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VR Porn: All You Need To Know & How To Watch It For Free

From cryptocurrencies to virtual reality; the porn industry is often the first one to jump on new technological trends.

VR porn was/is the next logical step for adult entertainment;

It puts your “right there in the action” and many -and I do mean many – companies and online adult entertainment companies are scrambling to secure a piece of the highly-lucrative VR porn pie before the “real” virtual reality boom takes hold on humanity.

Yep; you guessed it;

Today I will be sharing with you all you need to know about VR Porn, including:

  • What VR Porn really is
  • The very un-sexy way VR porn is made
  • What do you need to start watching VR porn
  • Where to find the best VR porn videos (both free and paid)
  • and a few other fun-facts and things-you-should-know about this booming industry

Before we get into it though, let me first give you a few…

Fun Facts About VR Porn:

According to the PornHub – arguably the biggest porn site of them all – in 2016, they launched their VR porn section on the website with a sizeable (yet modest) 30 videos.

Due to popular demand, their VR Porn collection quickly grew from 30 to 2600+ VR porn videos in a few months with over 500,000 downloads a day (and still growing).

If you’re interested in learning about the numbers, you can see the linked blog post above or this infographic here:

PornHub infographic about VR porn

Source: PornHub Insights Blog (NSFW)

So yeah, VR porn is definitely here to stay, but let’s start with the basics first:

What Is VR Porn?

Virtual reality is taking off like crazy and one of the best uses cases for it has – so far – been VR porn.

It puts you right in the middle of the action and it’s the closest thing we have so far to being in a room with your favourite pornstar and watching her work from your POV (point of view).

Basically, it allows for 180° (sometimes 360° even) viewpoint which makes the scene as realistic as it can get.

Of course, this is way better than watching porn “the old way” starting at a screen as it really makes the whole thing look much more real.

How Is VR Porn Made?

how vr porn is made

One thing you may not know about porn is how unsexy and awkward it is to film; that’s even truer when it comes to VR porn.

Basically, the viewpoint presented to you is from the “male’s point of view” so, if you were to see the shoot happening, you will see the poor male is being straddled by camera equipment and the female is simply performing and trying to be intimate & sexual with her face just a few inches away from some pretty big and complex camera equipment.

Not the sexiest of things to see for sure.

What Do You Need To Watch VR Porn?

While it may sound complicated, VR porn is really easy to access and enjoy if you already have a few VR headset that you can use.

Here are some of the best virtual reality headsets that you can buy – which yes can be a bit expensive – but you can also make your own DIY headset with a few pieces of cardboard and some time & patience.

If you don’t want to spend the time creating your own cardboard VR headset, you can order one from Google for just $15, although you are going to have to wait a few days to receive it and try it out.

Whichever one you decide to get; all VR porn videos will work the same so don’t worry too much about which one.

(Of course; getting a premium one such as Oculus, Playstaton VR, Samsung Gear VR, etc. will allow you to have a much better experience).

Can You Watch VR Porn On A Smartphone?

Yes, all you would need is a simple cardboard VR like mentioned above, load up a video from one of the free websites we’ll share soon, sit back and enjoy…

Free Website To Watch VR Porn

Now that we’ve got the basics covered, let’s see where you can find some free VR porn videos which you can use (and even download):


As I am sure you know already, these are already pretty well-known sites; all you have to do is to search for the “VR porn” category and enjoy.

Paid Websites To Watch VR Porn

watch vr porn on pornhub premium for free

While we’re at it; I want to also give you a list of paid (premium) VR porn website. While most of these will cost you money to access and view (around $10 a month), they also do offer free samples and even free full videos so be sure to check them out while you’re at it.


What’s The Difference Between Free & Paid VR Porn Websites?

There are a few differences between the free and paid VR porn sites mentioned and that is; the quality.

With the paid options, you get beautiful crystal-clear streaming and also “longer” videos & storylines.

With the free tube sites mentioned above, you most likely get cut-scenes and low-quality videos (not to mention annoying ads popping up which can really ruin the fun).

A Few Issues With Virtual Reality Porn

Last but not least, I want to share with you a few drawbacks of VR porn which I am sure will be all solved one day, but it’s not anytime soon.

These are:

The tech is not quite there yet:

While it’s amazing what is possible with virtual reality, you can’t just “wonder about” in a digital virtual reality world and have sex just like in real life (if that makes any sense).

You are usually only limited to “one spot” and very few different positions.

The positions:

Since your view is the view of the porn star, and the VR camera needs to get in the right angle to get the shot, the “sex positions” are really limited to just a handful; mostly blog jib scenes and doggy style.

You can’t see/hear people coming:

Warning: When you are using a VR headset to watch porn; remember that you can not see your surroundings and most likely, you are also going to have headphones on.

This means that you can not hear or see what is going on around you; if you’re someone who still lives with his parents (or with roommates), this can really a problem you need to watch out for.

VR Sex Toys For An Enhanced VR Porn Experience

The next big thing that is coming to the VR porn industry is virtual reality sex toys that can connect to the scene you are watching and they replicate what you are seeing on the “screen” with your members.

Let’s take the pocket pussy Lovense Max for example:

You can hook that up with a supported (premium) VR porn providers and what you see the girl doing on the camera (let’s say a blow job) you will feel the same sensations with your pocket pussy.

Now that is something you can look forward to!

Check out for more information about this.

VR Porn: Closing Thoughts

guide to vr porn

Thank you for reading my introductory guide to VR porn.

I really hope this quick guide has given you at the very least a brief introduction to VR porn and most importantly’ how and where to watch it.

I will be updating this post as I go along learning more and more about virtual reality porn and sex toys so be sure to check back often for more updates.

I’ll leave you to it.

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