10 Music Enabled Vibrators For Jazzed Up Orgasms

Whether you want a slow and romantic session that will give you butterflies in the stomach or something that will jazz up your Saturday night at home.

Here are the ten best music-enabled vibrators that might have you singing in orgasmic ecstasy:

music enabled vibrators

We-Vibe – Moxie – $129


Moxie is a wearable vibrator in the We-Vibe family that uses a magnet to stay in place in your panties, nestled right against your clitoris, vulva, and vaginal opening, where most of the nerve endings in the vagina are.

Moxie features deep and rumbly vibrations, which are quiet enough for a discreet public play but powerful enough to get you there within minutes.

Moxie comes with a convenient remote control, but it can also be used with We-Vibe’s We-Connect app for a more customized experience, including a Beat mode which will have Moxie vibrating with the rhythm of your favorite music.

The panty vibe is made out of silicone; it’s fully waterproof and USB-rechargeable.

Lovense – Nora – $199

lovense nora review featured image

Lovense’s Nora is a rabbit-style vibrator made out of high-quality silicone material and high-quality ABS plastic as a handle.

Nora has two arms; a longer arm topped with a rotating head to brush against your G-spot and a powerful vibrating smaller arm to stimulate your clitoris simultaneously.

Nora can be controlled manually by clicking the two buttons on the toy’s handle or via Bluetooth and Lovense’s Remote App.

Through manual control, Nora offers seven different settings in the vibrating arm and three different settings in the rotating head.

However, the Lovense Remote App is where the interesting part really starts because the app allows you to choose from an unlimited number of patterns, sync with the music you like, whether that’s through Spotify or music you have saved on your phone, and even connect with another user so that they can control your vibes.

Lovense – Ferri – $119

lovense ferri review

Ferri is Lovense’s only hands-free, clit-focused sex toy that magnetically secures itself to any pair of underwear. It gives strong clitoral vibrators, and the idea behind it is to satisfy public play enthusiasts who need clit stimulation to orgasm.

Ferri is comfortable, secure, and has excellent connection quality with the Lovense Mobile app, where you can fully customize the vibration strength and patterns as well as sync the vibe with your saved music or Spotify playlist to enjoy a beat-driven orgasm within minutes.

Lovense – Hush – $119

the lovense hush specs
Lovense Hush products specs.

The Lovense Hush is a silky smooth, powerful vibrating butt plug designed to stimulate all your anal pleasure spots.

The main selling point of this butt plug compared to others on the market is Hush gives you pleasure from a distance as well as a couple of other cool features such as syncing to your music playlist and vibrating to the beats of your favorite songs.

It’s designed with a beautiful, silky matte silicone, and it is a remote-controlled toy that can be operated from your or your partner’s phones via the Lovense Mobile App.

Lovense – Osci 2 – $199

lovense osci 2 shipping

Osci 2 has to be my favorite Lovense toy because, unlike other conventional G-spot stimulators, the Osci 2 doesn’t vibrate, but instead, the oval head makes oscillation movements that send me right into a world-shaking orgasm within a couple of minutes of using it.

In simpler terms, Osci’s movements can be described as the head moving side to side against the G-spot rather than vibrating against it. And Osci 2 is one of those vibrators that can pack a punch if you want it to, but it can also be ultra-gentle.

The toy’s exterior is made from silicone, and it has a soft “S” curve configuration with a button towards the lower end for controlling the settings.

Osci 2 has a button located on top of the “S” that you can use to manually set the level of intensity to low, medium, or high, depending on your preferences.

But, like all Lovense toys, Osci can also be controlled via the Lovense Remote App that allows you to experiment with unlimited patterns, sync to your music playlists, and let the music get you off, and even connect with other users so that they can control your vibes.

Zalo – Jeanne – $120

zalo jeanne

The Zalo Jeanne is probably one of the most elegant toys I’ve ever seen. As part of Zalo’s Versailles line, the Jeanne embodies everything dainty, French, and regal.

The feminine vibe designed for clitoral use has an oval body that fits perfectly in your palm and is embellished with stunning detailing around the control center.

Jeanne vibrates with moderate strength, with most of the vibrations being focused on the bottom, bulbous end. She also comes with an impressive array of vibration modes, and in addition to the steady states, there are 8 patterns.

Jeanne is made from body-safe, smooth silicone, and it has a matte exterior and silky feel to the touch. She is completely waterproof and submersible so that she can be easily cleaned in warm, soapy water.

Like all ZALO products, Jeanne can be connected with your smartphone via Bluetooth to get more fun, like vibrating to music or customizing vibration patterns.

Zalo – Queen Set – $149

zalo queen set

The Zalo Queen looks like a typical G-spot vibrator at first glance. While it can be used this way, the bit that makes this an award-winning product is the innovative PulseWave technology that Zalo has developed.

It is designed to be used as a G-spot pulsator, potentially in combination with its vibrations. It can also heat up to reach individually comfortable body temperature while in use.

The toy’s design is inspired by ancient Egypt and Cleopatra, and the whole product oozes femininity, seduction, elegance, and luxury.

It has a sleek body that curves gently up to a hooked point. The fancy gold adornment around the base is completed with a stunning little Swarovski crystal.

The Queen Set also contains an added silicone sleeve that can be attached to the body and turns the toy into a clitoral suction product.

The Zalo Queen is splashproof and can be easily cleaned in warm, soapy water. However, while it can be washed all over, the product is not 100% waterproof, so it should not be immersed in water or used underwater.

Like all ZALO products, the Queen can be connected with your smartphone via Bluetooth to get more fun, like vibrating to music or customizing vibration patterns.

We-Vibe – Verge – $119

wevibe verge

The Verge by We-Vibe is a vibrating cock ring that has been specifically designed to pay special attention to cuddling the perineum alongside the balls and the shaft.

Due to its ergonomic and versatile design that allows Verge to be turned around and used in several different ways, you can wear it while masturbating or during intercourse with a partner so that they can feel a vibrating sensation that will enhance the experience.

Verge is made out of silky-smooth, 100% medical-grade silicone and has a fully waterproof design. Verge features 6 unique vibration patterns and 4 levels of intensity.

Verge can be controlled via the conveniently placed buttons directly on the toy, but it can also be used with We-Vibe’s We-Connect app for a more customized experience, including a Beat mode which will have the toy vibrating with the rhythm of your favorite music.

We-Vibe – Wish – $129

wevibe wish

The We-Vibe Wish is a soft vibrator designed to fit in the palm of your hand and pleasure the clitoris. The powerful vibe features PowerPulse technology to deliver strong, rumbly vibrations and 10 unique modes for fun anywhere, anytime.

Made out of silky smooth, 100% medical-grade silicone, Wish can be controlled via conveniently placed buttons, but it can also be used with We-Vibe’s We-Connect app for a more customized experience, including a live chat, a Beat mode which will have Wish vibrating with the rhythm of your favorite music, as well as the possibility to allow your partner to control your vibrations for you.

LELO – Siri 2 – $160

lelo siri 2

The LELO Siri 2 is an oval-shaped vibe that’s sized and shaped to fit comfortably in your hand while focusing on massaging the clitoris.

Combining the emotion of music with the vibrations of pleasure, Siri 2 has a unique sensor that makes it respond to ambient noise, whether that’s music or someone’s voice.

But besides this unique feature, Siri 2 also has 8 additional pre-set vibration patterns which are entirely inspired by different musical genres, including classical, reggae, jazz, techno, and more.

Siri 2 consists of body-safe materials. The pink portion is LELO’s legendary silky-soft silicone, while the white handle is a hard ABS plastic.