How to Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face

There have been numerous cases of OnlyFans creators being rejected after the person of interest found out about their OnlyFans account, as well as losing their regular jobs after their accounts got leaked.

With that in mind, can you make money on OnlyFans without showing your face?

The answer to that is YES! You can thrive on OnlyFans by maintaining a mysterious nature because some people are drawn to that.

The higher the mysterious wall is around you – the more some fans will be interested in you. This isn’t anything strange and can very well be done; however, it does require some work.

In this article, I’m going to show you nine ways you can make money on OnlyFans, without showing your face.

make money on only fans without should your face

Use a Stage Name

This is the first thing you have to come up with before creating your OnlyFans account.

For example, if your name is Jennifer, don’t use it as part of your stage name (or any of the short names like Jen, Jenny, etc.) Instead, choose something that’s not even close to your real name. A name that you like, for example.

If you really want to make yourself appear even more mysterious, choose an unconventional name that’s not easy to forget.

Personally, I am very much into fantasy, dark aesthetics, and vampires.

I also like Greek Mythology, and I’m a night owl, so when choosing my professional name, I opted for Selene, like the main character from the Underworld trilogy but also the Goddess of the Moon in Greek Mythology.

This is quite personal, but having a name that you resonate with will definitely make you feel more confident and enter into character.

However, don’t forget that even if you plan on going anonymous, you will still need to use your real name when providing your legal documents when signing up for OnlyFans.

This is because OnlyFans admins need to verify your identity, your age, and you also need to link your bank account to your OnlyFans page.

Additionally, US-based OnlyFans content creators will receive a 1099 form if they were to make $600 or more in a single tax year.

Maintain Your Anonymous ID on Social Media

This is a no-brainer, but it’s worth mentioning that you should always maintain the same anonymous username you use on OnlyFans on your social media platforms, as there’s going to come a time when you will want to promote your OnlyFans on social media.

When creating your social media platform, you absolutely do not want to link any social media that uses your real name. For example, if you have an IG account under your real name, it should not be linked to your anonymous IG. Keep it separate and as far away as possible.

If you are on social media platforms that require that you sign in with Facebook, Google, or the like, do not link those accounts.

Create a Fun and Exciting Persona

do onlyfans without showing your face

The best way to create a new persona on OnlyFans is to start with something that is completely different from your normal life.

This means that even if you decide to stay anonymous or not show your face on the site, you can still create this attractive character that your audience will enjoy.

Not showing your face could actually be a huge advantage as it will allow you to be even more creative with your content and spur you on to interact in ways you might not otherwise act if your full identity was revealed.

Make Your Page About a Topic and Not About You

Another great way to succeed on OnlyFans while staying anonymous is to pick a particular topic or theme and cater to the audience for it.

Nothing says an OnlyFans page has to be all about you as a model. Instead, your page can be about a particular topic or theme or even a particular character that people will enjoy seeing more of.

You can also create content on weird and very particular (or niche) fetishes, as this is how you will attract the audience that’s specifically into that kind of thing.

The audience into that particular fetish will also likely continue to pay monthly for access to your content, and recurring subscribers are the main source of income for OnlyFans content creators.

Feature Specific Services

Just like you would cater to very particular fetishes or niches, you should also consider providing some very specific services.

If you are looking to stay anonymous on the platform, you may want to look for those who are looking for erotic texting (sexting), auditory stimulation (like ASMR), or other non-visual-based services that you can provide.

Not everyone is purely looking for visual entertainment on OnlyFans, and people have been making a living for years simply by talking ‘dirty’ to people on “900” numbers or services.

Therefore, be aware that you can totally utilize your OnlyFans account for these kinds of services as well and stay anonymous while having fun and getting paid.

Offer Custom Content

is it possible not to show your face on onlyfans

There are many under-served niches on OnlyFans, and you can take advantage of this by highlighting that you offer custom content for those who want to pay for something specific.

You can charge more for custom content and have a page that is anonymous and less about what you look like but more about the kind of custom content you can provide to your fans.

Additionally, this is how you will see what some people are into and draw inspiration for more content that you can profit off in the future.

Use Masks or Costumes

Another great way to stay anonymous on the site and make your content even more mysterious and interesting is simply wearing a mask or a dedicated costume (such as one for cosplay).

These details are actually super fun and can enhance the quality of the content that you are creating.

For example, if you are creating fetish content, you can wear one of those kinky bunny masks or an elegant, fantasy-style Venetian mask.

If you are worried that you won’t be able to crop your pictures and clips properly, you can wear a mask during all of your filming, so you are 100% sure that no part of your face will be seen.

You can also wear costumes or face paint in your pictures and clips as well; just be sure that the costume or paint fully covers up any features that people might be able to recognize you by.

Use Photo Editing Tools to Blur Pictures

Photo editing tools like Snapseed, VSCO, and Lightroom can be a great help in keeping yourself anonymous on OnlyFans. These tools can help you crop images to keep your face secret and blur your face or distinguish marks on your body while keeping the pictures still of high quality.

Additionally, you can use other tools like Canva to create entirely new backgrounds for your pictures if you fear that some of them could compromise your location or identity.

Don’t Limit Yourself to OnlyFans

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Additionally to OnlyFans, you can also check out many other adult platforms you can sign up for and start uploading anonymous content and making money today.

I actually prefer smaller platforms such as FanslyPocketStars, and UNLOCKD.Me (reviewed), as these are not overly saturated and are more focused on beginners and smaller creators.

Since they are OnlyFans competitors, they also strive to offer content creators better conditions such as smaller fees, better protection, and bigger earnings.

Some platforms such as Desire.Me pays out a whopping 85% of all earnings, unlike the standard 80% or less other platforms tend to offer.