Lovense Domi Review: The Super Powerful Mini-Wand Sex Toy

Welcome to yet another, Lovense guide and review.

Today, I’m giving you my Lovense Domi review – a super compact, yet superbly powerful mini-wand sex toy provided by the sex toy engineers at the incredible Lovense website.

In this review, I will try to answer any (and all) questions you may have about the Lovense Domi, including:

  • It’s key features
  • What makes the Lovense Domi so unique
  • How to use the Lovense Domi
  • Where to get it from
  • What customers are saying
  • and a few more things which I think you should know about.

If you’re looking to buy the Lovense Domi, be sure to read this review and as always, if you have any questions – do not hesitate to get in touch.

Before we jump in, let’s first take a look at the review summary and also Domi’s satisfaction score.

Lovense Domi Satisfaction Score $119 (Current Best Price)
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  • Battery Life
  • Price
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Lovense Domi Review Summary

  • Everything Is Programmable ✅
  • Powerful Wand-Style Design ✅
  • Unique Vibration Patterns ✅
  • Only For Clitoral Stimulation ❌

Lovense Domi Key Features

lovense domi review

Everything Is Programmable

This programmable sex toy is very, very smart.

It can be controlled by all sorts of smartphones. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini, and Android 4.3 and later. You can use its app on both Mac and Windows PC too.

Its app allows you to customize your pleasure also.

how to use the lovense domi with the lovense app

You can program the three vibration levels as per your desired strength. It also lets you create different kinds of patterns that suit your mood and body needs.

The best thing about this app is once you are done with the process, created different patterns for your pleasure, you don’t have to use the app over and over again.

The patterns can be activated by only using the buttons on the Domi. In a way, you don’t have to be depended on the app all the time.

lovense domi is flexible sex toy wand

Perhaps, that’s why, it is the best bedtime playmate too, as most of us don’t want to struggle with the features when we are in the mood of receiving some pleasure at once.

All we need is to get our hands on the toy and enjoy.

Wand-Style Design

The wand-style design of Lovense Domi assists in giving deep, powerful vibrations in a discreet manner. Though this kind of style has been around since the early 1900s. Especially in the mid-1990s, it was quite popular.

But, today, this magic wand comes with technological advancement.

They are strong and versatile enough to rock you to the core.

For example, the first thing worth noticing is the head of this toy doesn’t spin around on its own. Some women love to have a spinning head, but most of them hate it as for them this feature doesn’t authentically stimulate the vagina.

Lovense Domi resolves both issues rather cleverly. The head stays firms and doesn’t move, but the motor mechanism inside it moves. You can feel it quite clearly.

This is super exciting and injects thrills in your veins.

Apart from the top-notch design and build, this toy also has a body-safe material. You don’t need to be worried about harmful chemicals entering the body, especially if you clean it on a constant basis before and after each use.

Unique Patterns Always

lovense domi review

You can save up to 10 pleasurable patterns on Lovense Domi.

But do you know you can test and play with 5000+ more patterns?

This is true. This is something which we don’t see in other products of Lovense. You have access to over 5000 patterns shared on the app. In other words, there is always a new way to excite yourself.

You have the opportunity to make it work on your favourite music. All you need is to sync the DOMI with much-loved tracks for unique vibrations.

Other than that, the pattern can be controlled through the ‘Long Distance Bluetooth‘ feature too.

Your partner can control vibrations from the other side of the room or the country. They just need to download the app on their phone and connect it with your Lovense Domi.

They can also customize the Domi wand and adjust the settings to their liking. So, even if they are not present while you are in an erotic mood, you can play their desired settings and experience the climax when you miss them.

External Use Only (Drawback)

All the functions of Lovense Domi sound great, but it has a downside.

It is for external use only – clitoral stimulation. It is indeed intended for external use. You can’t insert it inside your for G-Spot or vaginal stimulation.

Some women try to use the specialized attachment with it for internal stimulation, but they aren’t as fun or effective as the real deal.

If you are into internal, G-Spot stimulation, get Lovense Nora.

How To Use The Lovense Domi

When it was first released, women all across the globe flocked to the sensations offered by this wand.

It’s of course, a surefire way to tease and please the vagina, but unfortunately, most women don’t know how to use it correctly for deep penetrating vibrations, which is its main purpose.

If you want Lovense Domi to make your eyes roll into the back of your head with immense pleasure, follow these below steps in the right manner.

Foreplay & warm-up is important. If you don’t have a partner with you, take a bath, use fragrance, and start touching yourself in an erotic manner to get the blood flowing to your genitals.

Find the right position that is both comfortable and orgasmic. The comfiest positions you can try are a missionary, open-legged spoon, and doggy style.

Now, grab your want and rest it on your clitoris first to test its patterns and vibrations. You can use it while relishing oral stimulation from your partner.

Experiment with placement and pressure. Press it against your vulva and clitoris to find a way that works. Test things until you find a goldmine since you can use the same pressure and place over and over again.

Hold the Lovense Domi very lightly while experimenting so it is just barely grazing your genitals and keep it moving as feeling vibrations one spot for too long can cause numbness.

You can also use lube for your own discretion. But use only water-based lubes like the silicone and oil-based lubricants can damage upper silicone cover.

Once you are done, clean it with warm water and mild soap. There are some sex toy cleaners too but it is better to contact Lovense support team first regarding their usage. In addition, don’t forget to dry the DOMI thoroughly before storing or using it.

How Does The Lovense Domi Perform?

the best mini wand sex toy by comparison

We love Lovense Domi, despite a few clear disadvantages.

For example, the first level works weird. It makes the entire toy go on vibration. It is hard to comprehend how to hold it as the vibration is on all sides.

You won’t feel comfortable at all.

Besides, your mind will stay stuck on its vibration, rather than making you feel erotic.

But once you go just one level up, the whole scenario changes. The vibrations become extremely powerful and remain at one side of the toy. It takes your orgasm to a new level. Though bear in mind, at the same time, powerful vibrations make this toy too loud.

You can’t use it in public unnoticeably.

What Is In The Lovense Shipping Box?

what you get with the lovense domi

The Lovense Domi box will take you by the storm the very moment you open it.

You will see a wand-style vibrator that looks like a general electric mixer from the past decades. It has a special kind of vibe because the professional manufacturers of Lovense have reinvented the wheel in design and tried to make it look contemporary.

And, they’re quite successful in it.

Other than this mini-wand, you will find a charging cable and the user guide. The user guide especially has all the information regarding its battery, material, size, and weight. It also has instructions about warranty terms and conditions, maintenance, and usage.

What Lovense Customers

lovense domi attachments

Most customers strongly recommend using this toy on lower settings first.

Yes, it feels weird. It is still better to start on a lower setting and working up to the highest ones. Because it will be immensely tough for a new person to enjoy higher settings. They are powerful and won’t make you feel happy straight away if you aren’t turned on.

Raising the intensity of vibration gradually is the only way to bring yourself to climax in a few minutes.

Each vibration level has its own specific sensations that you feel on your clitoris and labia.

Because of its special design, you can put pressure on the areas where you most need it. This also leaves you shaking uncontrollably with pleasure.

How Much Does The Lovense Domi Cost?

The cost is $119, but with a reliable set of features, you can’t raise concerns on the price. It definitely has a few minor design and function issues, but your genitals would love it anyway as it fulfills its main purpose, make you orgasm every few minutes.

We have checked some other wand vibrators in the market too, particularly of the famous companies like ARVIDSSON and Healthy Susan, and compared them with Lovense Domi.

Some of them are luxurious and expensive while others are economical but lack the main features. Domi, on the other hand, isn’t just easy on the pocket but also comes with more options than you can imagine.

It has the ability to deliver an intense orgasm you didn’t think existed.

lovense domi price

Where To Buy Lovense Sex Toys

Well, the best place to purchase is from Lovense themselves.

Amazon also delivers the same product, however, for warranty information, you have to contact the seller directly.

Please, remember, there are some lookalike products in the market too and many marketers are trying to claim the title of the best wand vibrator as well.

Therefore, buy directly from the official Lovense store.

It is a world-renowned company with thousands of fans. Plus, you can check their other line of products also to fulfill your wildest sexual fantasies.

Lovense Domi Review: Final Words

Thank you very much for stopping by and reading my review.

I really hope this has answered all of your questions about the Lovense Domi and if you have any further questions, be sure to leave them down below in the comment section.

Go get your Lovense Domi now, you can thank me later.

Talk soon.

NB: Lovense just released the new Domi 2. See how it compares to the original Domi in our comparison review.

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