about an hour per day, but find myself scrolling and chatting way longer than I want to. Look at every connection as a business opportunity and you will find yourself making some real money out there.