How To Successfully Sell Boob Photos Online

Even though you may be thinking that selling boob photos online would be a waste of time, trust me, you likely have a lot of potential to earn decent money from doing it; you probably just don’t know-how.

In a world where everything is already seen because people have easy access to it, the only thing you need to learn is how to brand yourself differently in order to stand out.

Yes, every woman has boobs, and probably every man out there has seen a pair of boobs, but they haven’t seen your boobs, and that’s what counts.

So, learning how to make them want to see your boobs is what will bring you money, and lots of it.

Therefore, in this article, I will teach you how to sell boob photos online and a few other crucial tips and tricks you need to implement to make this an interesting experience for you while also selling a fantasy to your buyers.

But, first, let’s get into the technical stuff of how to get started with selling boob photos:

how to sell boob photos online

Sign Up To Several Adult Platforms

The first thing you need to do is look up online adult platforms and go through their terms and conditions. See what they have to offer for a seller like you and decide whether their conditions are acceptable.

Next, you want to sign up for a few of these platforms. But don’t choose too many. Rather, pick one to three that you like and start small but confident.

For example, OnlyFans and ManyVids are platforms oriented towards adult videos, so these may not be the best ones for you. Besides that, they are saturated to the point where they are probably the worst options for a beginner.

Instead, take a look at these three platforms that are better for a beginner:


Joining PocketStars is free, and you get to keep 80% of the earnings from all your sales.

Read my full PocketStars review for more information.


SlipperyBean is my favorite platform to start as a seller. It’s very beginner-friendly and easy to use. They have a one-time joining fee but everything you earn you get to keep for yourself.

Read my full SlipperyBean review for more in-depth information.


UNLOCKD.Me is another great, beginner-friendly platform where joining is free, and as a creator, you get to keep 85% of all your earnings.

Read my full UNLOCKD.Me review here.

Create Social Media Accounts

If you want to be successful with selling boob photos online, you have to get on at least one social media platform.

The best social media platforms to advertise your adult content are Twitter and Snapchat.

Twitter is for a more mature audience although you will definitely find a young audience there, too, while Snapchat is more for a younger audience.

So before creating a social media account for your business, think of what kind of audience you want to advertise your business to and stick to one of these (or both if you think you can manage them properly).

how to sell your boobs online

Manage Your Social Media Properly

Social media isn’t just mindless posting, especially when it comes to managing your platforms for business.

But, to start with, the first thing you need to avoid is posting way too revealing photos as this could get you flagged and taken down.

Twitter is quite lax when it comes to adult content and services, but you still want to play it safe and avoid getting taken down.

Next, you need to constantly engage with other content creators or potential clients.

Engaging with other content creators (especially those with a bigger following) will get you more exposure.

Ask for retweets and shares or even just show support and comment under their posts so that people who follow them can also see your profile.

Lastly, but most importantly, don’t forget to update your bio and let everyone who sees your profile know what other adult platforms they can find you on and what kind of content they can expect to see from you.

Interact With Potential Buyers

This is the most important part of using your social media account to sell boob photos or any type of adult content.

Interacting with potential buyers will sell your product for you, therefore, try to comment under other posts in a similar niche or engage in a conversation with someone who is talking about similar things.

Also, never be rude, no matter how much someone provokes or taunts you. You have to understand that social media is a space shared by many people with many different opinions, and not everyone will agree with you or your way of earning money.

You may get some nasty comments or rude remarks, but always be polite and pleasant.

A good trick to achieve this and never lose your composure is to treat everyone you interact with as a potential buyer, no matter how they speak to you.

Besides that, try to remember that no social media argument is ever fruitful and most of the time people just end up blocking one another. This is a waste of time when you could be using that time to get buyers for your product.

Time is money!

Post Sneak Peeks

where to sell boob photos

This is pretty much self-explanatory but still worth mentioning.

As I already said above, you have to be active on social media so that potential buyers can see that they will have constant fresh content to look forward to after paying you.

But sometimes you have to give a little something and attract people who are not so easy to persuade with just words.

Therefore, consider posting teasers and sneak peeks of the content they would see once they pay. Try to make this content engaging, positive, and interesting to read.

Make Your Photos Look Professional

I’m gonna be honest with you. A random boob selfie won’t cut it nowadays, and people love to see creators putting effort into their craft.

Therefore, before even considering selling boob photos for a living, consider that you have to put effort into your photos.

Find your good angles, learn how to take good photos, perhaps even invest in an online editing course and learn how to take your photos to the next level.

Don’t be lazy; it’s time to work.

Be Creative

how to take creative photos of your boobs

Creativity matters in this niche because the goal is to stand out and get more clients who will pay for your boob photos.

Therefore, look for other sellers as inspiration on social media, but avoid doing the exact same things they do.

Come up with your creative ways of taking photos and try to brand your photos with similar effects and a similar way of editing so that they look like small parts from a bigger story told by you.

Besides that, you can take boob photos in places like public, restaurants, bars, in the grass while on a picnic, take boob pics with stuff like dildos or other sex toys between them, apply oil on your boobs, or milk, or peanut butter, cake, etc.

For example, you can create a cooking story and post a file consisting of 10 boob photos that tell the story part after part. The first photo could be of your boobs over the table; then the second photo can be of your boobs with flour over them working the dough, etc.

Then edit them with similar effects and dump them into a file for your paying customers to see. They will certainly enjoy both the story and the photos.

There are so many ways to be creative in this niche; you would actually find it difficult to copy other people once you start. You just need to look for inspiration and think of creative ways to express yourself.

Again, always try to make your photos as professional as possible but keep the authenticity.

Anyone can go online and find thousands of boob pics for free, but you need to make people want to pay for yours, and the only way to do this is to be authentic and attract buyers that would be happy to pay for your authenticity.

Write Creative Descriptions

When posting boob photos on adult platforms like those I mentioned above, try to write long-ish and creative descriptions.

Don’t just post drooling or tongue emojis as a description under your photo because this looks distasteful, and I would bet my left boob that it doesn’t actually arouse anyone who reads it.

Instead, look into other, more creative ways of expressing yourself, like writing short erotic stories, teasers, and engaging texts that will make people comment and engage with your content.

Look into creative romantic writings, read romantic or erotic books, listen to songs that inspire you and write about them, take references from erotic movie scenes, etc.

Use naughty language but avoid being vulgar and writing stuff like “would you like to do *insert vulgarity* to my boobs,” rather, try to interact with your audience/buyers on deeper levels so that you make them crave you in more intimate ways and connect with you instead of just wanting to do *vulgar* things to your boobs.

Treat Your Buyers

Here are a few great ways to treat your buyers and stand out from other creators in your niche:

Instead of only selling boob photos online, offer a unique service where your buyers will receive an envelope with a couple of boob photos (polaroids seem to be quite the rage nowadays), a card with creative erotic writing, or just a playful thank you note, and another smaller card spritzed with your favorite perfume.

Next, you can treat your buyers by sending them freebie audio or video where you recite erotic poetry and/or touch your boobs, etc.

You can also send them “thank you” audios for buying your boob photos.

You will soon realize how much people love these things, and you are likely to have recurring customers who will keep coming back for the creative content.

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