Lovense Sex Machine Review: The First Tip-Controlled Sex Machine for Camgirls

Move over tip-controlled sex toys, and make room for tip-controlled sex machines. Well, a tip-controlled sex machine that was just launched by my favorite sex toy manufacturer – Lovense.

And in this article, you will learn all about their newest launch and how you can use it to make your cam shows more interesting and engaging and bag a bunch of cash while having fun with your viewers.

Let’s get into it!

Lovense Sex Machine Review (For Cam Girls) $699

Review Summary

My first impression of this new Lovense machine is definitely positive. I like how affordable it is for what it offers. I also think that cam performers will like this product and can get creative with it in all sorts of ways and will inevitably lead to earning more tips.


  • Super powerful thrusting action.
  • Adjustable.
  • It can be used by two people at once.
  • Lovense Remote App-compatible.
  • Easily disassemblable
  • Comes with a storage/transport bag.
  • Affordable for what it offers.


  • Not a discreet sex toy.
  • It can be loud on the highest settings.
  • Currently comes with a waiting time of up to two-three months.

lovense sex machine review

What is Lovense Sex Machine?

Lovense’s Sex Machine is the newest addition to the Lovense family of smart, interactive sex toys.

It’s a sex machine that offers many exciting features and ways to spice up your sexy time.

So without further explaining, let’s immediately jump into the important section:

7 Key Features & Benefits of The Lovense Sex Machine

app controlled sex machine

Here are the few key features and benefits that stand out about the Lovense Sex Machine:


One of the main features of the Lovense toys, and now the Lovense Sex Machine that makes their products super popular with camgirls is their tip-controlled option.

So how this works is that if you are a camgirl, you would connect to a cam site that supports Lovense and perform a show that involves using the sex machine.

This could be any type of show, public or private, and the machine would react or thrust every time your viewers send you a tip.

This not only makes for super interesting and engaging shows, but it incentivizes your viewers to send more money that you would later pocket.

Camming shows with sex machines are ultra-popular; however, all other sex machines don’t actually react to tips, but they work in a way where the cam model would usually control the machine via a remote control whenever they receive tips, or if the model is a bit more professional, they would have another person in the background monitoring tips and controlling the machine via a remote control whenever a tip is received.

So, since Lovense is the only sex machine that directly reacts to tips, it’s definitely going to become one of the most popular products amongst cam models in the very near future.


Like all Lovense sex toys, the Lovense Sex Machine can also be controlled via the Lovense App in several different ways.

Through the App, you will be able to choose from the unlimited thrusting patterns that can be downloaded for a more customized experience.

Additionally, you can also create your own patterns and share them with other users on the App.

Furthermore, the Lovense App allows you to give up control and let your partner adjust the tempo if you want to make things even more interesting for both of you.

And not to forget to mention, your partner could also be across the world, and they will still be able to control your pleasure via the app.

Lastly, the Lovense Sex Machine can also be activated by sound and used while listening to songs you have saved on your device or your Spotify.

The machine will react and thrust to the beats of the music and will make you actually feel the beats, which is quite interesting.

Manual Control

Besides the app-control option where you can enjoy an unlimited variety of playtime, the Lovense Sex Machine also comes with a hardwired dial controller that you can turn up or down to adjust the tempo.

On the lowest setting, you can enjoy slow and gentle thrusts, but turning it up to the highest setting will throw you into a 300-thrusts per minute bliss.

Double-Sided Design

Additionally, the Lovense Sex Machine comes equipped with two dildos on each end, measuring at 6.3 inches and 5.43 inches of pleasure.

The double-sided thrusting design makes it easy for couples across all genders to turn up the sexy play to 11 and get some Robo-pounding action at the same time.

The dildos are also girthy, veiny, heavy, and made from medical-grade silicone, making them body-safe, non-toxic, and easy to wash and sanitize.

Fully Adjustable

The Lovense Sex Machine is easy to install and can be adjusted up to 90 degrees to enjoy a variety of heights and positions and hit your hot spots precisely.

This can be an excellent option for those who are having a hard time achieving an orgasm from G-spot stimulation alone, as you can adjust the machine to pound you at an angle that would directly stimulate your G-spot for a longer time and help you experience the thing you only see in movies.

Versatile Usage Options

The Lovense sex machine is super versatile, allowing for solo play in pretty much any position you can imagine, as well as both close-range and long-distance control.

The machine can also thrust up to 4.5 inches deep, which will get you as close as possible to real-life penetration with the added bonus of a robust motor that delivers 300 thrusts per minute.

Compatible with Vac-U-Lock Accessories

Another great feature of the Lovense Sex Machine is the integration of Vac-U-Lock technology, which employs suction that prevents things from slipping and unexpectedly flying across the room.

But besides the safety part, this also means that you can swap the two dildos with any other sex toy or accessory that’s Vac-U-Lock-compatible and bring some versatility to your sexy time.

What’s In The Box + Shipping Information

The Lovense Sex Machine will arrive at your door neatly packed in a plain brown box that contains the following:

  • Lovense Sex Machine
  • Storage bag (which may come in different colors)
  • User manual.
  • Assembly instructions.
  • Two dildos.
  • Hardwired dial controller.
  • Adapter.

Like all Lovense toys, the Lovense Sex Machine comes with a one-year warranty that ensures you can get the product replaced completely free of charge if there are any defects.

Lastly, Lovense is an international brand that offers free shipping to every country in the world.

And while the shipping is usually relatively quick for the rest of their toys, the Lovense Sex Machine is a bulkier product that will require a little bit of waiting.

Each Sex Machine order is usually shipped out within 60 business days, and while the official reason for this is unknown, we could assume that it has something to do with the small number of products manufactured and the time it takes to manufacture each machine.

Lovense Sex Machine Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few most frequently asked questions regarding the Lovense Sex Machine:

How Big is the Lovense Sex Machine?

When assembled, the Sex Machine’s body is 15.98 inches long and 5.71 wide or 17.72 by 17.79, counting its support legs. And its pair of dildos is 5.42 inches and 6.3, respectively.

How to Assemble the Lovense Sex Machine?

Lovense’s Sex Machine looks a little intimidating, especially if you have zero experience with assembling sex machines; however, putting it together consists of around ten steps and would take 15-20 minutes.

There are super useful manuals and guides that you can take a look at both on the Lovense’s website and in the box, the machine comes in, so you will have no trouble assembling it in a blink.

How to Clean and Maintain the Lovense Sex Machine?

Lovense advises its users to thoroughly clean the Sex Machine before or after use.

For the dildos, this means warm and not excessively hot water, a tiny amount of sex toy cleaner or antibacterial soap, and a good dry with a lint-free cloth.

You should always keep water from entering the base of the dildos as this can mess with the Vac-U-Lock system, and no one wants their plastic playthings coming loose in the middle of doing things.

For the rest of the Sex Machine, steer clear of water or any other cleaning liquid and instead just dust it off.

A rarity for Lovense products, they also recommend greasing its main mechanism every two to three months or if the Sex Machine begins to function less than smoothly.

To do this, start by unscrewing and then removing its central, motorized section. Next, apply lubricant (and no, I don’t mean of the sexual variety but rather machine oil or grease) to where it’s indicated.

lovense sex machine product specs

Lovense Sex Machine Pros:

  • Super powerful thrusting action.
  • Adjustable.
  • It can be used by two people at once.
  • Lovense Remote App-compatible.
  • Easily disassemblable and comes with a storage/transport bag.
  • Affordable for what it offers.

Lovense Sex Machine Cons:

  • Not a discreet sex toy.
  • It can be loud on the highest settings.
  • Currently comes with a waiting time of up to two-three months.

Lovense Sex Machine Review: Final Summary/Rating

The Sex Machine is one of Lovense’s newest releases; therefore, I only managed to find two reviews of the product that you can read here and here.

Both reviewers liked the Lovense Sex Machine and enjoyed its versatility, strength, and uniqueness.

Additionally, my opinion on this product is definitely positive, and I like how affordable it is for what it offers, regarding the power, accessibility, and the accessories that come with it.

I also think that cam performers will like this product and can get creative with it in all sorts of ways. This will inevitably lead to filling their pockets while getting the pleasure of their lives without any interruptions.

So, in my opinion, Lovense came out with yet another fantastic product to add to their collection of fun and interactive sex toys.

I have a review on almost all of the Lovense sex toys, so feel free to have a look around the website and see if something else catches your eye!

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