How to Make Money Selling Used Socks

Selling or buying used socks is understandably weird for most of us. I mean, who would even want to go anywhere near their socks after a day of work, gym session, or even slightly getting your shoes wet after stepping in a puddle?

However, there seems to be a hidden demographic of people who are into, well, doing stuff with someone’s used socks.

What kind of stuff, you may ask? It can be anything their heart desires; however, they seem to be attracted to the smell of used socks, just the way many of us are attracted to a nice perfume.

And while you probably think this is an incredibly tiny percentage of people, as it turns out, there are babes who make quite a decent buck while selling their used socks to strangers online.

Which is why, in this article, I will share the best tips, tricks, and ways how to make money selling used socks online.

I will also share my favorite online platforms where you can go about selling your used socks risk-free and how to turn this fun niche into a lucrative business that will earn you a substantial income.

how to make money selling socks online

How Do You Go About Selling Used Socks Online?

The Internet is no stranger to adult media platforms like OnlyFans, ManyVids, and so many others.

And while these may be dominating the market due to their visual-oriented content, some of them have pretty decent options when it comes to selling virtually any product.

Therefore, here are the few steps you need to go through to set yourself up and start selling:

  1. Research adult platforms. So, the first step is to do your research into adult platforms and decide on one or two that best suit your needs. As a beginner, it would be best to opt for platforms that are not overly saturated, as you will have less difficulty promoting your product.
  2. Read their terms and conditions. Next, you want to carefully read through their terms and conditions, as this will give you a good look into what the platforms allow and what could potentially get you banned should you break their rules. Many creators have had their payments frozen when banned, and this is definitely not a setback you want to have as a beginner.
  3. Set up your profile. After that, you want to create a profile, go through the verification process that’s mandatory on most adult platforms, set up your banking information, fill out your profile with some information about yourself, and upload a few selected photos.
  4. Start promoting your product. Focus on growing a following on adult-friendly social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. This is how you’ll be getting buyers, so it’s important to grow your account and interact with potential customers.

How Much Can You Charge for Your Used Socks?

great examples of sock and feet pictures

The amount you can charge for a pair of used socks can be determined by multiple things, including how long you’ve worn them, what sort of activities you did while wearing them, and of course, how you present them to the world.

A good way to determine your prices would be to do a little bit of research around Reddit, eBay, and Twitter and see what other people who are in the same niche are charging.

However, on average, prices of used socks range from $10 to more than $100 per pair, with the average selling price of $10 to $40.

You also have to consider that each sale you make usually results in a commission for the website you’ve signed up with, so you have to keep that in mind when determining your prices.

In short, selling socks is all about establishing a brand, like many other niches in the online sex work industry. And you can set yourself apart by promoting yourself in a way that will make people want to buy your used socks and not someone else’s.

Can You Make a Significant Income by Selling Used Socks on The Internet?

Getting into the business of selling used socks on the internet can help you generate a significant income.

However, it’s important to remember that this is a highly competitive and unpredictable industry, and while making an extra few hundred or a couple of thousand is definitely doable, it all comes down to how you advertise yourself and how much time and effort you put into your work.

Ultimately, you have a much higher chance of success if you put in the effort, put out creative and authentic content, and grow great relationships with your customers.

Best Tips For Selling Your Used Socks Online

Selling your used socks online may sound like an easy and low-effort venture to check out. However, as with pretty much everything else in life, creativity and authenticity matter.

Therefore, here are some tips that will help you stand out and offer an authentic product people will be happy to pay for.

Manage Your Social Media Accounts Properly

Social media isn’t just mindless posting, especially when it comes to managing your platforms for business.

Twitter, for example, is the most allowing social media platform when it comes to adult content and services, and there are people who are making crazy amounts of money by growing their following just by using this free platform.

In short, posting content that’s relevant to your niche as well as engaging with similar content to yours is a great way to grow followers you can sell your products to.

Post Catchy Sneak Peeks

good and bad examples of how to sell sock pictures online

This is pretty much self-explanatory but still worth mentioning.

As you might’ve already figured, selling your used socks online will require persuading people to buy your product.

So it’s incredibly important to focus on posting quality work and interacting with people in a quality manner, as this will rouse their interest in you.

Remember that the buyer is buying your socks because something attracted them to you, so make sure to use everything you can to attract more buyers, including getting creative with your posts and just being a pleasant person to talk with.

Another great tip is to reveal a little bit more than just posting a photo of your socks. Most often, buyers can become attracted by your body structure, hair color or style, and even the color of your skin, so you want to use all those things to your advantage and make the most out of your business.

Hold a Level of Professionalism

Try to hold a level of professionalism in everything you do with this business. This includes your bio, the way you talk to customers, and even the photos you post online.

Why just post a random feet pic wearing the socks for sale when you can take interesting photos from different angles, in different settings, and put a little more effort into your craft?

This will make your feed aesthetically pleasing, which will increase your chances of selling.

Write Creative Captions

You already know that people are going to use your socks for sexual stuff once they receive them in their mail. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to lead them into doing something particular that you can then chat with them about, as this will likely make them want to come back for the interaction and thus keep buying your product.

More often than not, people are attracted to someone’s sweat scent and not just the sweat itself, so it’s definitely not a bad idea to “help” your customers become attracted to you.

So, in order to get their imagination going, you can write spicy and creative captions instead of only adding boring emojis that don’t even arouse anyone.

Look into creative writings, read romantic or erotic books, listen to songs that inspire you and write about them, take references from erotic movie scenes, etc.

Most people want a scenario in their head and not just a smelly sock.

Use naughty language but avoid being vulgar and writing stuff like “would you like to do *insert vulgarity* in/on my socks,” rather, try to interact with your buyers on deeper levels so that you make them crave you in more intimate ways and connect with you instead of just wanting to do things to your socks (we all know that’s what’s gonna happen, but it definitely doesn’t hurt to add a little bit of spice to it.)

Treat Your Buyers

An interesting way to treat your buyers is to send them your socks wrapped in a nice little wrapping paper with an added handwritten note where you can write a few short and spicy sentences about wearing the socks in different places, how long they haven’t been washed, or an addition of a cute polaroid pic of you wearing the socks, etc.

Perhaps you can also add that you’d very much like to know how they intend to use your socks and continue the conversation in a private message.

This will really play into their imagination, and you are sure to receive compliments for the details.

Avoid simply sending your used socks in a dry manner, as this shows the buyer that you don’t really want anything to do with them and that you’re only doing this for the money.

And you and I both know they’re not wrong should they assume that; however, since this can be a highly competitive niche, recurring customers are more important than you might initially think.

Wear More Clothes

Wearing more means selling more, so if you post a photo like the example above, why not put all the clothes you have on you for sale?

You can also turn this into a fun little game where you will upload the same photo but with added captions of what has already been sold and make potential buyers want to compete to “undress you” by buying your clothes off you.

This can be a fun option to consider, and your creativity is likely going to pay off.

Best Adult Platforms Where You Can Sell Your Used Socks

sexy socks for sale

You can sell socks on virtually any adult platform where you can upload your photos.

Therefore, if you create an account with platforms like OnlyFans, ManyVids, Fansly, etc., you will be able to promote and market your service in the forms of photos, videos, teasers, etc., and then communicate with your buyers through private messages to establish a payment method for your service.

However, despite being able to do this on your favorite adult platform, there are a few websites that are focused on selling used clothes, including underwear, socks, and any type of clothing a buyer is willing to pay you for.

With all that said, here are some of my favorite places where selling used socks is a smooth and simple process:

Sofia Gray

Sofia Gray is the most popular option for selling used just about anything, including clothes, underwear, socks, etc.

As a registered seller, you can create your own online store and list images of your used clothing, along with the price and a small description to make the accessory even more enticing to buyers.

Additionally, besides the small signup fee, Sofia Gray doesn’t take a percentage from your earnings, which is why this website is the most popular option loved by sellers worldwide.


Snifffr is another popular online marketplace that allows you to create a “seller” account and connect with thousands of buyers around the world who are into dirty underwear and used socks.

As a seller on Snifffr, you’d be able to create your own profile and also create listings of your used panties, which you can then price and wait for a buyer to come across your profile and buy your panties.

Similarly to Sofia Gray, Snifffr doesn’t take commissions from your earnings; however, they do have an option of becoming a premium seller, which will unlock more benefits, including live chats, private messages, and a better ranking, which will run you $9 a month.

All Things Worn

All Things Worn is a newer but growing marketplace similar to Sofia Gray and Snifffr that allows you to create your online store, list your products, price them as much as you think they’re worth and start earning money.

Similarly to the platforms mentioned above, All Things Worn offers a free signup, but a premium monthly membership of $15 will unlock more benefits, including selling unlimited items, adding polls, contacting buyers privately, interacting with your audience, and posting images to the activity feed.


The subreddit r/UsedSocks is a free marketplace where you can post photos of your used socks for sale, interact with buyers, and skip the medium of signing up for a platform like the ones listed above.

It’s a good option for beginners and those who don’t really want to get serious about selling used socks right off the bat but only want to test the waters and see what the market is up to.

However, selling through Reddit usually means that you will have to share your PayPal or banking info with a buyer in order to get paid, which can be rather risky, and something you should be careful of.

Another great thing about this subreddit is that they have a list of banned users, both sellers and buyers, to help combat scammers and make this space a safer environment for genuine listers.


Last but not least, Twitter is definitely one of the best ways to promote and sell your used socks for free!

This platform can be used to schedule tweets, which can be text, photos, or videos of your product, and interact with potential buyers, all for free.