How To Make Money Selling Fetish Videos

Making money with fetish videos can be a profitable business that can bring you a decent side or even main income, depending on how much you are willing to commit yourself to it.

People searching for fetish videos are typically people that want to see more “colorful behavior” than mainstream porn.

And I bet you that these people are willing to pay money for it.

How to make money with fetish videos is something I cover in great depth in my “100 Ways To Make Money Sexually Online” course; however;

In this article, I will show you some of the basic things you need to know about it.

So, buckle up, and let’s start from the beginning.

how to make money selling fetish videos

Can You Make Money With Fetish Videos?

YES, you definitely can make money with fetish videos – but, as with all things in life, this is a commitment. Don’t think of it as something that can earn you quick and easy money because it isn’t.

People that make money with fetish videos are committed to the lifestyle, and please be aware that once you’re out there, there is no going back, so you have to be consistent and stick to it.

One example I can think of is a financial dominatrix that’s super popular on Twitter. She calls herself Goddess Angelina, and this is what people recognize her for.

She’s super successful in what she does, but she committed to this role and stuck with it. So, yeah, the money is there for you, but you do need to do some soul-searching and figure out if this is something you truly want in life.

Let’s move on.

How to Advertise Your Fetish Content?

how to make money with fetish videos

Social media can be super damaging if you don’t know how to utilize it to your advantage.

Of course, you get nothing out of it if you aimlessly scroll through Instagram all day long and bitch and complain about how other people live their lives.

But, luckily, social media is the most effective, convenient, and also a free way of promoting yourself, your services, your content, and what you have to offer to the world.

Not so bad after all, huh?

Anyways, let’s mention a few platforms where you can promote your fetish content for free.


Twitter is the best social network for adult content, including adult products, adult careers, etc. It’s free and much less restrictive than Facebook.

I mean, every pornstar and adult company is on Twitter, so what does that tell you?

You can tweet all day long and tease about your content, let people know what you’re all about, and also inform your fans how they can get access to your paid content.


Instagram is a little bit of a different story because this social media platform isn’t as open towards adult content like Twitter is.

However, as long as you are not posting nudity and you mark your content as “sensitive media”, you should be fine promoting your paid content on there, too.


Tumblr pretty much committed suicide when they decided to ban adult content back in 2018, but I was surprised at how much NSFW content can still be found there.

A simple google search on specific keywords such as “femdom Tumblr” will lead you to countless active accounts that still post essentially porn gifs, and nobody says anything about it.

So you can easily post teasers and sneak peeks of your paid content here and let your followers know where they can find you.


Reddit is THE place to go when you want to promote your adult content for free because there are very few restrictions on what you can and can’t do.

There are countless subreddits where you can post sneak peeks, teasers, photos, videos, etc., while also communicating with potential clients and letting them know what you’re all about and where they can find you.

The downside of using Reddit is that people usually go there to either find what they are looking for when they cannot find it anywhere else or talk shit because most of the accounts are anonymous.

That means that people can just take it upon themselves to contact you and sometimes be downright rude and nasty, but it shouldn’t really affect you, especially if it’s coming from an anonymous internet troll.

3 Fetish Niches To Look Into

how to advertise your fetish services online

You can make very good money with fetish videos as long as you focus on a narrow niche and offer something creative and authentic.

Here are some highly requested fetishes to consider covering in your videos:

Selling feet videos

Right, so what’s so special about selling feet videos?

Well, even though this is considered to be a wider fetish niche, there are still millions of people out there that have a foot fetish.

Therefore, you can still get creative with the structure of your videos or even be open to doing custom videos for a certain amount of money determined by you.

People that have a feet fetish would pay money to see you doing stuff with your feet (especially if you have pretty feet), and this can be anything from painting your toenails to rubbing an oil-slick dildo between your feet.


Femdom stands for female dominance, and it originates in the BDSM community, where the female dominant partner takes charge during consensual sex acts involving power, pain, and humiliation.

It’s a super popular niche on its own. However, the best thing about it is that it also has some less explored sub-niches, including gentle femdom, where the focus is on nurturing the submissive partner and findom or financial domination, which involves the dominant woman being sent money or expensive gifts by men who want next-to-nothing in return.

Sounds amazing, right? It could be very profitable if you are the right person for it.

I go quite in-depth on how to get into femdom and how to make money with this particular niche in my E-book, so make sure to check that out.

In short, you can make videos on anything from name-calling, humiliation, or giving orders for the viewers that watch the video to customized videos on whatever gets someone off and get paid even more for the effort.

Face stuffing and force-feeding

Face stuffing is a legit fetish where people pay money and get turned on or simply enjoy watching other people stuff their faces with huge amounts of food.

Typically when it comes to fetish and adult content, think of this as an extension to mukbangs or a dirty mukbang with extra sauce.

And if you don’t know what a mukbang is, just type it up on YouTube and watch how many people are making bank while eating huge amounts of food on camera.

In an adult version of mukbangs, people typically are sitting or lying naked in front of a camera and doing what we all do on a daily basis – eat food.

Where To Sell Your Fetish Videos?

where to sell fetish videos online

Here are the most popular online platforms where you can make money with fetish videos:


ManyVids is an easy to use platform that hosts thousands of customers ready to buy your adult videos.

It’s easy to sign up as a seller, and once your account is approved, you can immediately start uploading and selling your content at a price you determine.

Additionally, you can also take custom requests on this network and sell skype shows and your private Snapchat account.


Clips4Sale is a big adult content selling website that you can find in this niche. It is basically a media hosting website which any producer and an authorized re-seller can leverage to the fullest.

However, many people use it to sell the adult content they’ve created themselves; therefore, you don’t necessarily have to be a studio or an authorized re-seller to open an account with Clips4Sale and start earning money.

This website goes so deep and covers so many fetishes that it will surely blow your mind or, at the very least, give you an idea of all the weird ways you can make money with your fetish content.

Because I wanted to see how deep the rabbit hole goes, I actually paid $28 to watch two girls stuffing their faces with huge amounts of pizza for 23 minutes, hence how I got the fetish I suggested above in the article.

I was at a loss of words, truly. Now go and make that bank.

AVN Stars

AVN Stars is a fairly new fan club platform where you can make money from selling premium monthly subscriptions, stories, live streaming, and individual clips.

It’s an excellent platform for anyone interested in the BDSM lifestyle, and it is especially popular with Findoms, which is how I actually found out about it.

As a model, you will be earning 80% of the total sales, which is up there with OnlyFans, and a lot of models that are using the platform had many positive words to say about it on Reddit.