How to Make Money as an Online Girlfriend

Becoming an online girlfriend isn’t much different from being an online sugar baby; however, this title comes with certain expectations and responsibilities, such as frequent messaging, chatting, video calling, emotional support, etc.

Nevertheless, being an online girlfriend can be a lucrative hustle that can bring you anywhere between $10,000 to $50,000 a year, depending on the agreement between you and your provider/s.

And because the information on this niche is much scarcer than on how to become an online sugar baby, I’ve decided to put my best efforts into creating a comprehensive guide on how to:

  • become an online girlfriend
  • earn money providing the girlfriend experience
  • creative ideas you should keep in mind, and
  • some technical details you need to pay attention to.

If this sounds like something you’d like to do as a main or side hustle, keep on reading.

how to make money as an online girlfriend

Is There a Demand for Online Girlfriends?

While doing my research for this guide, I took to Twitter to see what the hashtag #onlinegirlfriend had to show.

And as you may assume, I ran into girls who use this hashtag to promote their OnlyFans links while giving very little information on what they would offer if someone hired them to be their online girlfriend.

As frustrating as it was, I continued my research, and it took me nowhere. Not a single account went in-depth about what offering a true girlfriend experience online entailed.

So, I could say with certainty that there is a demand for an online girlfriend service; however, people don’t seem to take its true meaning seriously, which makes it seem like more of a joke than the real deal.

From there, I continued my research on Reddit, where I finally found something of substance through Hayley, a woman who gets paid to act like a girlfriend to strangers online.

becoming a paid internet girlfriend

Hayley started a Reddit AMA where she provided answers to many relevant questions, but her introduction is what initially got my attention:

“My job is to provide my clients with all of the resources I have to offer. This could be help with emotional issues, personal problems, developing social skills, practicing flirting, or just be a plain friend/girlfriend. I even post on my clients’ social media walls, if requested, for no extra charge,” she wrote.

“I actually care about my clients and build connected relationships with them. That’s why when someone inquired about my service, I send them a couple of photos of myself, my Snapchat, my interests, my bio, and my number. This way, they know that I’m a real person, and they get to know the girl they’ll be paying for before they actually do it.”

It’s also very likely that we will continue to see an increase in popularity for services like Hayley’s, especially with technological advancements intensifying our need for convenient human connection.

Studies suggest that despite our acutely interconnected lifestyles, we’re experiencing feelings of loneliness more than ever before, thanks to social media and smartphones.

And the impact of loneliness can have incredibly profound effects on our physical and mental wellbeing, with research suggesting the phenomenon affects our health in a greater way than smoking fifteen cigarettes a day or being obese, which is why offering a service such as an online girlfriend could be a way to help people reengage socially and relieve some symptoms of loneliness and depression.

Skills You Need Before Becoming an Online Girlfriend

things you need to become an online girlfriend

Besides Hayley’s Reddit thread, I also ran into a couple of others, and from doing extensive research on the topic as well as reading through the comments, opinions, and questions, I got to a few conclusions.

First of all, becoming an online girlfriend to multiple people isn’t an easy thing to maneuver, and having a certain set of skills can make your journey easier, less awkward, and more enjoyable.

Therefore, before starting your journey as an online girlfriend, consider working on the following skills, or at least be aware of these so that you can implement them as you go along:

Conversation skills

Knowing how to hold a conversation is one of the most important skills you need to have to be able to do this as a job because you will be chatting with your clients most of the time.

You need to be able to get the person to talk and to want to talk to you, and you cannot afford to be boring or to seem uninterested.

A good way to hold a conversation is to ask open-ended questions, as these usually require more elaborate answers than simple “yes” and “no.”

Therefore, instead of asking “Do you like football or watching movies” ask something like “What sports do you like, what are some of your favorite movies, etc.”

These kinds of questions encourage people to talk, and they will help you to get to know your clients better.

Be pleasant to talk to

This skill is another one that’s extremely important because it can make or break your entire experience with a client.

Nobody likes fake flattery and fake niceness, and people are very quick to notice that, so you need to make sure to always be pleasant to talk to as this is how you will get your clients to want to spend more time with you, and this means more money for you.

Two very useful ways to instantly become more pleasant to talk to or be around is not to be judgmental and to never interrupt the person talking.

Make sure to stay positive no matter what they tell you, and always listen until the end before saying something. People love to talk and be listened to, so chances are you will have a great relationship with your clients if you learn how to listen and not interrupt.

Be empathic

Empathy is the ability to understand and share another person’s feelings and emotions. It is essential for building good relationships, especially friendships and/or romantic relationships.

Therefore, to build a good friendship or an online relationship with the person hiring you to be their online girlfriend, you must be empathic to their situations and struggles.

Here are a few useful ways to become more empathic.

Be tastefully flirty

When providing a real girlfriend experience online, you need to do it as you would in person. Therefore, just because your clients are paying, it doesn’t mean that they own you or get to talk to you in a certain way that you don’t like.

So, start your game slowly and be tastefully flirty while chatting with your client rather than making the entire thing sexual right off the bat.

Flirt, tease, and get to know them, all while having fun experiencing new things and getting paid for it.

Be organized

Being organized is an incredibly useful skill anyone can benefit from, especially someone dealing with more than one client that involves getting to know them, remembering certain things about them, and playing a role while chatting with them.

Therefore, make sure to keep important things about your clients in your notes app or a notebook if you prefer doing things the old-school way.

Keep things such as their names and their numbers, what they like to be called, their favorite things such as color, dish, movie, when did you start chatting (so that you can keep track of your “anniversary,”) how much are they paying you, important highlights from your conversations, etc.

Organization is key, and you can’t afford not to have this skill when doing this particular job because it’s very easy to get confused, especially if you start getting many clients, and you can end up losing some of them due to negligence.

Equipment You Need Before Becoming an Online Girlfriend

Equipment You Need Before Becoming an Online Girlfriend

Even though your service is unique in the way that it demands you to build genuine relationships with your clients, you still need to take measures and keep yourself safe from unpleasant situations, such as someone finding your location or your private number, social media platforms, etc.

Therefore, consider getting the following “equipment” before becoming an online girlfriend.

Mobile phone

A second mobile phone is something you don’t necessarily need, but it’s good to have because it will make it easier for you to ignore messages when you’re not working and keep all your contacts and messages in one place without cluttering your private phone.

Additionally, a second phone can be used to store photos you will only send to your clients instead of accidentally clicking on a photo you didn’t intend to send (which I do all the time, and then I have to delete messages before people see them.)

Phone number

Again, there are several second phone number texting apps that you can install and get a second number that you would use to text clients without needing to buy another phone and number.

However, I’m not all that tech-savvy, and to me, this sounds like so much confusion and unnecessary headache. I personally would prefer to have a second phone and a phone number that I would only use to text my clients.

Choose a texting app

If you decide to buy a second phone and a separate number, WhatsApp is definitely the best and safest option.

Other good texting apps include Telegram, Text Vault, and even TextNow.

The only thing you should be careful of is the prefix, as it will be easy for anyone to at least see the country you’re in if you chat with them through WhatsApp, for example.

This may not be a problem in the US, but if you are in Europe or another small country in the world, it’s something to watch out for.

Sign Up To Several Adult Platforms

how much money can you make on manyvids

So, there isn’t a dedicated platform where you could sign up as an online girlfriend and have people discover you in that way.

Therefore, you have to sign up to several adult platforms where you will be advertising your service as an online girlfriend.

If you are already in the adult content-creating corner, you can create a profile on platforms such as Frisk.Chat, ManyVids, and Fansly, as these also allow people to message you for free or after paying a fee set by you.

However, if you aren’t in the adult entertainment or content creating industry, you can advertise your services in two other ways.

The first way is through your own website, where you will also be able to post a few photos and add some more information about yourself and list your rates as well as more details about the service you’re offering.

The second way to advertise your online girlfriend service is through social media such as Twitter or Snapchat and engage with potential clients through these platforms, post photos, or just tweet about your services while using relevant hashtags.

Interact With Potential Clients

Interacting with potential clients is an important part of gaining experience by talking to different people and putting your service out there to be noticed.

Therefore, try to engage in conversations with people who tweet or post anything on similar topics or talk about how lonely they feel.

However, avoid being “in your face” while doing all this because it can be perceived as you trying to take advantage of someone’s mental state, which can be a turnoff.

If you get engaged in a conversation about stuff like an online girlfriend, loneliness, adult content, etc., politely slide into their DMs or comment that you offer this type of service and that they can contact you for more information if they are interested.

Additionally, you should also take advantage of social media and engage with other creators or service providers in your niche by commenting on and sharing their posts, asking questions, etc.

interact with potential clients

Be Creative

When offering a service such as being an online girlfriend, it’s a good idea to be creative with what the service entails as well as set boundaries that people who want to hire you will have to respect.

For example, you can offer the following services as an online girlfriend:

Messaging and calling

You can message and/or call your clients for a certain number of hours a day or week. Or you can give them full-time access to you if this sounds better.

You can also let your clients know what timezone you’re in and at what hours of the day they can expect to have you available to chat.

Video calling

Video calling is another great way to connect with your clients and it’s something you can do a few times a week for a certain amount of time determined by you.

For example, your client can skype you for 45 minutes each week and you can talk about any topic both of you feel comfortable with.

Sexy video sessions

If this is something you are into, you can also provide some sort of sexual activity such as dirty talking, undressing, masturbating, playing with different sex toys, etc., as this could help your client get off and add to the girlfriend experience.

Consider that if you don’t feel comfortable doing so, you don’t have to provide something of sexual nature.

This is just a suggestion, but it’s entirely up to you what type of activities you will have with your clients.

Sync your sex toys (& have virtual sex)

Along with having sexy video sessions you can take it up a notch and sync your sex toys to respond to the other’s vibrations and movements.

For example, Lovense’s couples toys Max and Nora can be synced together and controlled simultaneously for a two-way interactive experience.

When Nora moves, Max responds.

When Max moves, Nora responds.

The speed of your movements is felt on the other end by your partner and vise versa. And to be inclusive of all couples, two Noras can sync together, two Maxes can sync together, as well a Nora and a Max syncing together.

Couples can also control each other’s toys with a smartphone or tablet. You can even record an interactive two-way session and play it back for those times when your partner isn’t able to join in.

I have full reviews on both Nora and Max, so make sure to check them out for more in-depth information on the two.

Gifts and surprises

As a provider of an online girlfriend experience, you can link your Amazon wish list on your socials so that your clients can send you gifts and stuff that you like.

Additionally, you can also treat your clients by sending stuff such as worn panties, printed photos of you, love notes, etc., every now and again to their home address (if they are comfortable with that.)

These are just a few ideas of things that you can do to have fun and earn money in this niche, as well as make someone the happiest man in the world by offering them a girlfriend experience.