How to Sell Masturbation Videos Online

Many people think that selling masturbation videos online is a waste of time, and this can be true in many cases, but it has more to do with how they handled themselves rather than this being an unprofitable niche.

I can tell you for a fact that selling masturbation videos is a very profitable niche, and you probably have a lot of potential to earn good money from doing it; you just need to know how.

When talking about how to make money selling adult content online, be it boob photos, butt photos, feet pics, etc., I always like to say:

The only thing you need to learn is how to brand yourself differently in order to stand out.

Branding yourself in a unique way is extremely important since we live in a world where everything is already seen because people have easy access to it.

So starting out as an adult content creator may be intimidating, especially when you know that your customers have likely already seen it all. But what’s important is that they haven’t seen you, and this is exactly what will bring you money, and lots of it.

Therefore, in this article, I will teach you how to sell masturbation videos online and a few other crucial tips and tricks you need to implement to make this an interesting experience for you while also selling a fantasy to your buyers.

how to sell masturbation videos online

Sign Up To Several Adult Platforms

When starting as an adult content seller, you need to look for adult platforms where you can upload your content.

The best thing to do as a beginner is to sign up for trustworthy platforms that aren’t overly saturated with famous influencers and adult performers, as this will likely lower your chances of success.

Some people may say that the more sites you join – the better the chances of earning you have, but from my experience, the most important thing is good advertising.

This can be done effectively without having to join a bunch of platforms and get yourself all confused and frustrated in the beginning.

You will indeed earn less until you establish a decent audience, but this will start increasing eventually, and you don’t need to be super greedy in the beginning. Opting for quality over quantity always works out better in the long run.

Many successful adult content creators I follow on social media are loyal to one or two platforms because their earnings come from their followers who go to these platforms for them, not the other way around.

With all that being said, here are a few of my favorite adult platforms where you can sell your masturbation videos:

Just For Fans

JustForFans is a platform similar to OnlyFans and allows you to sell anything from videos, fan club subscriptions, sexting, and custom store items.

There are also very few restrictions on the content that you can post, so anything from fetishes, BDSM, and porn does well on here.

JustForFans is free to join and pays 80% commission.


ManyVids is a good platform to upload your masturbation videos online, and although it’s a bit saturated, it’s not the worst one to start with.

Streamlined and easy to use, the site is friendly to viewers and performers of all genders and sexual orientations.

ManyVids lets content creators upload videos and photos for members to purchase and download; however, they can also run an online shop, offer paid memberships, sell texting and phone call services, and set up crowdsourcing campaigns.

There are many things that you can do on ManyVids besides selling your masturbation videos, and the site is free to join. As a creator, you will get an 80% commission from all your earnings.

Pocket Stars

PocketStars is a relatively new, custom-built fan-site that’s super easy to use and allows you to upload your adult content, including photos, videos, albums, etc., and sell them through a subscription model service.

The platform is free to join, and as a seller, you will get an 80% commission from all your earnings.

Advertise Your Content on Social Media

butt poses
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As  I already mentioned above, many successful adult creators are loyal to one or two adult platforms because their earnings come from their followers who go to these platforms for them.

Therefore, don’t underestimate the power of social media, especially if you are thinking of becoming an adult creator, because the chances of being successful without a social media outlet where you can advertise your content are very slim.

The best social media platforms to advertise your adult content are Twitter and Snapchat.

Twitter is for a more mature audience, although you will definitely find a young audience there, too, while Snapchat is more for a younger audience.

So before creating a social media account for your business, think of what kind of audience you want to advertise your business to and stick to one of these (or both if you think you can manage them properly).

Interact With Potential Buyers

This is the most important part of using your social media account to sell masturbation videos or any type of adult content. Interacting with potential buyers will sell your product for you.

Therefore, try to comment on posts in a similar niche or engage in a conversation with others who are talking about similar things.

The only thing you should avoid is spamming the link to your online marketplace everywhere, especially in DMs.

There is nothing that is a bigger turn-off than when you spam your marketplace link everywhere and anywhere. It’s likely that people will get annoyed and unfollow you if you’re posting too much or tweeting your marketplace link in inappropriate places.

But besides that, doing this won’t be great for business either, as chances are you will end up being followed by bot accounts that don’t do much for you other than retweeting your tweets to other bot accounts.

Instead, if you notice someone engaging in your content, politely slide into their DMs or comment that you sell masturbation videos and that you can share your link if they are interested in seeing your content.

Broadcast Yourself With Cam Sites

how to earn chaturbate tokens

Perhaps the most popular way to earn money from amateur porn is via live broadcasting using your webcam.

In a nutshell, you set up a ‘channel’ on a cam site of your choice and regularly broadcast from your own room.

Besides earning tips and tributes while you are broadcasting live, this also gives you the opportunity to promote your paid masturbation videos by connecting with an audience.

As a performer, try to take the time to interact with your viewers, as this is how you will develop a sort of relationship with your customers and even gain regulars who will subscribe to your paid content month after month.

You can then upload clips from your webcam sessions to your other online marketplaces (other adult platforms you are signed up to), and you can even post short clips from your sessions on your social media sites so that your followers can see more of you.

Some of the best-paying cam sites include Chaturbate, Live Jasmin, and Bonga Cams.

Make Good Quality Videos

where to start selling your masturbation videos

I’m gonna be honest with you. A random masturbation clip won’t cut it nowadays, and people who buy content from you will likely appreciate seeing you put effort into your craft.

I follow many people who have made absurd amounts of money from adult content by only advertising on social media for free, but I see a huge difference in their content compared to someone who isn’t making money at all.

For example, whenever I go on adult platforms to do my research for an article, I see way too many “thumbnails” of clips that aren’t doing well, and I immediately notice how these can be massively improved with a little bit of effort.

Therefore, before even considering selling masturbation videos for a living, also consider that you have to put effort into your content for it to pay off.

Find your good angles, watch YouTube videos with tips and advice on shooting good quality videos, perhaps even invest in an online editing course and learn how to take your content to the next level.

Don’t be lazy; it’s time to work.

Once the money starts rolling in, don’t stop there. Instead, consider investing in decent shooting equipment such as a professional camera and a microphone, decent lighting, props that will make your videos more interesting and fun to watch, background change, etc.

To truly be able to see what I’m talking about, you should go on popular sites such as ManyVids and see what the top-earning creators are doing compared to other creators that don’t do very well.

You will certainly notice a huge difference in the content, with top-earning creators putting an insane amount of effort into their craft, while low-earning creators usually have blurry clips, bad sound, and videos shot from very unflattering angles.

I understand that you have to start from somewhere, but many things, such as learning how to shoot decent quality videos, can be learned for free on YouTube, so you have to put in the effort instead of just going for it unprepared.

Be Creative

how to sell your masturbation videos

This kind of ties to the previous paragraph, but again, I just wanted to have a quick rant about content creators who constantly complain and try to bully their followers into subscribing to their paid content but offer very little in return.

If you want your masturbation videos to sell well, you have to do something to stand out from the rest of the creators who also sell masturbation videos and make yours interesting to watch.

Therefore, it’s always a good idea to lurk for content inspiration from successful creators in this niche, but try not to copy their work.

Instead, add a little twist of your own to your content because your followers/subscribers will want to see what you are doing and how you’re doing it, not what everyone else is doing.

Pick a theme for each video

A good way to be creative with your masturbation videos is to pick a theme for each video you create.

For example, this could be a seasonal theme, such as masturbating with plenty of candy around you for Halloween, on the dinner table for Thanksgiving, while wearing Christmas clothes, etc.

It can also be a birthday theme where you will masturbate with a birthday cake smeared all over you. This is also a great idea for a custom video, so consider sending one of these as a dedicated video to a paying subscriber for their birthday.

As I already mentioned in my How to Sell Boob Photos article, you can also do a cooking theme or an outdoor theme, or experiment with some more intense fetishes, such as masturbating in the back of the van while pretending to be kidnapped, blindfolded, and gagged (this is quite a niche but trust me, there is a market for it).

Turn your best features into a huge money-maker

If there is a particular part you like about your body (such as big breasts, tiny waist, tight-looking pussy, etc.), make sure to have this in the description of your videos or your bio, as this is how you will attract people who are into seeing something like this.

Turn your insecurities into a huge money-maker

The best thing about being an adult content creator and seller is that there is someone somewhere who will like what you make, no matter what.

That person just needs to find you.

Therefore, don’t be ashamed of your insecurities because there is certainly someone out there who will enjoy seeing you naked nevertheless.

For example, if you have a “fat” pussy or a big clitoris you’ve always been embarrassed by – make sure that’s the thing to promote in your video titles or even consider making that your brand.

This is how you will get people who are into these things to buy your content only to see that specific part of you.