15 Tip-Controlled Sex Toys For Cam Girls

Tip and sound-activated sex toys are an extremely fun and popular addition to any cam show.

These toys make the viewer’s experience more interesting by allowing them to be more involved in your show through sending tips and having the toy react to the amount.

Currently, three main companies manufacture sound-controlled sex toys that react to tips, and these include Lovense, We-Vibe, and OhMiBod (powered by Kiiroo.)

Therefore, in this article, I will talk about my fifteen favorite tip-controlled sex toys that you should look into if you are a cam girl looking to increase your earnings and make your shows more interesting.

Tip-Controlled Sex Toys For Cam Girls

Lovense – Lush 3 – $199

lovense lush 3

Lush 3 is a luxurious G-spot vibrator in the shape of an egg.

Like all Lovense sex toys, Lush 3 can be controlled via the Lovense Remote App that lets you customize the vibrations by choosing from an unlimited number of patterns available.

Besides that, the app also lets you sync Lush 3 with your music playlists (Spotify included) and vibrate on the beats of your favorite song.

Lastly, Lush 3 is fully waterproof, USB-rechargeable, and has a run time of about three hours.

Lovense – Nora – $199

Lovense Nora unpacking

Lovense’s Nora is a rabbit-style vibrator made from high-quality silicone and durable ABS plastic.

Nora has two arms; a longer arm topped with a rotating head to brush against your G-spot and a powerful vibrating smaller arm to stimulate your clitoris simultaneously.

The vibrating arm that stimulates the clitoris has seven settings you can cycle through by clicking the upper button on the plastic arm. These are low, medium, high, pulse, wave, fireworks, and earthquake.

The rotating head also has three settings—slow, medium, and fast—that you can cycle through with the lower button on the plastic arm.

You can also make the head rotate in the opposite direction by pressing and holding the same button for three seconds.

Nora is fully waterproof and USB-rechargeable. It will also give you a decent playtime of around four hours, so make sure to have her fully charged before your cam shows.

Lovense – Domi 2 – $199

lovense domi review

Lovense’s Domi 2 is the competitor to the staple of many sex-toy collections – The Hitachi Magic Wand.

Domi 2 is Bluetooth-enabled, app-controlled, and tip-responsive, and it has almost unparalleled ease of use when it comes to these features.

The wand massager is also waterproof and USB-rechargeable and will give you around five to six hours of run time.

Lovense – Osci 2 – $199

lovense osci 2 shipping

Lovense’s Osci 2 is a G-spot vibrator with a cute oval head that makes oscillation movements.

Oscillation movement is a periodic motion that moves side to side like the pendulum’s swing (just much faster) against your G-spot. This movement is like a sped-up manual stimulation that enhances sexual pleasure instantly.

Osci’s exterior is made of silicone, and it has a soft “S” curve configuration with a button towards the lower end for controlling the settings and manually set the level of intensity to low, medium, or high, depending on your preferences.

Osci 2 is waterproof and USB-rechargeable. The toy will give you around five hours of play on a single, two-hour charge.

Lovense – Hyphy – $199

Lovense Hyphy review

The Lovense Hyphy is a strong dual-action vibrator with a high-frequency tip for pinpoint clitoral stimulation, but it also has a second motor in the contoured base for G-spot stimulation.

The insertable part and the part that touches the clitoris are made from medical-grade silicone, making them feel silky smooth against the skin.

Hyphy is also fully waterproof, USB-rechargeable, and has an incredibly long run time of over five and a half hours. But even besides this, make sure to have the toy on a full charge before your camming shows.

Lovense – Hush – $119

the lovense hush review

The Lovense Hush is the only tip-controlled butt plug from the company.

It’s designed with a beautiful, silky matte silicone, and it is a remote-controlled toy that can be operated from your or someone else’s phone via the Lovense Mobile App.

Hush is fully waterproof and USB-rechargeable and will give you up to two hours of run on a full charge.

How to Connect Lovense Sex Toys With Camming Websites?

Lovense took the app-activated teledildonics game to the next level by introducing a Chrome extension (in addition to the Lovense smartphone app) that gives you full control of how your toy will respond to tips.

For example, if someone tips you 10 to 20 tokens, it will vibrate on a low setting. If someone tips 20-50, it will go higher; for 50+ tokens, it will rotate, etc.

It’s highly interactive and innovative, and it’s also very easy to install and work with. Here’s a quick guide on how to install the Lovense Cam Model Extension.

In addition, here’s a list of camming sites that support Lovense sex toys and interactive camming shows:

We-Vibe – Rave – $120

wevibe rave

We-Vibe’s Rave is the G-spot vibrator with a unique design that looks like a curved rod.

The firm massager is made from silky smooth silicone and offers deep, rumbly vibrations with 10 preset functions and 8 intensity levels, all accessed through the easy 3-button control.

Rave is USB-rechargeable and splashproof for easy cleaning. Rave will give you around two hours of continuous play on a full charge.

We-Vibe – Ditto Remote Control Vibrating Butt Plug – $129

Ditto is a butt plug with a slim neck and comfortable fit that gives you that nice feeling of fullness.

The firm, bulbous vibe is made from silky smooth silicone and offers 10 vibration functions, including 3 vibration speeds and 7 patterns.

Ditto is fully waterproof and USB-rechargeable and will give you around two hours of play on a single charge.

We-Vibe – Moxie– $130


Moxie is a wearable vibrator that uses a magnet to stay in place in your panties, nestled right against your clitoris, vulva, and vaginal opening.

The vibe is made from silky smooth silicone and comes with a convenient remote control, but it can also be used with We-Vibe’s We-Connect app for a more customized experience.

Moxie is fully waterproof and USB-rechargeable and will give you up to two hours of run time on a single charge.

We-Vibe – Nova 2 – $150

wevibe nova 2

We-Vibe’s Nova is a dual-style vibrator that doubles as a G-spot and clitoral stimulator through two separately controlled but powerful motors that deliver whisper-quiet pleasure.

Nova’s design is very clever, and although it may appear a little uncomfortable and inconvenient, the clitoral arm is actually quite flexible and can be well adjusted to your body shape.

Nova is also waterproof, USB-rechargeable, and will give you up to two hours of play on a single charge.

We-Vibe – Melt – $150

We-Vibe - Melt Rechargeable Pleasure Air Clitoral Stimulator

Melt is a clit stimulator that surrounds and pleasures the clitoris with pulsating waves and gentle suction through the pressure wave technology unique to We-Vibe toys.

Made from silky smooth silicone, Melt offers 12 different vibration strengths and patterns that you can cycle through by clicking the buttons placed on its body or by using the We-Connect app.

Melt is also waterproof, USB-rechargeable, and, like most We-Vibe toys, will give you around two hours of uninterrupted play.

We-Vibe – Wand – $180

wevibe wand

We-Vibe’s Wand is a full-sized body massager that delivers one-touch adjustable speed control, custom patterns through the We-Connect app, and a Smart Silence function that ensures this vibe stays quiet until it touches the skin.

Wand can be used as a remote control toy or it can be controlled long-distance, including through tips.

The We-Vibe Wand is super-powerful, fully waterproof, and rechargeable. The curved handle makes for easy grip as you press Wand’s flexible head against your (or someone else’s) body.

The We-Vibe Wand includes two silicone attachments: Fluttery’s soft flaps move along with Wand’s strong vibes, while Stroke’s ribbed channel and wings surround and stimulate the penis.

Packed with more features than any other wand vibrator, this Wand will bring you all the power you crave, and your viewers can certainly enjoy a show that can last for up to two hours.

How to Connect We-Vibe Sex Toys With Camming Websites?

We-Vibe has partnered with tech company Feel Technology and uses the We-Connect app to enable interactive sessions between cam performers and their fans.

Setting up your We-Vibe toys to react to tips is an easy process. Here are the few easy steps you need to do:

Step 1: Download the We-Connect by We-Vibe app from the App Store or Google Play.

Step 2: Turn on your mobile Bluetooth and pair your We-Vibe product with the app.

  • Press and hold the control button on your We‑Vibe toy for 5 seconds. When you feel two pulses, your toy is ready to pair.
  • Go to the main menu in We-Connect and tap “Connect a Device.” The app will start searching for your toy.
  • Once the app finds your toy, its product name will appear. Tap the product name to pair.
  • A green checkmark will appear next to the product name when the app is finished pairing.

Step 3: Connect We-Connect to your cam website.

  • Login to your cam website.
  • Start broadcasting and click on the “Interactive” button that appears on the site. Because all camming platforms have different setups, the exact steps you need to take will vary.
  • Go to the We-Connect app’s main menu and tap “Add Website.”
  • Select “OK” when the app asks if We-Connect can use your camera — you’ll need to scan a QR code from your cam website using your camera.
  • Scan the QR code that appears on your screen with the QR scanner in the We-Connect app.

Your We‑Vibe toy is now connected to your camming platform for interactive performances.

Here’s a list of camming sites that support We-Vibe sex toys and interactive camming shows:

OhMiBod – Esca 2 – $120

esca 2

A slimmer version of the Lush 3, the OhMiBod Esca 2 (powered by Kiiroo) is a brilliant vibrator for camming due to its antenna that lights up when the toy is vibrating, making the viewer’s experience more interesting.

Esca 2 is made from silky smooth silicone and offers 4 manual vibration modes as well as endless possibilities of programming your own patterns with the OhMiBod app.

Esca 2 is water-resistant, USB-rechargeable, and will give you a minimum of three hours of uninterrupted play.

OhMiBod – Fuse – $150

OhMiBod Fuse App-Controlled Rabbit Vibrator

OhMiBod’s Fuse is a teledildonic rabbit vibrator that’s designed to respond to your body and offer strong clitoral and G-spot stimulation.

Powered by Kiiroo, Fuse offers two-way communication with a partner’s device for long-distance mutual masturbation or cam sessions.

Fuse’s touch-sensitive technology is also perfect for solo sessions because the deeper this dual-stimulating toy penetrates, the more intense the sensations get.

Fuse is coated in smooth silicone, it’s USB rechargeable and password protected. On a full charge, the toy will give you a little over an hour of continuous play.

How to Connect OhMiBod Sex Toys With Camming Websites?

The Wi-Fi-enabled OhMiBod Remote App is available for download from the App Store on your iOS device, or on Google Play for Android.

Setting up your OhMiBod toys to react to tips through the app is an easy process. Here are the few steps you need to do:

  1. Download the free OhMiBod Remote App.
  2. Create a free & secure account.
  3. Connect with your partner/viewers.
  4. Play solo or connect with another user to control the toy’s vibrations.
  5. Log and track your orgasms over time with the OH!DOMETER

Here’s a list of camming sites that support OhMiBod sex toys and interactive camming shows:

ShockSpot – Tip-Activated Sex Machine – $2,000+

tip controlled sex machine

As a cam performer, every tip-controlled sex toy is an investment meant to pay for itself and increase your bottom line.

Still, this option will take some time to break even and should only be purchased if you already have success as a webcam model – or if you just want it for your own personal use.

Most cam models using tip-activated sex machines are actually manually turning the speed up and down as they get tips.

But the ShockSpot Sex Machines are the only truly tip-activated fucking machines that automatically handle tips and adjust themselves accordingly.

ShockSpot’s machines are seriously luxurious. And you can really incentivize some huge tips with a sex-machine.

It’s extremely visual and closest to the real thing. You can put a small camera on the moving handle and offer POV shows where it will look like the viewer is “doing you.”

This can be super exciting for many viewers and tips are likely to be flying everywhere when you’re on these shows.

This is how you’ll corner a part of the market that others can’t, but it is a big upfront investment.

The smallest, 8-inch ShockSpot machine starts at $2,000, and the most expensive – the Dual Thruster Double Penetration sex machine currently sits at over $4,000.