How to Become an Online Sugar Baby?

Being an online or cyber sugar baby sounds unrealistic and unattainable to most women, but it is actually something that is quite possible, especially if you are a young and confident girl.

In this article, I will talk about how to become an online sugar baby, how to promote your services, how much money you can earn by being an online sugar baby, and how to provide value to your sugar daddies.

So, if this is something you are interested in, then keep on reading.

how to become an online sugar baby

How to Become an Online Sugar Baby?

Basically, being a digitally exclusive sugar baby means that instead of being physically wined and dined like traditional sugar babies, you would have an arrangement with someone who’s willing to pay money to hear your voice over the phone, video chat, or even just message back-and-forth. (Similar to an online girlfriend).

Therefore, to become an online sugar baby, you need to either set up a profile on a specific sugar matching platform or advertise your services and seek this type of arrangement through social media.

Even though it sounds completely unrealistic, online sugar relationships are becoming increasingly popular, and there are many older men looking for a sugar baby on different sugar matching websites.

While most wealthy men on these dating services are looking for a young woman who will provide them with a real relationship-like experience and become their partner, many of them are offering different types of online arrangements that don’t require you to meet them in real life or have any romantic relationship with them.

How Much Do Online Sugar Babies Make?

How Much Do Online Sugar Babies Make

The earning potential of being a strictly online sugar baby is significantly lower than if you were providing this type of service or relationship in person.

However, despite the nature of the relationship, you still have a pretty good earning potential as an online sugar baby if you market yourself properly and provide good value.

Sugar baby earning potential can range from a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars a month. In many countries, the average monthly allowance is around $3,000.

In the US, sugar babies are paid an average of $2,000 a month.

As a strictly online sugar baby, you could also be earning up to $2,000-3,000, especially if you connect with more than one sugar daddy, which should be easier, considering that you are doing all this from the comfort of your home.

How To Get Money From A Sugar Daddy Online?

How To Get Money From A Sugar Daddy Online

So, this is the part that new sugar babies usually find most uncomfortable.

How to get money from a sugar daddy online? Or how to ask your online sugar daddy for an allowance or for some extra money in case you feel like you would need it?

The first and most important thing to do is to negotiate your allowance or pay beforehand.

Try not to be arrogant or sassy about it because these men usually have some sort of sugar experience, and most of them aren’t dumb or as desperate as many people try to make them out to be. So, being arrogant when requesting an allowance could result in him not wanting to have anything to do with you.

Instead, be nice and polite, but make it known that discussing an allowance is the first thing that needs to be sorted out before the relationship starts.

Next, you need to propose an allowance and explain why you need this money because they usually appreciate this kind of thing.

Explain that you are high maintenance and that you need, for example, this much for nails twice a month, or for the hairdresser, spa, facials, bills, whatever you may have.

A good tip is to list self-care or self-indulgent types of expenses and spending activities because this will truly make them feel like they are treating and spoiling you, and for some reason, they just love this.

You can also send your sugar daddies photos of outfits you like and politely ask them to buy them for you cause this is also something that works great for many sugar babies.

Next, you need to build a connection with your sugar daddies, even if this is just online. You need to develop a deep and meaningful connection to make them feel like they are getting value in return for giving you money.

For example, going out with a sugar daddy and providing company is usually the traditional way by which sugar babies get paid, so because your relationship is strictly online, you need to come up with other, more creative ways to provide this value.

Lastly, you need to determine a payment option as well as agree upon the frequency of receiving your allowance. This could be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on what works best for you.

Where Can I Find an Online Sugar Daddy?

Here are a few websites where you can find an online sugar daddy and connect with them to negotiate an arrangement:


fund my sugar baby

FundMySugarBaby is a dating platform that offers Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies an opportunity to develop a personal connection online.

As a Sugar Baby on this platform, you can create your own monthly subscription plans and sell exclusive content to sugar daddies on your profile.

Once you sign up and verify your authenticity, a verification badge will be added to your profile. You can then log onto your profile and start uploading your content under the settings and media tab.

FMSB will then add either 3 or 6 membership plans depending on whether you have chosen a free or a customized plan. Here’s an example:

  • $9.99 Chat/Message Monthly Plan (basic)
  • $19.99 Photos/Chat Monthly Plan (basic)
  • $29.99 Video Chat Monthly Plan (basic)
  • $50-$200 Monthly Plan (Custom)

Additionally, you will also receive a Monthly Allowance Target displayed on your profile page.

As a Sugar Baby on FMSB, you will be receiving 80% payout for Basic plans, 90% payout for Premium plans, and 100% Payout for platinum plans. Payouts are done monthly via PayPal as long as the minimum of $100 is met. Check their payment information for more details.



Phrendly is a website where you can earn money for having flirty conversations with people. Here, you can also exchange normal messages, videos and even make voice calls.

One of the things I like about Phrendly is that it’s made for online-only relationships. There’s no expectation of meeting online, and they keep your personal information (like your phone number!) completely safe.

The first thing you need to do once you sign up for Phrendly is update your profile with interesting information and details about you that will increase your chances of getting a message.

When someone wants to start chatting with you, they will offer you a portion of a virtual “drink,” which you will accept, and start chatting with them as well as do phone and videos if you wish.

Depending on your interactions, you can earn the following on Phrendly:

  • Chatting – When someone sends you an initial chat (message), you will earn $0.35 (if you reply within 12 hours).
  • Phone and Video Calls – You will receive 70% of all earnings from phone and video calls. A “virtual drink” is needed to initiate a phone or video call, which costs $10, meaning you will earn $7 per call. You also have the ability to set how long you want each call to be, meaning you can control how much you make per hour.
  • Virtual Gifts – People can send virtual gifts valued at between $5 and $100. For virtual gifts, you will keep 90% of the value.



Twitter can be an excellent option to advertise your service as an online sugar baby and connect with sugar daddies who are looking for the same arrangement.

Twitter is free, and their rules regarding adult content and services are pretty lax, meaning you can take full advantage of that and grow your Twitter account by posting stuff about yourself such as photos, short clips, tweets about whatever you have in mind, etc., using the appropriate hashtags, and engaging with other users.

However, remember that the best way to make yourself look professional is by attaching a link in your bio to either an adult platform where sugar daddies can learn more about you, your rates, and see better photos or to your own website.

I recently wrote an article on how to sell nudes on Twitter, where I explain how to grow your platform and connect with people seeking a similar arrangement.

What’s Your Price


Best for real-life meet.

It wouldn’t be strange if, once you get the taste of the lifestyle, you will be more open to becoming a real-life sugar baby.

Needless to say, this is how you will be able to negotiate a heftier allowance and earn more money than having an online-only sugar relationship, which is why I will be listing two sites that could help you start out.

What’s Your Price is an online dating site that’s free to join, and the system works in the way that men bid for dates with attractive women.

Once someone bids on you as the sugar baby and you accept their offer, they will then be able to unlock the messaging feature and negotiate a date.

From then on, it’s entirely up to you to determine your rates and negotiate an allowance if the relationship progresses further.

Seeking Arrangement

Best for real-life meet.

Seeking Arrangement is probably the most popular sugar website on the Internet. This is the dating service that basically made sugar relationships a thing, and it has millions of active users from around the world.

Registering to the platform is free; however, there is a premium membership option for sugar daddies that comes with a few more perks such as unlocking all messages, hiding their online status, getting a boost to their profile for better visibility, filters, notes, etc.

Here are some useful tips on how to use Seeking Arrangement as a sugar baby.

How To Treat Your Sugar Daddy?

How To Treat Your Sugar Daddy

Since you won’t meet in real life to provide the company sugar daddies usually pay for, you have to spark his imagination and keep him interested in you in other, more creative ways.

When starting a sugar relationship, one very important part of the journey is building a deep and genuine connection.

When I say you need to be genuine, I’m not talking about spilling everything about yourself and your life, but being genuine in a way where you would genuinely like to listen about his day, offer an opinion on something if an opportunity presents itself (for example, if he is having some problems at work with an employee and tells you about it, you can tell him what you think about it or share some tips on how he can de-stress and relax for the day, etc.)

You can also encourage your sugar daddy to do fun activities that are out of his comfort zone, such as hitting the gym, trying a new sport, seeing a movie you like, trying your favorite Starbucks order, etc.

Also, try to keep notes of the things he likes and dislikes, important dates such as his birthday or the date when you first started chatting, his favorite food, favorite drink, what he likes to do for fun, etc., and remind him of these things by wishing him a happy birthday or a happy “chatting-anniversary,” etc.

You can also surprise him by regularly sending him photos or videos while doing random things like walking to the store or getting ready to go out and wearing the outfits that he paid for, or even send him sexy or suggestive photos or videos if this is the type of relationship you have.

These are things people do in a relationship, and since your sugar daddy is paying for your time and (cyber) companionship, you might as well make it worth his while and have some fun while you’re at it.